343. I've heard that spirits can leave signs for us to maybe get our attention? I often find money..pennies..nickels, dimes etc. Then nothing, then it starts up again... Is this a loved one sending signals.? Thank you in advance!
344. Good Afternoon Chris Well I am awestruck. I know what you always say about people leaving coins as a token to let you know they are around but I have never experienced it. Today I was out mowing the lawn and as I went over a spot I noticed a couple pennies in the grass. After I finished mowing I went over to the spot and noticed that there were more than I thought so I started picking them up. All in all there was 80 pennies burried in the soil in the area. Is it normal for so many coins to be in one spot or is there something big that I am supposed to figure out? Perhaps they have tried to connect in different ways and i was too stunned to notice? Thanks for anything you can tell me.
345. Hi ChrisEver since my wife and i had a reading,many doors have opened.Truly knowing that our love ones live with us and share our experiences is beyond comforting,It is as if they never left.In some ways we are now even closer and talk with each other more often about the inportant things in life.Thank you very much ! After reading
346. if a close relative who has passed does not appear in someones session with you, could one reason be because they have already been reincarnated and are no longer on the other side and therefore no longer of the spirit world?
347. Dear Chris, In the last 2 days both my husband and I have been hearing the telephone ring. It is usually in the middle of the night or other perculiar times. I have heard that this is a sign that someone on the other side is trying to contact you or tell you something important. Could you tell us if and who is trying to contact and what their message is?
348. Hi Cris You did a session and the person on the other side had unfinished business. How is that possible if their time to pass over is predetermined? Do some pass over before their time is up? thanks Donna
349. Hi Chris, I attended your session at the Goderich Legion Saturday night. I'm not sure if you remember but I was the first one you read. How did you get my name - Peggy, and my sisters name, Barb? I was totally not expecting to be read and it came as quite a shock. I have since figured out who the person coming through on my mothers side was - my great aunt. You mentioned a race track which I couldn't figure out at the time. My neice works at the race track in Fort Erie - probably the connection. Anyhow, I was impressed and thats all we talked about at work today.
350. Dear Chris, I have written to you many times before and you have always given me either important mesages from the other side or good advice. I thank-you for that. I am the person whose sister and brother-in-law has passed away with-in 2 wks of each other. It was very hard on all of us, and still is. I think of and talk to my sister every day. More problems have cropped up in the family, especially their children, mostly over money, and property. I don't understand, because my sister and brother-in-law were not greedy or money hungry and never raised their children like that. What is going on? How must they be upset at the events that are taking place! As I am. Also every flower or wreath myself or other sister has placed on their grave site in the last week have come up missing. This is very disturbing, not to mention upsetting, as it is a tribute to them. I have asked my deceased sister where they are and who keeps taking them, but have not received an answer. Could you help us Chris? I am at wits end on trying to figure out whats going on and what to do to help the kids. Any output from them through you would be appreciated. Thanks again
351. can you please tell me when I will be having my surgery? For a Kidney operation.
352. Hi Chris, Is there a difference between your spirit and your soul, Thanks TD
353. Hi Chris, Are there specific exercises to improve our own mediumship? I feel a conection with the other side often. How do I know its not just wishful thinking. How do I get on the right road and help myself evolve into more? darlene_hoggart@hpcdsb.edu.on.ca
354. could you please tell me, if my sister Sylvia is at peace. She died June1,2001. Thank You.
355. Chris. Just a quick update reference Question # 328. The triplets arrived yesterday and all is well as you conveyed. There is some ongoing concern with regard to the low birth rate and associated complications of the one girl, however, she is on oxygen and being carefully monitored as we speak. The prognosis is good. Neither Aunt Hazel or I, mentioned to anyone your original answer to our question, but thank you for asserting to have trust that all would be well. I know you are extremely busy, but I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the comfort that you provided. Warm Regards, Jim from Trenton.
356. Hello Chris,I have attended one of your sessions and I was very impressed...being the skeptic that I am..If I may intrude..I have a difficult question for you. Ten years ago at the age of forty I had an abortion..I have a lot of children already and the father of this child did not want it. (I left him and I have lived as a single parent since then).when I got home after this surgery my horse lost her foal that same day..I looked up to the sky (I do not believe in organised religion) and said I am so sorry are we even now? But since then my life has gone from bad to worse I have a drinking problem now and wonder if this is a curse or penalty I have to pay for doing this to my child.
357. Just to say thanks for the responce you are so right...I did not think I could go to these meetings as I thought they were only in cities..I called and there are a few close by in my state..Thanks for the advice.
358. Do you believe there is a connection between the spiritual world and our dreams? for example can my dreams be the only way to physically to be with the loved one i've lost if we cant be together here?
359. HI Chris I've been looking for signs from my brother who just recently passed over and am not able to see of feel any. I know other people are receiving signals that he is around and I truely believe he is. I heard that if you look to hard it won't happen. Is that true? Is it true that only the people that need him the most are the ones who receive signs?
360. Chris, my condolences to you and your family. Sorry to hear of your Uncle.
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