361. Hi there, I have been acknowleding signs that I believe my father is leaving for me that he is around. I was wondering if you can hear him more clearly and if there is anything specific he is trying to tell me. I always find dimes in the strangest places...one single dime...I even found one in the bath tub....I have also had a dream of my Dad, knocking on the window of his house from outside with a huge smile on his face, he was just waving hello, one thing I noticed ...he wasn't wearing his glasses....he had worn his glasses every moment of is life as long as I could remember so I thought it was him showing me how you truley are healed in every aspect once you cross over....he no longer needs glasses... I would just love to hear a message from him loud and clear...not my interpretation...I still cry every day over his death. I miss him so much. My daughter who is 3 yrs old told me this morning that her grandad is going to send down gumdrops from the sky like rain.....does he talk to her?? Thanks
362. HI Chris I hope you and your family are doing well. Do you always get someone from the otherside while you answer questions from this site? If so are you getting any messages for me? My sister took a picture and in the backdrop was a garage door with a plastic sheet overtop. While standing in front nothing was noticable but in the camara you can see a person standing in front of the door. Do you know if it was someone from the otherside? Have you experianced or know of anyone who has? Thankyou
363. Hi Chris my Grandmother died last October. I came to see you in January and you told me to watch for signs from her. I try but don't pick up on the signs. Do you know if she has any messages for me or my family? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank-you so much.
364. A couple years back my father passed away from unknown causes - I recently got married (which was really hard to do without him). I was hoping that you could reach out to him and ask him if he's happy with how everything turned out? Do I have his blessing? Thx Chris
365. Hi Chris, This week mostly I've been getting a feeling that I'm not alone and that there's a presense that seems to be coming around. I have the sense to know when things happen before they happen and I'm feeling that something bad is going to happen and I'm being warned. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach - there is something I need to know?
366. Hi Chris I came to see you recently you told me that the person who came through kept crossing himself in which you told me he takes responsiability for the way he passes.Is that because he knows how guilty I feel.I brought my brother Dave with me thanks to you he now beleives.
367. Hi Chris My cousin came to you recently and I was impressed with the tape from her session. You hit a few nails on the head for her. My mother was a very spritual person in life and I believe she has some phycic abilities. She just seemed to know things before they happened and it was not just mothers intuition. Years ago I was in an accident I spent several months in the hospital. My grandfather had passed away 2 weeks prior to my accident. He had been very close as he lived with us. When I was home from the hospital recouperating in bed. I had someone come and sit with me when I was home alone. I was only 10 and my mother was a single mother and had to work at nite. I was scared to be alone and this figure came through my bedroom door and sat on the bed by be. I was terrified. I cried hid under the covers and said go away. When my mother came home I was crying and told her what happened. I could see on her face she felt bad because she had to leave me home alone at nite. The next nite the same thing happened but this time there were 2 figures in the doorway and they came and sat on my bed once again I cried and said go away. My mother came home and I was really upset and told her what had happened. My mother said to me don't be afraid its probably granddad watching over you. That made me feel a little better and my mother stayed home with me for the next few nites. To this day I believe it was both my grandfathers who came to sit with me. Then when my youngest son was small he had a man that would come to him. He could hardly talk and he tried to explain to me about the man. As he grew older the man came several times to visit him. When he was about 4 he told me the man was shot. But he's not a bad man mommy. I believe this was my stepbrother who died suddenly from being shot. Now finally my question. Do you think that some of how you are able to communicate with or see spirits is hereditary. My mother had several experiances and truly believed in the sprits as do I and my son remembers his experiances. I have not had any contact since then but it is vivid in my memories and I find confort thinking my grandfather was with me..
368. Dear Chris, My deepest sympathy to both you and your family on your recent loss. Recently a close family member passed away, now another family member has the exact symptons as the first although they were only related by marriage. I have not had any signs from the deceased, but once. Now because I am going through such turmoil again,I need them, yet cant't seem to contact them myself. Do you think you could and ask them if what I have in store is going to be the same as with them, and why again and the same health progress or is it just coincidence? Thanks
369. Dear Chris, My boyfriend passed away 2 years ago, I was wondering If he is happy with the decisions I have made with my life, and If he's ever around me.
370. Good afternoon ChrisFor about the past month I have been dreaming of a woman. She looks to be about 30 and she doesn't really do anything but smile at me. Sometimes I can see her mouth moving but I haven't a clue what she is saying. I asked her what her name was and the name that I heard in my dream was
371. Hello Chris. I'm Nancy from Trenton, Ontario and I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with a pleasant and very enlightened man who made me aware of your incredible gift, and also introduced me to your site. "Jim from Trenton" has shared some of his life stories with me, which has made me comfortable enough to ask you about a situation that I need guidance with. My husband and I were married for 30 years before he passed on in 2002 after losing his battle with leukemia. Lee was not only my wonderful husband, but was also my best friend, my rock, an amazing father and a man who was wise beyond his years. He was always there to support me and help me with decisions in situations that I struggled with internally. Hopefully with your help, I can count on him for guidance in legal matter I am currently involved in. Lee and I had encountered a similar situation to this one quite a few years ago. I had a routine surgical procedure that resulted in complications that could have ended my life here on earth, but somehow there was "divine intervention" that prompted the doctor to perform the emergency surgery that allowed me to continue among the living. Afterward, the doctor had approached my husband, asking if he was going to take legal action against him for what had happened to me, but once Lee asked him if I was going to be okay and live a normal life, and the doctor had guaranteed that I would, my husband assured him that we would not pursue any action against him, and I agreed that was the right decision. Now I'm facing a similar situation where my trust in a medical professional has been violated and I have both an emotional and visible scar as a reminder. It was brought to my attention that there were others in my situation, and I was advised to seek legal advice which I have done. There are two pertinent questions that I am struggling with to make the right decision, and I really need Lee to assure me that the routes I've considered taking are the ones he would have agreed with. Also because this situation is causing me some stress and mental discomfort, I was wondering if this legal matter will be a lengthy ordeal, or if it will be settled in the near future, and if there may be any ramifications for me pursuing this matter to the extent I already have. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you would be able to provide me at this time. Thank you for being such a great "friend" to the people who turn to you for help and guidance. It's rare to find someone who has a gift that is willing to share it with so many others in need. I also want to thank Jim from Trenton (who says "HI") for guiding me to your site. Thanks again and take care.
372. Chris, my brother in law died two years ago - I was wondering if he is okay and if he is happy with us
373. Dear Chris, I just wrote to you about my boyfriend passing away 2 yrs ago, and when I read what you had written to me it was unreal. Thank you very much I just have a few things I would like to ask you I hope you don't mind. When you mention to me about an infant a little boy would that maybe be from a past life I might of had because I don't recall anyone in my family, or friends having a young child die. Also I couldn't believe it when you said, "You keep getting a car accident feeling", and thats because my boyfriend had been hit by a van , while coming home from a party. Chris I would really like to know if my boyfriend is happy with whom I'm dating now. I've often wondered, and I would just like to know If I'll ever see my boyfriend again?? Thank you so much for taking your time in writing me back this means so much to me.
374. Thank you so much Chris for your prompt reply. I'm not surprised that you exactly pinpointed the issues I was struggling with. The intent of the lawsuit is firstly to get the doctor's medical licence permanently revoked as I've just learned there are several of us that have been scarred by his malpractice procedures; and secondly to make sure that the Doctor is held accountable for his unethical and underhanded actions. I was so excited about the promise of having a skin condition corrected by laser surgery, that I now realize I did underplay the
375. Dear Chris, Thank-you again for answering every question I've asked. Lately there has been such turmoil in my life. I have tried to ask my deceased sister for guidence and have received no signs, dreams, or anything. She was always the only person I could talk to, and I trusted her judgement, not to mention she was my protector. There has been so much going on and alot of it is about her, that I don't know where to turn or what to do. You have been so good to me in the past, answering some very difficult questions. Could you ask her what he rfeelings are on the situations going on and why they are? Also if on the other side they know what is going to happen in the future why don't they come to us and let us know. Thanks Chris
376. Chris, I've often heard that once you cross over everyone in heaven is 30....is that true?
377. Hi Chris: Just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me in July. You were right on with everyone who came through to me. I have one question for you. My husband would analyze almost everything anyone said to him, asking questions & confronting the person. I once told him that I would never find look for anyone else to share the rest of my life with if he died before me. Now I'm thinking, what if I do? Will I have to explain myself to him when I cross over? I just woke up from dreaming about him & he hadn't died & he was questioning me again on everything I said to him. Thanks Chris.
378. Dear Chris: My father passed away 7 years ago, often I find money and attribute this to signs from my father. Two days ago, at the cottage while my mother and I were talking about a serious personal matter I am currently going through; we heard three loud rap's on what appeared to be a nearby table. We stopped talking, and I went to the front door thinking it was another cottager coming to visit. When I went to the door, I found both the screen and door closed. It was an automatic response to go to the door, however; the rap's souded like they came from the room behind us. I think my father was trying to get my attention at that moment, possibly regarding the conversation. I'm not sure though.. I am thinking of visiting you and finding out for sure. What are you're thoughts on raps or knocks from spirits. Thanks for your time and thoughts on my question. It's greatly appreciated.
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