379. Thank you Chris for your answer 0f question number361. The figurines is an angel and nun figurins collection I have. Yes I had colored my hair and cut it. The breathing problem was emphazema. She died from heart failure due to emphazema. I'm so glad she is finally happy. I visit her grave 2 or 3 times a week and keep flowers on her grave. And tell her what is happening with her children and grand children. I hope she hears me. Thank you again for putting my mind at ease.
380. Chris could you please tell me if my son will find a good job that pays well and that he can spend the rest of his working time there. He is so unhappy at his present job, and it is somewhat dangerous. And will he be able to locate his birth Mother. He has just started to look for her. Ken is now 39 yrs.old. I want him to find a good job. Thank you Chris.
381. Dear Chris, I have been having health and some finacial problems this year. Will things straighten out by years end? All I want is peace and security in my life time. Thank you for your time. GOD be with you.
382. Dear Chris This year has been very challenging for me. I have lost the most important person in my life. Although I have tried to remain strong for everyone involved, it has proved at times overwelming. I believe the stress is starting to wear me down, it seems everyone in my family is having problems. Now I'm sure alot of people go through transitions like this, but it's me that has the unanswered questions. My daughter is so unsure about the course her life is taking, and although she knows she is the only one that can change it, I'm the one that worries where that change will lead her. Once a Mother always a mother. My other children are all going through difficult changes, but she worries me the most. We have another family member that is seriously ill although tests are still forthcoming, and results are not all in. This is a great concern for me because it involves me as much as the first death. I feel at times I have too much on my plate, and do-not know why all of this is happening yes to me but it seems all at once. Can you help me Chris? I have read all of your answers to other people's questions, and believe you give sound advice. Can you or my family members that have passed over tell me what the rest of the year has in store for me? Maybe I just need to talk. Thank-you
383. Dear Chris; Could you please tell me what my life purpose is, and what it is that I need to learn? I feel stuck, empty and confused. Do I have a spirit guide? If so, what is their name?
384. God bless you, God bless us all, thankyou.
385. Dear Chris: My husband passed away after a short, but wonderful marriage and I'm raising an awesome 3 year old. I have done remarkably well and remarried--my strong faith has been a blessing, but I have real concerns about my husband's daughters from his first marriage. The younger girl (17) has been isolating herself from family and friends. I don't have much contact with her anymore, but try to make suggestions to my husband's family that I believe she is in crisis. Now my brother-in-law has been seriously hurt in a car crash that resulted in a fatality and he may be at fault. (he's still in a coma) Sometimes I feel like I should be doing something, but the relationships are strained as they are all somewhat self-absorbed and still unable to come to terms with their earlier misfortunes. Do you or my husband have any advice? Thanks, Lisa
386. Hi Chris, This question is in regards to my deceased Father who passed on Remembrance Day last year....I have been going through so much since I lost him, a lot of life altering choices I have on my plate. Along the way I have been asking for his guidance, and warmth. Last night I felt half asleep and half awake....I heard my Dad ....he said "I need you to come see me....I said when, he said right now, it's important"....but while I was hearing him my whole body was tingling, every part of me.....this is how I knew I was somewhat awake.....do you have any insight on this feeling? What is it he was trying to tell me, I didn't see him, I just heard him, and it came out of nowhere?? Is this my imagination? Thanks so much
387. Hi Chris I went to see you a while back & some of the things you spoke about I wasn't sure about at the time, however since that time alot of what wasn't clear is happening now. One of the decisions I made was to join Big Sisters something I had thought about for about 10 yrs & a comment was brought up in my session regarding my doing something with young people. I have met the most incredible Little girl, her name is Kimberly & her brother has also spent time with me as he is waiting for a Big Brother. Their Mom was killed in a car accident in May 05, my question is do you feel any acknowledgement from her. I know she is watching over her children & can be nothing but proud of these kids as they are amazing & I am blessed to be a part of their life, I was hoping that maybe you would feel something from her, thanks for sharing your gift. My life has been altered in so many ways since our meeting, all for the best Thanks again, TL
388. Hi Chris, Thanks so much for your response to my question#394, your abilities truly are amazing, what you said, ¨you won't make any mistakes¨ that is exactly what I was worried about. Now I know Kimberlys Mom will be there to help me, & guide me to help her along her path. Thank you again, you have been so helpful. TL
389. HI!My sibling had a reading with you last year.My Mom came through and told about a troubled relationship(husband and wife) and about not using Moms death as an excuse for being unhappy-Was it mine?Can you possibly know from this question from me?Does she want me to make a decision?thnk you.
390. is it true that loved ones whom have passed can communicate with their loved onces thru dreams?
391. Dear Chris, I have suffered so much trauma throughout my life and it continues. I need to know whether my mother and husband loved me or not. Given so many circumstances I cannot believe that they did. My brother, Freddy, suffered so much trauma as well. He disappeared in 1974. I tried to find him. As a child my mother used me to hurt Freddy and he was put in a reform school. He had an awful life too! I feel so stymied. Can you help me? Sincerely, Anne Bean
392. Dear Chris, My Dad passed away just over a year ago and he is missed dearly. Is there anything that you can tell me about what he does now to make us aware that he is still with us? Or what really happened to cause his death? thank you very much in advance for your time
393. Hi, It has been 10 months since my Dad died of cancer. He suffered greatly. I would have taken his place for him if possible. I went to the cemetery to visit him yesterday as I often do, but this time was very hard...I broke down and just couldn't stop sobbing. I just know that I wasn't supposed to be visiting him there already. Is he ok? Is he happy? Is is alone or with someone? I know I can't live my life in sorrow forever, but I am having the most difficult time with this huge loss, please let him know that if it is love that could have saved him....he would be here. I just wish I could give him one last hug good bye, and hold on forever! Thanks Take care
394. Hi Chris. I had a phone reading with you on September 7 that was amazing. I received the tape from you and as I was listening to it, I heard at one point a deep male voice on the tape say 'true'. This was while a male spirit was talking to me through you. Does that happen? Is this a way for them to communicate? If so, why did I hear the voice during the reading?
395. Hi Chris I visit your web site quite often and I find a lot of comfort here. Thank-You! My mother passed away three years ago this month. We were very close she was my best friend and I miss her everyday. My brother passed away 11 years ago and he and I were very close he had a troubled life and He and my mother had issues. He blamed her a lot for the way things turned out in our lives. I know my mother loved him dearly he was her first born and there only was the 2 of us. I would like to know are they together now I feel my mothers presence often though I never feel my brothers. Is he okay? Is she okay
396. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I do because I would hope to talk with my daughter, Am I expecting too much?
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