397. Chris thank-you for answering my question 402. Now I have another. Do we have the same bonds after death as we have in life? ie: mother/son sister/brother
398. Hi Again Chris: I'm so grateful for all the advice and reassurance you have given me. I'm Lisa from #392. I had the weirdest dream that my in-laws from my first marriage were hiding the fact that my first husband had not really died, but had been very sick and made a full recovery. I found out that he was still working--which convinced me that he had not suffered the brain damage that occurred from his illness. In my dream I was very confused about why he hadn't contacted me or tried to see our daughter. When I finally found him and questioned him, he said all was as it should be. He seemed very distant and unemotional. Does this mean anything? It's the first dream I've had of him in a very long time and it was disturbing. Thank you so much, Lisa
399. Hi Chris, My husband passed almost a year ago. I know he is well and is around us a lot. I recently had a very moving spiritual experience watching a sunset. As I went through my pictures of the sunset, I noticed an image of my husband in two of the pictures. Is that a possibility or am I just trying to see something that isn't there? Thank You
400. Dear Chris, Can you tell me if my sister is around me and does she give signs. Does she have a message for me? Thanks
401. Hello Chris I hope you can help with my question,When a person has numerous lives and falls in love with a person in each life.Who is preparing for their passing and do we see/meet everyone in all of the past lives?Or is our soul actually with them all at the same time.That being said is a piece of my soul actually on the other side now? Thnx and GOD bless
402. Can a friend come through? I am asking because what I have read here seems only to relate to family. Thanks.
403. does every dead person stick around
404. Hi Chris, I had a reading with you on Oct.6 this year -you had told throughout my reading that there was to be something new to do with me regarding a child. I found out last night Oct 10...that I am pregnant. It was a shock to find this news out..this was not planned. What do you see happening with this pregnancy and baby....? Thanks
405. hi chris, hope all is well with you and your family. i was just sitting here thinking and you came to mind, as u often do. have a question for you. i'm waiting for my boyfriend to go thru some transitions at home, and it may be years until everything is said and done. should i wait for him or go on to find someone else? i just don't want to be stupid and wait if i shouldn't u know what i mean? thought maybe you could help, let me know chow diane
406. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and my 2 year old daughter knew without us telling her. A week after it happened she put her hand on my tummy and said that baby brother had gone home and he was happy. It really startled my husband and I. How could she have know this?
407. My sister commited suicide a few years ago, it seems like yesterday. We were very close, but I did not see this coming. I feel alot of quilt, I should of known. I want her to be at peace, but how can she be at peace when our family is so grieved with her intentional death. I know if I killed a family's happiness I would not be at peace. Can she overcome how her family is feeling and be at peace on the other side, our family will never be at peace with her death.
408. Do all choose to leave or do some go unwillingly? Do they know prior in anyway that its time?
409. Hi Thanks for answering #411....my husband and I are looking forward to our new arrival. Take care
410. Hi Chris; I was at the seminar in Bordan today and was going to ask you a quiestion but I was afraid to ask. My husband died 7 years ago and since then every night at 8:22p.m. the red light goes on on my phone. I have tried to pick it up but I just get static. The time has no signifigance to me. Could this be my husband trying to communicate with me? The phone lines have been checked and phones have been changed and this still happens. Any answers for me? Thanks Diane nannytrouot@hotmail.com
411. Hi Chris, I came to your medium day at CFB Borden for the afternoon session, I have to say that I was very impressed. I had never been to one before. I would very much like to book a private reading. My question to you is Will you be able to help me with some very serious decisions I have to make about my future or should I see someone elses about that?
412. Hello Mr. Stillar. I went to your seminar on Oct 14 06 and I was amazed at your work. I have had many people from my life pass away, Grandparents, a Brother, a Mentor and several friends (at one time it seemed like everyone I knew was going to die) I have also had someone pass away (overseas) that had done something very wrong to me. This passing is very recent. It upset me a great deal, and it was a strange experience to feel bad on one hand for his passing and be totally confused about the rest. I forgive him and what he did. Does he know this? I just want him to have some peace like I now have because I have forgiven him. Strange question, I know, but I had to ask. Thank you.
413. Hi Chris I have a question that I am not sure you will be able to answer but I'll ask anyhow! My life has being going amazingly well lately, everything has seemed to fall into place except that I feel like I am supposed to be relocating. I don't know why, perhaps I'm getting messages somehow but something tells me that I should be moving sooner than later. Do you feel anything when you read this that shows a move in the immediate future for me? If so, do you have any idea where? Should I be preparing myself for something? Thank you!
414. I recently lost a loved one, tragically.In memorium I wrote:You, too, are the air I breathe,The light in my days,The warmth in my nights,My life ...No one can take away what we are to each other.I love you too ... with everything.Chris, can you feel anything, can you tell me anything?Marianne
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