415. Hi Chris, I was supposed to go to your workshop last Saturday at Borden. My name is Donna and so is my daughter-in-law's. Apparently John came through and mentioned looking for his "booze" and also he said that he was surprised that I had "moved on so quickly". This really blew me away and I would like to have a session with you at some time, along with a friend of mine who is very interested in meeting with you. Sincerely, Donna Renz
416. Is it possible for two or more different spirits to come through during the same reading?
417. Hi Chris reference question 418. I guess I phrased my question incorrectly. I was not looking for you to answer my question on what I should do about my future. I know my decisions are mine and mine alone to make. I was looking for my mother to give me advise. I guess I was feeling very overwhelmed by what I felt when I was at your physic day and in a hurry to ask my question. Let me rephrase it. My mother was a hugh driving force in my life while she was alive, I counted on her for her advise, guidance and understanding, as most of us know that no one knows us better then our Mothers. I could feel her there with me but I was not successful when we did the meditation, I could not let my mind go and cross the bridge into the rainbow and bring her back with me, which was a little disappointing. Anyway here are my questions. If my Mother were to come through in a reading is it possible that she would still be able to give me advise/guidance? Will I be able to ask her for some? btw I too believe that you are truthful and honest, Sorry didn't mean to scare you. lol
418. Chris - I recently submitted a question - my I clarify my question. I recently lost a loved one, tragically. I wrote a memorium - can you feel anything from thoughts of someone terribly missed? If I send you my complete memorium, can you communicate to me what he may be feeling? What his plans were? What was his reason for not having the loose ends taken care of before he left? How much he is missed? Thank you Marianne
419. How can I go about finding out if my grandfather knew how my Mother felt about him before he died almost 3 years ago and why he left us on the day he did?
420. hi chris I will return your book. I do have a question,when I did my reading I still can't figure out some of them that can threw,why is this? Thank you for changing somethings in my life I still need to work on alote!I will be seeing you again.
421. Hi Chris - It has been almost a year since I last visited you in your office. It was a wonderful session, and a lovely visit for my daughter and I with her grandparents, and others. At this session, my mother gifted me with a message - which was, You Did Enough, You Are Enough, It is Enough. I put this message up on my wall in my office where I could view it daily and let it sink in. I have to say, that it has been for me, a life altering lesson. I have always been someone who reaches far beyond what is expected, often to an unhealthy extreme, and I have been known to try to take control of every situation and stear the outcomes to my own satisfaction. This was not healthy for me, or obviously for my family who's lives I worked so hard to control and make my own version of - perfect. The acknowledgement that I met my mother's expectations, despite her inability to share that with me in her living years, has helped me to prioritize and focus on one crisis at a time, and primarily on my own crisis (which in the past year their have been many) instead of trying to do everything for everyone and not really doing a good job of any of it. I have been able to plan and think about my own future, with my husband, and allow my adult children to live thier lives and learn from thier own mistakes in a way that I would otherwise have never been able to do. Your gift is immeasurable. Each visit that I have had with you, I have come away with such good posetive feelings, and I wanted to share with those who are curious, my small moment and to say - thank you so much for sharing your great gift with the world - it is appreciated more than you can ever imagine by so very many. Any insight from my loved ones on just when things are going to level out - or is crisis central going to be a way of life for a while?????
422. Dear Chris; Does my father know I named my son after him? Does he know how much I've tried to turn my life around and will he send signs to me that he is around us? Thank you...
423. Hi chris how are you doing today? sorry it me again tracy whent to see you with a grilfriend of mine in may you already answered one of my questions thank you so much I just have to ask you something that just may sound so stupied,after my secoud brain surgery everyday I have lived feels like I have already lived it.feels like I have done it before.Werid hey Thanks again for your time Tracy!
424. My paternal grandfather died when I was 11 years old. He was very special to all of us, but I always had a special bond with him. My father & I both get visits from him here and there, especially if there is something mathematical that is troubling us. My Dad would like to know if my Pa (Preston Banks) has anything to say to you about us. My family, knowing that this is my type of "thing" is thinking about sending me to you and Pa would be one person of great interest.
425. How do you know if someone has been reincarnated?
426. Hello Chris: The session I had on Thursday, 26 Oct. was absolutely Freaky! By the way, I wanted to tell you that my hair change is a straigtener, was very curly before (even though my passed relatives thought it was funny, I love it). You validated for me that loved one's that have passed are around. Thank you, it surely feels good!
427. For the past few weeks I have for no apparent reason looked at the clock and it is always at precisely 11:11, today I was at the hair salon and someone called out, what time is is? and the response was 11:11. I feel somehow that this is siginificant.
428. my father had passed away 15 years ago, I have a hard time believing that the after world is there. My sister have felt him around but not me! is that because I am so closed minded about the life after death?
429. Hello Chris It is my mothers birthday today and we communicate frequently.Just wondering that as you read this she has any messages for us that perhaps i can't pick up. All our best to you and your family,hope to see you again soon GOD bless Jim & Dawn
430. Who is around me the most when I am feeling down.
431. RE: #431 ... You ask why to involve a medium / middleman. My Pa usually gives me a touch, like a hand on my shoulder & my Dad really only has to close his eyes and mentally ask him for help. Sometimes a measure tape would fall off the table, but the problem usually gets sorted. Neither my Dad, nor I, get actually messages or signals from him & with him being gone for so long now, my Dad would really love to know if Pa has anything to say. We understand that we can not control who comes for a visit or when, we can just hope. See, a couple of years ago, my Pa's wife had a major heart attack, dying a couple of times and brought back by medics. She reports being in her apartment in a dream state, even though she was physically in the ambulance ... she says that Pa's head came out of the clouds and told her to go home, that she wasn't welcome yet. Nana, Dad & I would just like to be able to hear him & anything he might say.
432. Could please tell me if my finaces will improve next year? And my health. Will I meet a gentlemen to have a casusal relationship with. Basicaly will my life improve? Thank you so much. You were right about my sons job and my surgery.
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