433. I very stronge beliver in the after life and that my life will conitue, I will even try get the none belivers into it that is so hard! any if I believe so stronge why am I so scared of it?
434. Hi again Chis this is tracy,things are not going so good for me right now, I feel lost anyway are my loved ones around me right now, I talk to them but I want them to come into my dream how can I do this?
435. When I was a little girl, I had the wonderful and rare opportunity to know and love my great grandparents. My paternal great grandmother used to tell me I was special in ways that other children were not. Years later when I grew up, I was told that she had the gift of "site" and that this was what she was trying to tell me to look inside myself for. Try as I might, I can do no more than call up her face as I remembered it from being so young. Photos of her in front of me do nothing more than make me remember how wonderful she was. I was wondering if there was any other way to I could manage to get myself to hear from her or if you are having any feelings about her. I appreciate your work and understand how special your gift is, I am just not sure how to phrase myself on this thought.
436. does my mother blame me
437. Hello Chris, I had a reading with you not to long ago, and I was wondering why my mother had not acknowledged my son, he was just about the only thing she lived for when she was alive, she loved him so very much, she always wanted him around and of course he could never do anything wrong(ha ha ha), he was her one and only grandson? thank you
438. Dear Chris - I seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties. I will try again. I am 428. Thank you for your response and kind advice. Although I can usually keep a posetive outlook, I must admit, the recent flurry of activity in my personal life sometimes overwhelms me, but for the most part, I have been so calm, sometimes I wonder if I am in denial. My husband suffers from bouts of debilitating depression, he was self employed and recently lost his business, as a result we lost an income, we have enromous debt and legal issues. We lost our family home and our vehicles and any hope of a comfortable retirement. We emptied a house and a place of business in a matter of weeks, and I watched everything disappear in days. I learned from this, that things are not important, and that I am rich in family and relationships, and these are the things that matter. Our daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks, there has been much to prepare for and to plan. We moved to a new town, where I have employment, but my husband so far has not. I was hoping that there might be a message from someone to let me know that the light I think I see at the end of the tunnel- is not actually a freight train. Your kind words are appreciated more than you might know? Thanks again.
439. Hi Chris.I am very interested in coming "face to face"with my spirit guide.Even though there is a certain amount of fear there is also a very strong sense of reunion.It is a very powerful event to meet with a spirit who has been with you and guiding you your whole life.Will my spirit guide knowing this,reveal him/herself when I am ready or is it something I have to work very hard at in order to come together as one ?I can certainly feel the presence,but would like to take it much further.Thank-you Jimmie
440. Hi Chris: My question to you is this.......I lost my father about 30yrs. ago, I just want to know if he is in good hands and is happy where he is. Is he longing for his wife & children to join him.
441. Hi Chris Thank you so much for your support Your kind words mean so much! My support team is a little better Yes last spring when I did see you I did what to dye I prayed for it.My cancer is worse now soon I will be starting treatment it is to slow the tumer down but it will never stop it I am trying to come see you but I need a ride. Thank you so much again for your time.
442. dear chris I lost my mother along time ago about 23 years ago to cancer I miss her very much I have not had any signs or any presence for years I feel guilty I have had not gone to the gravesite I need peace of mind in knowing she is thinking of all of us 3 children I do not want her to be upset about this can you help me signed Sami
443. Chris, on Friday Nov 17, at the Legion in Alliston, you mentioned two areas of Life - Intent and Perspective. Could you please provide this information to me in writing. God bless, Anita Tibando
444. Dear Chris: My mom passed away on Oct. 18 and my father is having a hard time living without her. They were married for 55 years and he looked after her at home until she died. Me and my sisters all miss her terribly, but we have our families to keep us busy. It pains me to see him unhappy. My mom and I use to talk every day on the phone, sometimes twice a day. I still talk to her every day and I ask her to help dad and if she has time to come and visit me. Is she around any of us? Thanks for your time Chris.
445. Is my mother who passed away happy and is she here with me often?
446. Hi Chris - 428 - 445 - wedding Saturday past, sadly on Friday I went to give my son a haircut for the big day and found him in his bed deceased. I am without question - still in shock - we proceeded with the wedding as planned and are starting to process things today. Do you know if he made it over and if he is alright? I need to know to move forward.
447. Hi Chris... I came to see you over a year ago and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. I seem to have this very strong urge to call or email you lately. I have even seen people who look like you (which is weird because I live in Mississauga). Could this mean that someone is trying to contact me? Thank you.
448. I read in your answers that it can take an extreme amount of energy for loved ones to make & hold the connection. Does it matter if they are buried or cremated? Do you know if there is any difference in energy?
449. Once on the other side, do people achieve higher wisdom or truth about themselves, the people who loved them and events that occurred during their physical lives or do they see their own perception of truth, e.g., through the filter of their own experience, biases, etc.?
450. Chris I came to see you several months ago looking for answers I guess.I struggle everyday with my loss.Yesterday I received a call from the officer investigating the accident that took my husbands life 8 months ago.You told me I would be angry with the justice system,not knowing at the time truly what that meant, I was informed that this was the third charge of impaired driving for the man who hit our car that day.Now I know what you meant.I vow to do everything in my power to change the laws,so no other family has to go through this. thank you for your reading and your words of encouragement.
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