451. Hi Chris! I have seen you during a group session before and you were truly amazing. I, myself, have had psychic experiences for several years. The most recent being the most disturbing. About 10 years ago a young girl went missing in an area about 2 1/2 hours from where I lived at that time (we recently relocated to an area about 1 1/2 hours away from where she dissapeared). Last week I dreamt of this girl (if you had of asked me what her name was that day, I could not have told you) and she told me who she was, and oddly enough, during the vision, I happened to be a police sketch artist! I then sketched a picture of a man. The next day, the memory of the dream came to me later in the afternoon. I then completed the sketch. Each day following the dream, I kept receiving more and more information, which I kept a log of, and as well was prompted to complete another sketch of a different man and an area containing water falls, a creek, a bridge, as well as several other distinct visions. The source of the information was relentless, so I decided to travel to the town in which she was last seen alive. (There have apparently been no leads in the case since 6 days after her dissapearance 10 years ago) I easily located all of the
452. Chris am I going to make this life?
453. If someone had lost a leg before passing would they get it back once they have crossed to the other side? And if they were sick before passing would everything be cured? Thanks, Ashlee
454. Thank you, Chris, for your response re: #458. Just this morning, skockingly enough, I saw a headline in a newspaper that they are re-opening the case concerning the missing girl, plus, they are airing a television program concerning it on tv. The television crew was in the town she went missing in a couple of weeks ago filming, according to the article. Probably around the same time I went there. I believe now that she was definitely contacting me so that I may provide the information that I have to the authorities now that they are re-opening the case. I am now prepared to contact somebody with the information that I have. Thank you for suggesting I contact a police officer that I may know. I am going to do that and let him decide what to do with the information. Thank you again - your web site is truly an inspiration, and your words of support were very helpful. KATHY
455. Chris. I wanted to touch base to wish you and your family the very best for the Season and the New year. I have completed my move from Trenton to Borden and although change brings a little chaos ... I feel happy and at peace to be back here for whatever reason. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year, either at one of your seminars or a session. In the meantime, I continue to monitor your site and marvel at the tremendous good that you provide to others. God Bless, Jim from Borden.
456. hichris I am needed to know the fight that I am doing is going to work out for me Tracy
457. Dear Chris, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. This is my first Christmas without my sister, whom I love so much. It has been a very difficult year for the whole family. Since I have not had any signs from her or contact from the other side, could you please tell both of them Merry christmas and I miss you both and think of you every day. Thank-you
458. Hi Chris,my name is Beth.I am at P.M.H. Lodge with your friend Tracy.I would like to know if you can see how this year will be for me .I am optimistic.Thank-you
459. I believe in afterlife. I feel that I can be a medium, but there is a block somewhere i can ;t put my finger on it . Can you help me.
460. Chris, My name is Brenda. I am a friend of your friend , Tracy.The question I would like to ask to ask is ,is my health going to be a large issue in the future. Also is my relationship going to last.
461. HI Chris, My husband passed away approx 15 months ago and i am worried about my daughters. Can you tell me or sense if they are going to be alright?
462. Dear Chris. If someone had an abortion, would that person be hated in heaven or judged harshly by god, and is that child in heaven and ok
463. chris, hello.... I guess my question to you is, are my mom, grandmother and grandfather with me often? I pray to them on a regular basis, and in my heart, i know they hear me, i guess i just need confirmation that they really do... Thankyou... Diana
464. Dear chris, The time is approaching for the first anniversary of my sister and brother -in-laws death. Is there any thing they have to say to me or want me to do, i miss them so much. thanks
465. Hi Chris, When there is turmoil in someones life does a deseased loved one give signs of trying to help that person or do they do as everyone else and let you deal with it on your own, even though you have no idea how.
466. Can a Person who is so distraught over losing a loved one will themselves to be with that person that has passed on
467. Dear Chris How long will it be before I am with My devoted soul-mate? Thanks
468. Hi Chris! Hope you are doing well. I have a question for you regarding a man that went missing. An old friend of mine from Waterloo Ontario went missing Nov 2002. No clues, no hints no nothing. Do you have any feelings as to his fate? Is he alive and hiding as some believe because he was in trouble or has he passed over? His website kind of faded out of public interest and now just sits there with no information and I find it heartbreaking. Thank you in advance for any information.
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