469. Hello my friend ! Hope all is well with you and your family A close friends father passed away very recently and his funeral is on Friday Was wondering if there is anything "Gerry" would like me to pass on to my friend other than everything is ok ,he still lives and is remains a big part of our lives GOD bless Jim
470. Hi Chris, My dad past away very unexpectedly back in March of 2001. Does he have a message for my mom or myself? or Does he want us to know anything? Thank you for your time. Michelle
471. A key is missing. Can you help find it? Jackie
472. Hi Chris, Tomorrow Feb 9th my son would have been 28 years old. He was killed going on 5 years in Sept 07. I would like to know if he has a message for us. Thankyou
473. Dearest ChrisMy husbands father passed away on October 5th 2005. Since then my husband has had 2 dreams of his father and says his father is trying to tell him something. Do you have any idea what he is trying to tell him? My husband has guilt with his father passing and i want to put his mind to ease. I have told him that his father is telling him that he is ok, but i may be wrong. Please any help would be appreciatedCorinna, Lisle on
474. Hi Chris, My grandmother passed away in October 2005. She died suddenly. My family didn;t have the chance to say goodbye. I was hoping that she may have a message for all of us or any of us. Please if you feel anything at all from her it would be very helpful for us all. Thank you in advance for your time and understanding.
475. Dear Chris, I always loved chatting with my mother, she was a brilliant lady and so full of wisdom. I miss her so much, though I do still talk to her several times a day and am comforted knowing her spirit is with me. My husband and I have some huge decisions to make in the next little while and it breaks my heart not to be able to talk it over with her and ask her advice. Is it possible that she might be able to pass a message on through you? Thank you for your kindness.
476. Dear Chris, I have responded to #483 by submitting the following to Oprah.com: "My Mom passed away suddenly Dec 12, 2006. My Mom was a very spirital & loving person. She was also a R.N. that specialized in pallative care. She loved teaching staff & families how to help someone pass on. I used the same teachings to take her off life support and let her go. We went to see a medium July 2006 together, after my Aunt and Grama passed away January 2006. I went back to see the same medium, Christopher Stillar, (www.spiritualmedium.ca)January 10, 2007. He was VERY accurate! The connection he made with my Mom has given me great peace during a very difficult journey that has only just begun. I believed before, now I believe 100%." Thank you Chris ... until we meet again. Lori
477. Dear Chris,My father has been passed over for 30 years now. Does he have a message for my mother or me.
478. Dear Chris: In Sept. /06 I had cancer of the kidney surgry. While in the hospital I was awakened to someone pushing my shoulder. No one was there. Since then this has happened about 8 times. Including someone sitting on my bed, again no one is there. Could you tell me if some one who has passed over is trying to contact me. They also wake me rubing my check. Thank you.
479. Hi Chris, Our mom passed away last Oct. and we found out in January that our dad has cancer. We are all trying to keep his spirits up and helping him through this difficult time. Do you see his health improving and does our mom comfort him or any of us? Thanks Chris.
480. Hello Chris, I have a friend who recently visited with you and she told me how wonderful you were - not just your gift - but your kind personality. I will be making an appointment soon to meet with you but had one question - I would like to come with my boyfriend. Would this limit the spirits that could contact me because there may be so many spirits trying to come thorugh for him? Do you suggest we sit together for a reading or do seperate readings? Or could we do a longer reading? What do you suggest? I look forward to your response and meeting with you soon. Sa
481. Not a question, just some information which may help 487 make a decision on who should attend the session. I have had the great priviledge to visit Chris a few times, once with with my husband, once with my daughter, and most recenty, with my husband, 2 daughters, a son and a good friend. In each session, each present received personal messages from loved ones on the other side, and in each session, and every one of us left feeling uplifted, and validated that our loved ones remain with us and that they contine to be involved and concerned with our lives, just as they were when they were here in the physical sense. Thank you again Christopher for sharing your gift and for the genuine goodness towards your fellow man....Roberta
482. Dear Chris My Grandfather, both Uncles, my father and sister have all passed away at the same age, not all of the same disease. Can you tell me what the connect here is. Are they trying to tell me something?
483. Since my mothers death I have been praying for a sign that she is at peace. I have heard of people saying that they received a physical sign from a deceased loved one. Is it possible or just ones own perception?
484. Chris,Feb 2006 I had my last reading with you and you told me that my family members, who had crossed over, were appreciative that I was retiring and moving back home to help look after my mother. But they said I would not be able to. I did not understand this at the time but this week I laid my dear mother to rest, after just being home for seven months. Is it possible that they knew this back in Feb 06 ? Is my mother at peace?
485. I stuggle to find my place in this world. Is everyone here for a reason? If so, can I find out mine?
486. Hi Chris, What do you have to tell me about family who passed Joanne
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