487. Hi Chris Our death is part of our life plan. We die when it is our turn. If these statements are true, do we plan that our death would be caused by a murder, drunk driver, in our sleep,etc.? So does that mean also in our life plan we wrote that we would be the one to murder?
488. Chris, I am not quite sure as to what to expect from this. Asking life questions to someone who I have never seen or met before. But, I am looking for insight (clarity) as to where my life is heading - am I in the right career, financial security, will I re-marry and will I have children, who was at my first wedding from beyond - a presence was strongly felt. There are so many questions that I have - but the biggest one of all is...am I on the right path for this point in my life? Am I supposed to be where I am at? Thank you for your time.
489. I need HELP tell me what I need to know ...if this works for real then tell me I am sending out to you my glow...just keep reading this and feel my presence and tell me what i need to know... SAM
490. I do believe my friend has visited you before and I want to ...I am just hurting so bad I am afraid it will be a long wait to see you and i need to hear from a loved one so badly I guess i am just afraid they are not ok....I will call and try to book... believing....:o) SAM
491. Is it okay to take young kids around 8yrs old to see you? If i think they are strong and it might help?
492. Chris - I came to you late last year - my dead companion has been at the forefront of my thoughts lately - I forgive him (I always have) and I miss him terribly - my daughter is convinced he makes his presence known now and then with an unusual happening (finding money, a happy thought we all share) - is he around? Does he know we still love and miss him? Marianne
493. if someone dies and their death is labelled undetermined, can that person tell you what happened?
494. Chris , how do you feel about Syilva Brown and her concepts with death and afterlife? I was going to read one of her books ?
495. Hi Chris, I have never met you before but, I have heard wonderful things about you. I will be attending your seminar on May 5/07.My father has passed 2 yrs ago. Is he in my home with me? or is he there for my son? At times I do feel his presence and others as well.
496. My mother passed away some 25 years now. what would have caused her to die from ? And secondly her younger sister also left us couple years ago, what would her name be ? Thank you, Michel/ottawa
497. My apologies. In my request yesterday, I hastely composed my inquiry with vague details. Should have indicated my mothers name, Jeannine Lessard (maiden name Laplante). So then the info looking for, would be the cause of her death and where this happened. Secondly, her sister passed away and qhat is her name. michel/ottawa ps Rick Switzer has lead me to you, from a conversation late last month that we had.
498. I was told by a psychic that my soul was trapped here until I fulfilled my destiny and it would be something sudden, do you believe souls can be trapped? thanx! JF
499. Hello Chris: I had a reading with you on April 10th and want to thank you for the peace and comfort that it has given me. It was my Dad who came across. My sister was the focus of the reading. I understand that you cannot predict what someone from the other side will say, but in your experience, do you think that if my sister went for a reading Dad would tell her the same things and try and set her on another path? I know he loves her and would like her to use her life in better ways.
500. Hi Chris! This is JF again.Thank you for your response, it helps. I just have one more question. Can you tell if my Uncle Lawerence blames my father for his untimely death? Every other night I have a dream about it and each time I feel his deep pain and anguish and he tells my dad that he let him die. Please help me if you can. thanx again, JF
501. dear chis i was ,in a bad car accident dec2005. ive been in a wheel chair ever since Im very depressed my huspand had to leave work so he could look after me I really wanted a reading done by you but our money is tight. my guides told me to contact you because you san help me get the answers I need, im a strong phyic and medium. Im always resurching to better myself, my dad died 6 years ago and i reakky miss him i know hes around i cant hear him or see him i can only feel him, chris please help me find the answers i need , health, the legal stuff from the accident.please please help me lynette bryan 5199285678
502. Hello Chris:I like to think I have a healthy curiosity and open mind regarding spirits and mediums, so when my friend Christine mentioned that you were doing a seminar inOrangeville I was curious and interested enough to go with her. I was the ladyin the audience who asked the question regarding the Ouija Board.After attending the seminar this afternoon, I am left with the followingobservation…It appears to me that you were randomly mentioning thoughts that came into yourhead, and these thoughts were so general that with 200 people in the audience,there were bound to be some people who could relate to them. Forexample…many people know someone named “Tom”. It seemed like you werealways fishing, and your ideas were bouncing all over the place with one personconnecting with one thought and another with another thought, but there wasreally no continuity. There was nothing said that was concrete. I don’tbelieve spirits on the other side would bother to come and say they didn’tlike the paint colour of a room, or to say that someone wasn’t a goodhandyman. If they actually made an effort to speak to the living, they woulduse the opportunity to say something more substantial.You realized yourself that you were floundering all over the place, and that’swhen you tried to blame it on the fact that you were wearing a watch!I’m sorry, but I’m just not convinced that you have any connection with the spirit world, but on a positive note…you are a terrific speaker! You speak with enthusiasm and humour and I can see how it’s easy for you to attract an audience. Perhaps you should consider becoming a motivational speaker.Anyway, it was interesting to see you work the audience, and Christine and I enjoyed listening to your stories because you are an interesting speaker with a great talent for delivery. We just saw nothing today to convince us that you have any real spirit connections.Joanne Scott
503. The following two letters are from audience memebers from the Orangeville seminar at the Best Western Sat. May 5/07
504. Hi Chris If someone books a reading with you can a family member(Husband) be in the room just for support.
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