505. Since my Sons passing, I was sure there had been no contact. I was certain if that were possible my son would have contacted me. So I was a non-believer... I think I was looking for something more physical, like his body.:( Then while I slept, not so long ago, I was awakened by a touch on my hand. I panicked a little but laid still, I felt something touch my hair, I turned, and up near the ceiling, there was an area that looked like the Northern Lights on a much smaller basis. I am not sure that my son's spirit was with me but I spoke to this light, : ) when I closed my eyes to wipe my tears it was gone. Do you think this is possible or did I have something in my eye? Ha. Ha. Shortly after my son passed away I had similar feeling of being touched by someone in my sleep, almost like a vibration.
506. Hello Chris, I read your answer to question 508 with great interest. You said there is no "physical body" to see, but if that's the case, why do mediums such as yourself and Rosemary Altea see physical beings? Why can you see them and we can't? I am reading The Eagle and the Rose right now, and Rosemary writes about actually seeing deceased people and chatting with them as if they were alive. She sees the colour of their hair, their height, what they are wearing. This doesn't jive with your answer. Please explain? I have so many questions. How OPEN does one have to be for a loved one to be in contact? I believe, I am open, I pray for a sign, I ask my mother for guidance, I meditate, I wait and hope for contact but it just doesn't happen. It's so discouraging.
507. Hi Chris, I understand that we all have free will to choose our life's path. But if our past loved ones can help us on that path would they relay the help one asks for or needs during a private reading?
508. Dear Chris....You are truly a helper to mankind . I was brought to you and was able to find peace... I saw you before my 19yr old daughters funeral ...I was dreading the day , but you (and my daughter) gave me the strength I needed that day and I will forever be grateful!!!! I have told many people about you and my very close and personal reading with my sweet and very missed daughter. See you in Gravenhurst!!!! Finally getting some sleep again your friend SAM :O)
509. hey chris I know that I just seen you yesturday.But something clicked for me.I just need you to help me.I think I know who the father who passed from cancer and sufercated.because his lungs filled up. That is how Darrel father had passed.would it be possiable that it would be him, and if so why would he be behind Dona, WE never got to meet could this be why? so sorry to botheer you again. Tracy
510. In response in a way to 505, and like sceptics. I have been to see Christopher on three occasions. I cannot measure for you the peace that I have found in the messages I have received. It would be fair to say, that there was no pressure for anyone to convince me that communications with those on the other side is real - I have felt clear on that since I was a small child. There was perhaps a need for validation that the person who was communicating my message truly had a gift and was not just entertaining me. I recieved that - with each reading. In a large group, there is bound to be much general information, but one on one or in a small group, there is a great deal of personal information. I will give you an example. My son passed suddenly in November, it was not expected to say the very least. The night he died, my girlfriend received a phone call on her cell from her husband to tell her what happened and where to find me. She was checking out of a grocery store at the time. She walked out of the store and left everything between the cart and the cashier, got in her car, and came straight to offer support to my husband who was waiting for the ambulance to arrive. A month later, when a group of six of us attended a reading with Chris, my son took a moment to Thank my friend, indicating clearly that he was aware that she just dropped everything to come and help, and that it was so appreciated by him. For everyone of the six people in the room, there was a clear and accurate message in relation to what had happened over the coarse of the time since he had passed, things that no one else but those in our immediate circle would know. The cause of death remained unknown at the time of our reading, but my son expained to us what caused his death, and when we recieved the coroners report two weeks ago, it confirmed what our son had relayed to us through Christopher. I would not expect to make anyone a believer, but I would want everyone to know how blessed I feel to have made the aquaintance of Chris Stiller, and there are not words or space enough to express how much he has impacted my life, and my ability to carry on in the face of adversity. Thank you Chris, Roberta McComb
511. Dear chris I need to know if my grandmother is around me, as well if she knows if my lick is going to change. These last 4 years have been the worst and i am holding on but somedays barely. I really miss her she waas my confidant and more like my mother most of my life. If she has anything to tell me. sorry to bother you bit I really need to know. Also are you going to be in Everett or Alliston any time soon. Your biggest believer
512. Chris,I know you said that there is always the chance that a reading will not be successful, as you can't control
513. Hello Chris, Can you tell me how I can find out when you are having seminars? Do you advertise them? Thanks, Lori
514. hello chris how are you? My son william died december29/2006 and since he died i am hearing noises in this house, could it be williams spirit. I hear a person walking in the house. He was cremated so I have his urn in the living room here. thanks chris. Donna.
515. Quite often I wake up suddenly, look at the clock and its exactly 4:30AM, and my head is filled with messages/thoughts. I've been told this is the most opportune time for our spirit guides to speak with us. Are they waking me up to tell me something? Its always 4:30 on the nose! I don't feel its coincidental. Its happened so many times. Thanks Chris
516. My Uncle died suddenly and there are many unanswered questions, can you tell us if it was an accident and is he with his loved ones? Kerri
517. My brother died suddenly 8 years ago next week. He left us suddenly and there was so many questions left unanswered, first was this accidental and is he where he needs to be now? Thanks Chris M.
518. Hi Chris, do you know if anyone on the other side can tell me why bad things keep happening to my children. They are both wonderful and so special in their own way.How do I protect them when these things keep happening? Also, can you tell me which direction my grandfather went when he died? thanx!
519. Hey Chris,I want to start by telling you how great you are and this world really needs people like you. I was wondering if you can tell me if there are any of my ancestors in the house with me, I always feel a presence with me in my house and sometimes are quite strong. Is it just my imagination?
520. What happens to a premature baby that didnt make it? My daughter was 25weeks and only lived for 2 days and I just wanted to know how old she would be on the other side and is she able to contact me? Is she with me?
521. Hey Chris! Just checking in to tell you that once again, you were very accurate! I did my
522. Hello Chris, I had a reading with you last October and am really feeling drawn to come again. Last time I was so shocked at the accuracy of the information you were giving me that I just listened through most of the reading. My question to you is this. Is it possible to have more of a 2-way conversation through you with our loved ones? That is, can we ask important questions of them and they will respond through you? Or is the communication one sided, them giving you messages that they choose to give. Thank you for the opportunity to ask you questions on this website, and thank you for sharing your special gift with all of us. Lana
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