37. I'll be coming to see you soon and am using this to communicate with my daughter:Dear Sarah, Soon I'll be going to see Chris Stillar. He has a gift and hopefully he will help put my mind as ease. Tell me, lately I feel shadows behind me and sometimes could swear that something crossed the hall or moved the plants. I brush it off saying it's probably the wind, but I didn't feel these things before. Is it you? Is it my Dad maybe? I've been thinking about you a lot more lately. I've been thinking about you differently. Where are you baby? My heart aches with missing you. I'm not the same anymore. I sometimes miss my old self but most of the time I don't and I feel sad....'cause my old self included you. Does that make sense? Forgive me sweetie....
38. Twenty six years ago I had a doctor recommended abortion and I felt guilty about it at the time and always have since .If I were to meet that baby one day in the hereafter would it be just that, a baby ,or would it have aged as a living person would have and would I recognize it as my child ?
39. Chris, I feel such pain when I read or hear about cruelty to children or animals that I sometimes believe my heart will physically break. Do those on the other side still have to deal with all the pain and if not how can they still care about what happens to us here?
40. My boyfriend ended his life a year and a half ago. We had an argument the day before he died. (and also, a few fights months before killed himself) Is he still mad at me ? I cannot seem to stop blaming myself for his death and the guilt is killing me. (Can he see how much I'm hurting) Also, is he ok now ? Thank you for your time, Sabrina.
41. My Daughter claims she saw her Grandmother leaning on her dresser one early evening when she returned to her room. She said her Grandmother spoke to her breifly and said she was just checking on her and then was gone. She also said she was very clear to look at and she heard her clearly. Of course we assured her that it was very possible and I told her that I wished it had been me that had seen my Mum. But was thrilled that Mum chose to visit my daughter. Do these sitings truly happen, or do people who love someone so much imagine that they see them?
42. Dear Chris, My friends daughter passed away at the age of 7 from leukemia. Would she (the daughter) have known her destiny before she became sick?
43. Brendon Alexander ( Brendonís last name and date of birth have been removed from the question for privacy reasons), supposedly committed suicide on Sunday Jun 29h at 4 AM by driving his car into Kempenfelt Bay. This young man had everything going for him Why did he do this? I suspect he was struggling with his sexuality but am not certain. Can you shed some light on this? What prompted him to do this? Is he okay now? I'm sure he comes to see me now and then, but I would like to be able to answer some questions for his family. William (my partner) and I were close to Brendon and are having difficulty dealing with this. Can you help? Margaret
44. does my dad see me now?
45. I was by my mothers bedside for 1 1/2 weeks . she had a stroke hit her head on the tub. Was found 6 hours later. Complications came about and we had to decide if she should live with machine. We decided as a family no, she would not want that and that she always wanted to be with Dad who passed away 2 years before. I Was wondering if she new that I was present with her during all this and if she new that all her 8 children where by her bedside at her time of death ?
46. A friend of mine is suffering from extreme brain trauma. He has been removed from life support. A drunk driver hit him on August 31st, 2003. Will he ever be able to know the way I feel; I have no way of saying in goodbye. I live in Ontario and he lives in New Mexico. Can you reach him for me?
47. Chris, It's been a year and a half since my son's death, he took his own life during a depression for which he was being treated. Although I can logically know that it was his choice, that I must not feel guilt, I know he would want me to go on with my life...but I am still stuck in guilt and regret and don't know how to get out. Even though I know he wants me to go on. So far spiritual counselling has helped tremendously but I still can't seem to feel I am a worthy human being since his death. I feel like I failed him. What can I do?
48. Thank you for answering my quesion about my friend in New Mexico. I wrote him a letter for his family to read to him but he passed on this week before the mail arrived. Has he reached his destination? Is he at peace? I want him to know that he will always be with me; I want him to watch over me. You wrote that he knew I was trying to reach out to him from the moment he was injured, but how do I know that for sure?
49. Dear Chris, Someone I loved very much passed away recently. I felt his love and presence around me strongly . Now , not quite so much which makes me sad. I thought he would always be near me . Do spirits come and go or do they get angry and leave ? Madeline
50. For several nights I have been dreaming about my friend Daniel who has passed away recently. I dream that he talks to me. I wake up everytime and believe that I'm loosing my mind. Is it possible that he is trying to speak to me? I am not always aware of what he is trying to tell me.
51. Hi Chris! a friend of mine was adopted,he doesn't know who they are,so if he get a reading and one of his birth parents were past away.Could they come and visit with him. And how would he know if he never knew them.P.S. I had a reading with you and you have change my life. Thank you soo much Chris.
52. Do you believe people try to communicate with you by leaving "signs"? Since my daughter died in a car accident 5 weeks ago, we have discovered a number of dimes, beside our vehicles & close friends & at the accident site, only ever a single dime. Thanks Bea
53. will this help a young male age 34 who is currently under doctor's care for acute stress in his life ?
54. Hi Chris my husband past away three months ago I miss him so much , my life has stopped completely, and want more then any thing to be with him. I have no will to go on. Is there anyway for me to get in touch with my husband , is it possible for me to get a signal from him that would make me start living again ?
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