523. hello Chris! My Uncle died suddenly outside one night.Can you tell me if he suffered and what his last thoughts were? It has haunted me ever since.
524. If asking for a telephone meeting with you , how is our idenity kept from you. With name and phone number tou could research us.
525. dear Chris, My husband passed over a year ago, I can´t get passed that night. The tears don´t stop, I don´t fell like I am fully here. So much of me is gone. I could not bury him and keep him close at hand. How will I go on
526. july 07 I have been looking at your site. What are the chances of you coming to Vancouver Island. j
527. now that my husband has passed does he know for sure that all his children are from him and I was always only for him
528. #527.. Dear Chris, I have connected, such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel peace in my soul. The tears keep sneaking up on me but they are not squeezing the life from my heart. He is by my side.
529. is our very old cat waiting for me to accept my husband´s death before she goes or will she wait until I can come home to be with her at her time. I thank you for your time
530. Hi Chris! I wrote question 525.I just wanted you to know what happened with my Uncle and how much your response helped. He froze to death outside after taking a seizure. He was partially handicapped after being run over by a stone crusher years before. He was 43 when he died and had only lived alone a short period of time following my Grandmother's death the year before. His life was not an easy one and for that I will always be sorry I could not help more. Thank you for your words of comfort, my Mother will greatly appreciate it.
531. Hi Chris. My daughter always had an imaginary friend named Nadine. I even almost had to buy Nadine a happy meal one day at McDonalds because my daughter was insisting Nadine was hungry.The lady at the counter was looking around for the kid I was too mean to feed. Was Nadine an imaginary friend or was it someone already passed and communicating with her?
532. Dear Kris, During my husband´s cremation I took pictures of our farm and wrote to him what it was like. When I look at the photos on the camera 2 weeks later the pictures were not there. In place were the most beautiful patterns of colours. Different one for each picture that was taken. The picture taken at the finish of the cremation was all shades of rose and just alive to look at. It was then I started to be sure. 14 months later I have confirmation and now recognize the previous confirmations.
533. Can children see people who have passed that adults can't see?
534. Hi Chris.I was with you for a reading last Sept.I found such comfort and I was trully helped in my grieving process for my Mom.I have recently lost my husband through tragic circumstances.I hope to see you in August and wonder if you could possibly tell during a reading -approximately what time of the evening/morning my husband died (as he was found the next afternoon and the authorities dont know) I hope you understand this question!!Hope you are well.M
535. hi Chris, hope this finds you and your family all well. When I was just 3 days old my dad was killed so I never got to know him. My mom died when I was 27yrs old and I never got to say goodbye. My brother also died suddenly and I still get angry at him.I know I can't change the past but some days I feel so alone I just go into a state of withdrawal. Can you tell me if maybe the three of them are together so I can feel that I don't need to feel guilty for my dad's death resulting in my mom having a hard life and dying young and my brother never getting over dad's death, thus his early death as well. thanks chris, please take care. christine
536. Hello Chris, I had a reading done in another country recently. The medium made confirmation in every way. He also said I had a bright aura of many colours whiched he named. The colours were all very bright and stong. Now I am wondering what this means. Thank you for your time. Namaste
537. how long does it take to get a reading by telephone once all the pliminary work is done. Returning home to Canada this summer and just wondering if I should wait until fall when everything slows down, sort of .
538. Hi Chris, I live in a small village of about 60 people.Over the last 5 years there has been a very high number of deaths. It's been everything from suicides( a lot) to heart attacks, burnings and even a house falling on a guy. These people were all in their 30's and 40's. Is there a reason for all of this?
539. My three year old grandson has not mentioned his uncle often since his passing in November, and when he does, it is always in the present. For example when we all gathered at a restarant for a family lunch, he said Hi to his Uncle, calling him by name. His uncles picture hangs behind the bar in the same restaurant, so we asked him if he had seen the picture - but he hadn't. He and his uncle were pretty close, so we were all fairly sure, he doesn't ask where he is, because in his small world, he has not gone, but is still very much here. He has also wakened his mother in the night and said things like, Mommy - tell that guy not to look at me, I don't like it. Would you say this is fairly common, or do you think he may have a gift?
540. Hi Chris, can you tell me what the future holds for my nephews and nieces?
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