559. Hello Chris.My Great Aunt was a very spirited lady.She always said when she died she wanted to go out with a bang.On the night of her wake the lights went out in the funeral home during a storm while we were standing in line.Was that her that night?And my little girl is sooo much like her I was wondering if her spirit is in her?
560. Hi Chris, My cottage had a lot of energy around it. One night my son woke up and I went into his room. The room/night was almost electrifying. I was sitting on his bed and after he went back to sleep a sparkling "football" shape appeared. Two actually, side by side. I just wondered what this would be??? It stayed for a few minutes and "flew" out the window. Since this happened we have had no more "weird" things happening anymore.?? Just wondering why and what this "Football" thing would be. Thanks Christie
561. HI Chris. You helped me accept my Moms passing after meeting with you last September.A million thanks! I have recently lost my husband as a result of a tragic accident.Would you possibly have any insight regarding the time of his death?..as his body was found the following day..still awaiting results of inquest..I hope when I go for a reading soon that I may get some answers.Is it too soon to get a reading done, he passed away April??Thanks.M.
562. Hi Chris. I had a reading with you about a year ago & you told me my husband was singing the song "I can see clearly now the rain has gone" Since that reading I have had a least six different episodes where that same song comes on the radio right after I have been talking about him, thinking about him or feeling his presence near me. The song came on the radio on the one year anniversary of his death. That was in January. It doesn't rain here in January!A couple of days ago I wondered if the song would be played on my birthday. Sure enough, it did. My husband never knew when my birthday was when he was alive and now that he is gone, that song is played. Is this just a conincident, or are these signs from him showing me that he's close by. It is really starting to bother me now. It's really making me nervous.
563. My father-in-law was "haunted" for many, many years by things he was forced to do in WWII. He and I talked about it a lot while he was alive, and I helped him get counseling for it, although I don't think that helped him very much. Would these things still be bothering him in spirit? Or is he now free of all those awful memories.
564. Hi Chris Hope all is well with you and your family. I was having a discussion with my son in regards to the difference between prophets and psychic, what do you think?
565. Hi Chris, in reponse to your answer in 517, it's not sleep disorder, I'm definately getting messages across, loud and clear...they come at all times of the day as well. I'm taking your advice and writing them down in a book next to my bed. I've tried channelling a few of the messages to people, some work out, some are off track. I need to work on my interpretation a bit more. Thanks for everything, Bruce
566. Hi Chris, you have been such a great help in our grieving process in dealing with the loss of my son Jamie. THANK YOU! All of my life I have had a strong presence that someone is telling me when something is not right, I don't always listen but when I do things turn out much better. Is this my spirit giude or a family member on the other side? Scott McComb.
567. Hi Chris,a few days ago I bought a book called
568. Hello Chris, my Mom passed on last Christmas. When something happy or serendipitous happened in our lives my Mom would say "flap, flap" like there were angels near by. This summer, everytime I am outside, I am surrounded by butterflies. Do you think she is sending me a flap, flap, to let me know she's there? Lori
569. Hi Chris, last year a coworker of mine died suddenly.A week later I went to a psychic for a totally unrelated matter.While I was there she told me this person was coming through to tell me that my Dad didn't have long on this earth and she was sent to give me that message, can you tell me if it really was her? I know my Dad isn't well but there was no way for the psychic to know that.Thank you.
570. I have been an active participant in my own journey of physic awareness. I runs in my family. I know I am a healer in my last lives and again in this one. I do many workshops to help myself. How do I get past all the garbage in my life(tune out) and get on with my real purpose here. I try so hard to manifest and meditate but I am still struggling. I grew up in Bolton myself Chris.
571. Hello Chris... my husband had good friend die last summer in an accident but he feels responsible even though it was an accident. Just want to know if his friend is at peace. Thanks b
572. Chris: Our grandson died in a motorcycle accident 6 weeks ago. A friend who recently visited a psychic has told me that the psychic said our grandson is having trouble believing this has happened to him and he is very confused. If that is the case, how can he then communicate with us? His immediate family is planning to visit with you . . perhaps it's too soon?
573. Hi Chris I would like to begin by thanking you for what you are doing. It must really feel good to help people the way you do. I submitted question 558 on pg 31. How do you know I am thinking "I wish he was here and is he around?". That is exactly what I am thinking and I'm curious do you get that sort of information from someone else or are you assuming. I wonder if Tyler knows what I am thinking, does he know I am waiting for him to turn the lights off and on. By the way I am looking forward to my appointment with you. Thanks Shannon.
574. Hi Chris, could you please tell me what book you are referring to in question 569? The question was cut off after the first few words. Thanks
575. My daughter is in the process of bringing a sexual abuser to court for things he did to her when she was a minor. It has had many negative effects on her life and the stress of the entire situation has(understandably) consumed her. Will she find some peace after it has been dealt with legally? How long will this take and will she be alright? I'm worried about her being strong enough mentally to get through all this. Will she be able to get her life back and find the happiness she very much deserves? Thank you.
576. Hi Chris, my thirteen year old daughter wakes up every night at 3:22 a.m. Can you tell me if someone is waking her up at that time for some reason or is there some other explanation? Thank you
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