577. Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
578. Hi Chris - On June 27 our good friend - our pet dog - died of old age (15 wonderful years) on our livingroom floor. I was with him at the time. His heart just gave out. We all still miss him very much. I know that our pets go to heaven and I was just wondering if anyone that he knew was there to meet him when he died. Thanks Chris.
579. hi chris, i have experienced a lot of loss in my life of family.My dad passed when I was 2, my mom when in my 20,s, my brother took his life just a few years ago.My grandma passed when I was young as well. Her & I were close & I often see her face in my mind. I sometimes hear a voice saying little things like "susan", nobody there. I think it sounds like my mom but wonder if it is grandma. My Sister & I are the only 2 left. I feel sad our loved ones have left at such early ages. I also wonder why things had to end in suicide .I know there are sperits with me and I find it comforting. Who just is with me or are there more than one. Thanks Chris for being there for so many that need answers. Susan
580. Hi Chris. My grandmother passed away over 6 years ago and we were very close. In the past couple years, I sometimes think I can smell her and even feel her touch. It gives me a calming feeling. Is this possible, or do I imagine this. Thank you for your time...Tricia
581. Dear Chris, I am beginning to feel a quieting in my soul since I have been contacted several times by my husband. Please help me learn to keep up the connections between us as it makes it possible to continue until my time has come. Thank you Amma
582. Hi Chris! I have a quick question that you may or may not be able to answer. I am 3 months pregnant (I'm sure it's a girl) and have such a feeling of impending doom. I am terrified that something is going to be physically/mentally wrong with the baby. Do you get any sense as to if my baby will be born healthy or if I should prepare myself for some kind of illness? My job makes it very difficult to find someone for childcare as is, I'm sure a child with special needs would require a lot more planning and preparation. Thanks in advance.
583. Chris, I was thinking about coming for a session with you soon. The question I have is about my Mother who passed away when I was 15. I have only seen her in a few dreams and she's very fragile in my dreams. Does she have any messages for me? I also lost a brother who was 27 when he died, is he with her?
584. Dear Chris, I find it hard to believe that you can connect viva the telephone. I would think you would need to be in direct physical contact with the person you are reading. We are not looking for vague standard answers but personal confirmation . How is this possible by phone. Thank you for taking time to explain.
585. Hello Chris #586 reporting in. No I am not a skeptic. But we will be taking by phone. I see you are willing to back it up and offered for me to get definate info. That is good enough for me. I now have more confidence in our meeting. The OTHERS banged on my door very hard today and now is the time to take time. Don't push the river,it flows by its self. So the OTHERS decide when the connection will be. What an exciting journey this is.
586. Hi Chris, have you ever been in a public place, such as a line in the supermarket, and had a spirit ask you to give a message to someone next to you? Is that possible or do you have to be in a meditative state to receive messages?
587. Dear Chris, I am currently reading John Edward's book "One Last Time" It sure explains a lot on how contact with The Others work for him. It makes a lot of things in my life a lot more clear. Have you read this one? What do you think of it? I no longer fear death and the parting of my children as I know how it will end. Thank you Amma
588. Dear Chrisn I have not written to you in a long while. I am the person whom lost her sister and brother-in-law in a short time spand. I very much miss them both. I do not dream of them anymore although I did not much before and I do-not receive signs. I find this very odd since we were closer than most. I am noww having my own first Grand-child, and are very stressed over the health of both mother and child, could you see if my sister comes through and could give me some answers on this? Does she see a happy healthy life for them? Thank-you
589. Chris, I have read many times in your responses that it takes a lot of energy for our loved ones to make a connection with us, and it's not easy for them to do so. I am wondering if you know if this is easier for those who have taken the time to learn meditation while they were alive? Is there anything we can do while we are here that will make it easier for us to contact our loved ones when we are gone? Thank you for your time, I love your website and your responses to all these questions never cease to amaze me. You are gifted in many ways,Chris.
590. Dear Chris, Do Dark Spirits or lost souls exsist? I don't know what other way to put it. Was reading one of Slyvia Brown's books and she seems to want to promote the hollywood spook theroy. So if you could just lay it all on the line for us, then we can get on with the important part of our contacts. Thank you . J
591. Hi Chris, In your telephone readings would it help to have something to hold of the person you are reading? Amma
592. Hello ... I have a gift of the third eye. I have been trying different ways to improve my gift so I may help others around me. Do you have any suggestions that may help?...Yvette
593. Dear Chris I was speaking with a person who told me about you. I had been telling him about a dream my mother had recently. He mentioned you and showed me your website. My father told my mother that he would not be coming back to get her,that he had found someone else. That was all he said even though she asked him why. I am trying to understand the why, I feel that there is some connection to what my father has told my mother and what is going on in my own life at this time.My husband died almost 9 years ago, my father will have been gone just over 20. I am hoping that you might be able to tell me something. I'm considering contacting you for a private reading there has to be something. ES
594. Hello Chris, there is something that has followed me for years. I feel that it is male and dark or brooding. I get no peaceful feeling just fear. I feel him around corners behind doors outside windows. Is this just me ignoring a calling or should I be heedful of this energy
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