595. Dear Chris, First thank you for your answer to #592. I think Ms. Brown is a way bit too Hollywood. Also, when you do a phone reading does it help more to have something of the person you are reading. Thank you
596. If a person dies by suicide can they be happy?
597. Hi Chris I would like to know if my son Logan is ok. He passed at 24 weeks gestation in June 2007. I would like to know if he visits my boyfriend and myself and if he knows how much we love him and miss him.
598. Dear Chris , We really need you to come to Vancouver Island. Not the city of Vancouver But VANCOUVER ISLAND. For many the journey to Vancouver city is impossible, but the island travel can be done. Your consideration would be greatly appreaciated. Sarah
599. Hi Chris, Do you think that a spirit who owned her home could be interferring with the sale?
600. I was told by a friend, that she listened to Medium who said she (the medium) have received messages from the other side in regards to naming new people after a deceased person who died young is not a good idea. Is it a bad idea to name a newborn after a person who taken their own life? I thought it would be respectful, or naming a newborn after someone who died very young? Looking forward to your reponse.
601. Hello Chris, last friday my Mother (who babysits two little ones) was coming into the house from putting something on the porch and saw a little one run into the hall and a few minutes later she heard a noise,turned around and saw a man with a blue and grey checked jacket on with a little one behind him going around the corner into the hall.She looked into the living room and the kids she babysits were quietly playing and had never moved.Can you tell me who this might have been?Thank you
602. Hello Chris, Is a reading with someone who has passed on that spoke a language other than english in this life more difficult to interpret?
603. I often see the 'chakra' colours in my third eye, followed by bright white swirls of light, which sometimes take on specific shapes. I think they are signs from departed family member/s.I've read that suicides may experience more difficulty in passing over. Do you believe they continue to suffer?If I may ask further, have you ever known or encountered a spirit requesting a 'personal' meeting with God and actually having one?Thanks sooooo much. Great website!'Sunshine'
604. You have spoken to my brother about his concern for a young woman after his death. I have been in crisis for the majority of time since he died and i need to know if he is with me and if he has reconciled with an older male who has since passed. Thanks
605. During a reading, do beloved pets who have passed away come through?
606. Hi Chris. I have always been curious in knowing what happens to someone's soul who commits suicide. When they return to heaven, are they allowed to be with there loved ones or is there a different outcome for these souls? A friend of mine had committed suicide back in the day and it would bring me great comfort in knowing that they are with their loved ones up in heaven. Thanks.
607. Hi Chris, My father passed away several years ago...is there any message from him I need to know?
608. Some time ago, I booked a reading with you that will be happening in the near future. I am hoping to connect with a very much loved family member who passed over awhile back. In the meantime, very recently, my cherished pet of many years died... I am wondering if because of the recent loss, and my deep sadness over this event, it will somehow interfere with the reading I will soon be having with you. I had hoped to be somewhat calmer and less emotional than I am now, but anticipant that I will be far from over my grief over losing my pet recently. Should I still go ahead with the reading or wait until my grief has subsided a bit...? I don't know. I have really been looking forward to the reading.
609. I want so much to communicate with my mother and sister... They passed away in France and I live in the US, could that be one factor? I've tried different things, meditation for one, but to no avail. Someone told me it's probably because I don't really "believe". But I do believe in spirits, I do believe we can communicate with them and I want to. Can you help?
610. What happens to a person who has committed suicide in this life? Does the person over come the issue or does the person maintain the problem/s in the after life? Thank you
611. Hi Chris, Are young children (age 3) able to communicate after they pass on, or do they have to come through somebody else in a reading? My sister lost her little boy quite some time ago and would love to hear from him in a reading.
612. Dear Chris, I have John Edwards tapes on learning meditation, etc. I was doing fine the first time until the light reached my heart. I felt such a strong sence of loss and loneliness that tears came straming down my face. I could not continue no matter how hard I tried. I need to continue. Help me please. Amma
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