613. Hi Chris My question is the same as question 1 how long before a love one could come through Thank You Jane
614. Hello Chris, my sister's mother-in-law passed away today. A couple of weeks ago she said she saw angels and they showed her the other side.She said it looked lovely and wanted to stay there but they said they would be back for her.Do you know why they didn't take her that day or was it the result of the morphine that had been given to her? Thank you for your time,I would appreciate any info you can give me.
615. I found you through a friend and have been looking for comfort and answers about my three miscarriages. 1st MC was at 8 weeks. 2nd was at 4-5 weeks and 3rd was at 8.5 weeks but was not found until I was 13 weeks pregnant, so I thought. No explained reason for these miscarriages. Would like to know what sex they were and would love to know why an 8.5 week old baby would stay inside me when the body should have expelled it.
616. Goodmorning Chris, I have heard about you from a friend in Brampton where you were last weekend. My daughter and I would like to make a booking in June but I also am very curious how you can do a reading over the phone. I live in Nova Scotia at present and would be very interested in a phone reading but I am surprised this could be done over the phone, could you please give me some brief information just how this can be done. Thank you for you response in advance. Sincerely Shirley Dash my email address is sdash1@hotmail.com
617. Hi Chris, First wanted to thank you, (i along with family members)attended the hello again seminar in Brampton Sept.29-our reading was the last one prior to the show ending and the suicide(uncle) was the one who led you to our seats. It was such a powerful experience, so just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I wanted to recommend a few books to you, as you get asked questions about, past life regressions, you may enjoy the series of books on the following website www.brianweiss.com, Especially, his first and best book ,Many Lives-Many Masters. Also wanted to ask a short question, does it ever happen that you stand in line at tim's or in a store and a spirit comes forth with a message for the person infront of you and if so have you ever passed on the message ?? Thanks again for your work !
618. Hi Chris I was fortunate, in that I was able to attend your appearance on October 5, 2007. It wa awesome. My question for you is this, if one was adopted and never knew the birth mother, what are the chances of connecting with them? I have carried certain questions all my life, and it would be nice to have some answers.
619. Hi Chris I was to your reading in Gravenhurst. I would like to say I realy enjoyed it. I was not read and didn't go thinking I would me so much as i'm not an out going person so I always find myself sitting back wishing but never happening. anyway my mom passed away a year ago Aug. and I have had a very hard time I cry for here alot. She was the one person I always called first when somthing happend in my life even over my husband. I just recently got a job promotion that she new I wanted and I was up set she would never know So I thankyou for telling us they are here and she knows I got it. I thought I I knew what I beleaved but after she passed I didn't know what to beleave I was scared That there might be nothing after this so after thanksgiving weekend with you in Gravenhurst I think I feel a little better I'm going to try and keep my mind open so she might be able to come to us and let us know she is okay and the other thing is thanks for leting me know that my son the twin of my daughter is okay and is most likely with my mom. so again thanks you helped I can't wait till you come back to muskoka so we can come see you a gain. You are doing a wonderfull thing. Iris
620. Dear Chris, How difficult would it to be to set up a reading with you. I would have to fly in from B.C. and do not no the area at all and if there are flights into your town. I would have to use airmiles as it is the only way i could fly. Thank you , Molly
621. Hi there, My Father passed away almost two years ago now. Shortly after he passed I felt him, I heard him, I had dreams of him, but lately ...nothing. It's upsetting as I miss him so much, and I wish for a little something to able to feel him still. I was wondering if you felt any connection to him as you read on? Also...two weeks ago, my Fathers very close friend passed away as well. His wife is having a difficult time, she was having a good cry one day and asked for some sort of sign that he was ok.....what she heard next was not her husband, but my Father....he said to her, hes ok, he just hasn't learned the ropes yet. Was this my Dad? Does he know how much I would give up my own heart to have him back again? How deeply he is missed, and does he have anything to say to me? Thanks so much for your time....
622. Hi Chris, I am writing in response to your answer to 615.I just wanted to let you know how right you were with that. I never thought about it before but she passed away on the Wednesday and her daughter arrived from the States on Tuesday, so that must be what she was waiting for. Thank you for your insight!
623. heyy,umm i hav a friend who just recently took his own life, his name waz tom Bondyra, and i waz just wondering if you could ask him why he did it?? theres so many people that would really like to know why
624. Has a spirit even been upset that they have been contacted, or and has a spirit ever been upset at the person wishing to hear from them?
625. Hi Chris, During our phone readings are we able to ask questions of the Others that come during this time? Thank you J
626. Dear Chris, I have been trying to learn to meditate. My mind seems to have too much busy noise and my breathing is too rapid. Just when I start too slow down I go to sleep. I have been doing this at bedtime and now think I am a slow learner ( ha ha ) I am wondering if this is something I should be doing in the daytime? Tried once and went to sleep then too. Any advice? I really want to slow down and learn, I need to do it. Thanks A
627. Dear Chris: I am wondering if you have ever experienced someone coming through who speaks a different language and are you able to understand what they are telling you?
628. Hi Chris, when doing a reading for someone, have you ever experienced more than one spirit from the same family coming through? THank you.
629. Dear Chris: About 6/7 years ago I used to have a recurring dream every night, it would frighten me and I would not be able to sleep for the rest of the night, it went on for a very long time, until I finally told my mother about it. I would be walking down a very dark long tunnel more like a cave i would say and when I would get to the bottom Jesus would be standing there. When I finally told my mother about this dream, her response was "you shouldn't be afraid that you dreamt with Jesus and not everyone gets that kind of a gift" after she told me this I never had the dream again. What do you think it meant. Thank you.
630. Hi Chris,My godmother passed away 6 years ago today (Oct. 19) she was such a wonderful loving person, the night before her funeral i dreamt with her and in the dream she was standing by her grave and on each side of her was her loving husband my godfather, and on the other side her mom, my grandmother this gave me such peace, I knew she was alright. But Chris I lost my father 7 months ago and I am so lost without him, I dreamt with him twice only, the first dream was painful, because i seen my father working on his knees breaking up ice with a pick and this has really bothered me, the second dream was that he was at my back door and on each hand he had two clear huge bags full of money, and I asked him
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