631. Dear Chris, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The time seem to go in minutes. You were dead on. How soon is it reasonable to do a reading again? Maybe after I master diriving the tractor? I can hardly wait to join him. This is the next best thing. What a wonderous gift it is. I will work hard to develope and not ever be discouraged. Thank you and take care. J. K.
632. Hi Chris, I have enjoyed reading the questions and answers, I can relate to so many of them, they have touched my heart...I am also dealing with such pain and sorrow in my heart, missing my loving father who passed 7 months ago, i tried to seek help, even made a few calls but did not get any help, i was very surprised and devasted when I contacted my church and never got a response..i have read many books, anything i can get my hands on, but i am stilling so sad, at the beginning going to work was just awful, i hated it, even today there are many mornings as i am driving to work and i say to myself i hate my job i just want to be home and not leave, i know i have changed alot and my husband has noticed this, i am trying really trying, but many times i just want to run away, get in my car and drive and drive and drive and never look back.
633. Dear Chris, If #633 would just start talking to her father and accepting the fact that he hears her it will help a great deal. Keeping herself in this deep greiving time she is missing the signs he is sending her. I know, I have been there the same way. Now I want to shout from the rooftops and tell everyone I meet that they are here and life goes on and what a joyous journey we are on. Don't miss any of it. J
634. Chris, in addition to your ability to communicate with the dead, you seem to have an amazing talent in your communication with the living. Have you ever thought about expanding your role to grief counselor, in addition to your mediumship? Thank you.
635. Thank you to #634, I know I have to let go, so my father can carry on I know it's not good for me to keep grieving for him, I read that if I keep holding on to him, that "holds " their spirit here and ties them to us. Each time we re-live their death, or feel saddness or other emotions, the spirit "feels" our pain and suffers. I don't want this in anyway, so as of today I am trying really trying. Thank you. F.R.
636. Hi Chris, I would like to know if spirits know our pain? When we thing about them and miss them do they know the pain we feel?
637. Hello Chris. I looked through your site to see if you had already answered it but I don't see it so here goes. Have you ever come across a soul prior to it entering a persons life? I know that usually you deal with people that have passed but what about people that are about to go into utero and just begin life? With that question, how long before a woman is pregnant would the soul know that it was going to make the journey here? Is it possible that they could come to you during a reading 5 years before their life even begins?
638. Chris: I would like to know if you have read the book "Journey of the Souls" by Michael Newton and if you have, would you give me your opinion on it. Thank you.
639. I have read "Walking in the Garden of Souls" - George Anderson, 4 times, I am just starting it again and I find it such an uplifting, peaceful, hopefilled book. I thought Journey of the Souls would be along the same line, but for some reason I don't like it, I find it upsetting, but I'm not sure exactly why. One aspect is that he says some new souls get somewhat lost finding their way to their "group" after they die. I get lost in a parking lot, I just know I will get lost in the hereafter although he reassures that eventually we all find our way. I just wondered if you or anyone else had the same impression, his book has a different perspective but I didn't find it reassuring and peaceful the way I do George Anderson's books.
640. Hi Chris, I was wondering if you do astrology charts? You told me I have work to do yet and will be here awhile. I meant to ask what work and how long. Just the control issue I guess. Anxious to join my laughing gentle giant, Thanks, J
641. hello chris. I have a couple questions. 1)I have afriend anxious to see you, she would like me to attend,she is not familar with mediums as Iam. she is trying to communicate to her late husband(was good friend of mine too)as well as any advice to move forward with her life.I have interst to see you as well but not necassry to communicate with anyone.I would be more interst in "fortune telling" tarot, stones etc. Some mediums can do other readings. Can you? if not do you know of anyone with accurate readings? And last If I should go with her too see you would it interupt her reading? meaning someone trying to come thru to me I get visited all the time not always knowing who or why. hope you can answer me thank-you corrie
642. Hi Cris, would you be able to help me to understand why my life is filled with so much dissappontment especially around my marriage and career. I am having difficulty finding a full time position and was wondering whether i should be focusing on building my own business.. I am a counsellor. tara
643. Hi. I would like to know if my family who have passed see the art work I have created in the last two years, do they have anything to say about the direction it has taken? (and do they know that some of it has been made with them in mind?)
644. Dear Chris,hope you understand my question.When I was with the person who has since passed I was a very differant person than I am today,in fact nothing like the girl of many years ago.Would this matter to him and would he be a little upset in the drastic change in me.I hope not because I need his closeness in my life.Thankyou Linda
645. Hi Chris, I just wanted to say how truly amazing your site is, it's just wonderful that we are allowed to ask questions and more amazing we get answers, I hope that this section of your site will never close.Chris have you ever thought of writing a book? I know I would be the first in line to buy it.Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us.F.R.
646. Hello Chris, if a spirit has shed it's earthly body, how does it have a gender?? How do you know if it is male or female when you are communicating with it?
647. hi chris do i have a gift that i do not know about?
648. chris, my aunt chris speaks of you and I was wondering if you could help me. I have been taking pictures around my house and noticiing more and more orbs in my pics, more clear, more brightter. I believe i see some angels or fairies in pictures as well. Is there a way i can ask them to be more clear to me? I also would like to know if you feel any message for me from my past ones? I see them in my dreams but dont always understand what they are trying to tell me. Thank you, hugs amy
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