649. How can i find out who my baby is talking to at all hours of night>>>?
650. Hi Chris, In reading question number 649, it brought a memory back of last christmas 2006 in the photos that we took at christmas it was full of orbs, this was to be my fathers last christmas, than when dad passed away 3 months later the kids took pictures of family members and there were even bigger orbs they were all over the place. my question is why were there lots orbs in the christmas pictures?Thank you.
651. Hello Chris. I just wanted to know what your take on Pendulums was. Do you believe they work and that someone can actually benefit from using one? Also, are you able to use Pendulums to communicate with your passed loved ones?
652. Good Afternoon, hoping to meet you soon. Has your personal emotions ever interfered with a reading or ability to receive? For example..if you've suffered a loss would your grief block the energy? thanks Leta
653. Chris, are you able to communicate with your own deceased loved ones on a regular basis?
654. Chris, my daughter passed away almost 6 months ago and I havent been able to dream of her and wanted to know why this was? I'm very spiritual and have great awareness when it comes to "the other side" so im a little disappointed with the fact that I can't dream of her. Can you help? Thank you.
655. Hi Chris, The other night I was lying in bed, and I started thinking of my beloved Father who passed away 2 years ago and how much he is missed. I began speaking to him, as I often do. I all of a sudden started having a conversation? I felt that when I asked him something I instantly received my answer, usually a yes or no answer. Then I said in my head, "I wish I could hug you" I then felt a rush of warmth, and tingles going through me. I am hoping I am not reaching for something so much that this was my imagination. I am very open to "the other side" and personally have no doubt that my Dad is ok...he's told me before in previous dreams, but I have never physically felt anything ....what are your thoughts on this? Thanks Also I recently read "Trancending Grief" by Sylvia Brown, it was and is a wonderful support to read this when a loved one is lost. I recommend it highly to anyone who may need to feel they are not alone while grieving. Thank you for all you do.....it helps so many as grief is a mess of thoughts and feelings, and I appreciate your help in helping others with an outlet for their thoughts! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
656. Chris, One of my good friends passed away in January in a terrible car accident. I was just wondering, does he come around me at all? I always feel like he does, but I am not sure if it just me thinking that.
657. Hi Chris My mother-in-law recently passed away unexpectedly. Did she feel ill prior to her passing?? I pray she did not suffer greatly. Diana
658. Hi Chris, there are times when I have fallen asleep that I feel that someone is in the room with me, I want to open my eyes but never do, I just kind of pull the covers over my head, also other times when doing the laundry downstairs, when coming up the stairs, i feel there is someone behind me. Any thoughts. Thanks.
659. My grandson was 2 when my son & his family moved into an older house. Several times he was put down for a nap with closet door closed & when his parents went to get him up, the closet door was open & he was talking to someone. Any idea who? Thanks .Wendy
660. Dear Chris I had a dream that a lady told me very clearly that I was going to have a heart attack when I am 45 years old. Can spirts give you such information?
661. Hi Chris. What is the best way to prepare for a reading? Is there anything we can do to increase the chances of it being successful? Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas.
662. Dear Chris my 11 year old son has terrible night terrors while sleep walking. He said he can feel them coming but cannot stop them. I feel that it is steming from a past life. Is this sort of thing possible? How can I help him?
663. Dear Chris alot of people have written that in the year 2012 someting tremendous is going to happen in the world. Do you see this.
664. Hi Chris, something strange happened to me yesterday evening, as I got in my car to go home, I looked in my rearview mirror and for a slight second I saw someone in my back seat, right away my heartbeat became very rapid and when I looked again there was no one there. I said a prayer and went on my way. Some people might think I am crazy if I tell them what happened, what do you think?
665. Dear Chris: About 2/3 years ago my daughter was 10/11..something strange happened, for the longest time I did not know about it until my son brought it to my attention, my daughter had been conversing with a child by the name of Jason..she decribed Jason as dark complexation, and that he looked like he was burned....I immedietly beleived what she was telling me and right away I lighted a white candle and let it burn completely...I think it was days later that she told me that Jason had come to her again but only this time he was well dressed and there were no burn marks on him, and that he told her to thank me for lighting the candle for him, that he wanted to thank me himself while i was in the kitchen doing dishes, but he felt that he would scare me. The other part of this is that one evening while I was on my way home my son called and told me that something strange had just happened, he was home with my daughter and a friend of his, and they were all up in his room, when my daughter pointed outside and said that Jason was across the street and he was flicking the lights on and off, my son said to my daughter yeah right...and he asked her well if its true I want him to prove it to me, I want him to touch my hand, well my son was just freaked out, he felt a cold touch go right through his hand, and that he (Jason)also mentioned that my son's guardian angel was my godfather Antonio. My daughter has said that Jason told her that if she ever needs anything to ask him, as of today she still feels very afraid of going to sleep in her room by herself and always calls our dog upstairs to be with her. Chris what do you think of all this. I beleive it and I called upon Jason to help me and he did. Thanks, sorry for the long question.
666. I met you at your Oshawa seminar. Morgan's mom. Can't find your personal email. You told me to email you in regards to the freezer. There is a huge connection to this. Was the image a freezer or fridge?
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