667. Chris. No specific question to ask, however, I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season. I continue to read and view your web site, since my return from Trenton and marvel daily at your insight and your great gift, which you use masterfully for the benefit of your fellow man. At some point in the near future I wish to see you again to discuss a profound sense of change that I sense is about to take place in my life. I do not sense any impending gloom or doom feeling ... quite the contrary, but you mentioned in our last reading in Jan 05 that not only would I be moving back to where I came from (Borden, which was so accurate and unexpected), but that my stay here would not be all that long. Recently, (the past few months)I keep being reminded of change and for whatever reason I am being drawn back to our last session. As said, I have learned to listen and something is about to take place and quite frankly I am an eager participant. In closing, I wish you and yours all the best in 2008. Respectfully, Jim from Borden.
668. Hi Chris, What are your thoughts about the practice of a séance? Is there a danger to do this ? Thanks Mila
669. dear chris... i'm not too sure why i'm on here yet.. my best friend died last year.. he was 16... died of cancer... i just... why him? and how much can you really tell me? does he actually miss us?... did he love me like i loved him? i wish i could just... you know sit down with him over a cup of hot tea one more time and tell him i love him... thanks... Olivia
670. Chris, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year filled with peace and happiness. Let's all send a message to the powers that be to send all the world love, understanding and kindness! Also, Chris would you put in a good word for my dad who is in the hospital. Thank you. Best Wishes, Christine.
671. HI Chis it has been awhile. It's Tracy the one who frist went to see you with Denis.I wish you a Merrry Christma I know were past, and a happy New year.Anyway I would like you to tell me something my love. Did you know it was going to get this bad. I think you really did,you couldn't say anything. I now have 5 brain tumors and the cancer is in my brain fluid. The say mabey a year. I have to ask something else I am always cantching somethig out of the courner of my eye. I feel a presants of something ot someone.My dog is even acting really werid. well thats my update all the best to you and yours.
672. Hi Chris, I was wondering when you go about your daily life and are out for example: in a mall or anywhere where you'd be around many people--do you always see spirits around everyone? (or is this something that you can basically, turn off and on?) Thank you.
673. Chris what do you think about physics? Do you feel is OK to go see them when you need a little guidance in your life. Providing they are not fakes.
674. Dear Chris Are we still married in heaven???
675. Dear Chris, I have had a reading with you. It was wonderful but afterwards had many more questions. May a person book 2 hours with you.? This was done by phone. Also if ;you see a death or difficulties in a reading do you volunteer this information or must I enquire? For me I want nothing held back as I am starting down a new path and a wee bit of a control freak now. I know there is only so much control we have but I am anxious not to waste my time. This is a new year and new life. kThanking for this site and your time. Amma
676. Hi Chris, my sister and I met with you in Alliston at the Legion Seminar last year. We left with great peace because you connected with my mom (and grandmother) who recently passed away.I feel her and see blurs out of the corner of my eye but as soon as I look straight it is gone. Do you think I might visually see her one day ? Are these blurs something else? My dog will also start to bark looking into the air at what we see as nothing but it is so strange. Thanks Chris. My Sister and I will be meeting with you soon
677. Dear Chris. If during a lifetime a person accuses and strongly believes in their heart that their spouse have cheated on them and created children with others, then dies without getting the matter settled, do they finally get all the real truth after death and see the love and loyality that was always only to them? Thank you
678. Hi Chris. I am sure many people would like to ask this question so I will do it for them and also myself. When I reach a certain stage in my life and am unable to function suitablely on my own, instead of being a burden or needing to be placed in Care, I plan to go out and join my husband on my own terms. Is there anything wrong with that? I am in no rush but have planned for the time when it might be necessary. Thank you
679. hi Chris, I have just been reading all your questions and answers. in # 613 you refer to the loss as a husband. Did he tell you this or did you already know. These postings are all very helpful. Keep up the good work.
680. My father in law passed away really quickly on boxing day from a stroke. We are left with many questions with no answers. Is there any message from him that could put the family at ease? Was he in a lot of pain?
681. Dear Chris,Just to let you and all the readers know, if you are sitting a death watch with someone close and they cannot communicate with you, remember that they hear you. I sat with a total non believer today who was very restless and agitated. As I talked to him about who would be waiting to guide him on his journey, and to look into the light and the beautiful trip ahead . His breathing became calm and he was no longer restless. Dad went to join my mother and sister at 11 a.m. this morning January 7, 2008. He went peacefully.
682. Dear Chris, re. #682 As of this time I don't think there is going to be a service just the scattering of his ashes in the ocean why my mom and sister were scattered. The bagpipes--yes-- his people are from Scotland. Jeri
683. hi chris, for 8 years we lived in this house our closet doors in our bedroom have made noise when i got pregent the doors did nothing the whole time now that he has been born the doors are starting again whould that be a spirit?
684. hi chris, every once and awhile my sons toy above his crib goes off by itself even if hes not in there there are no windows open is there a spirit in the room?
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