685. Hi Chris: Its Cheryl Heaslip Calling....Hee Hee anyway. Im seeing alot of 333's and 444's What Gives Homey!
686. Hi Chris!Happy 2008 to you and your family! I have 2 questions.First question: A while ago I was reading up on the history of my village and it said that the land where my house sits used to be a burial ground. Does anyone who is there have a message for me? Second question: My daughters were in a Sunday School concert 3 yrs ago and I took pictures, when I look at 2 of them there is a white smokey substance floating through them but not the other ones of the same place and time,can you tell me if we had company at the concert and did they enjoy it? We worked really hard on it. Thanx for your time!
687. Dear Chris my marriage is in shambles I am trying to move out of the house with my kids hopefully this month. Do you see me breaking free of this soon?
688. Hi Chris, You’ve been a spiritual medium for years now. How did you know you had the gift? Were you ever afraid? I know I have the gift but terrified to acknowledge it. How do I relax and learn to accept this rather than run away from it?
689. hi chris...can a sprit remain in the house where they passed away in?
690. Hi Chris......just wanted to know how much time you recomend to past after losing a loved one to come and see you?? Lynne
691. Hi Chris, my son commited suicide one year and 5 months ago. I miss him so much and ask myself why he did that everyday. I keep looking and listening for signs but nothing comes. How do I deal with this?
692. Have you ever given a reading and no spirits showed up?
693. Hi Chris, I had a reading with you last year which I really enjoyed. I didn't get any advice on my career which I need now. Should I go see someone else or try again.
694. Hello Chris,my brother-in-law's Mother passed away on Thanksgiving and now his father is close to death, does she send any messages for them and is she there waiting to be reunited with her husband,he can't talk at the moment, do you know if he is in pain? Thank you
695. Hi Chris, This past Christmas was one of the hardest to get through without dad being here nothing is the same. With a gift certificate that my son gave me for Christmas from chapters I went out and bought a few books, one book that I bought has brought so much comfort and hope into my life, that I read it in just two days and have shared this book with family...my cousin said it completely changed her life. The book is called "In To The Light" by John Lerma, I recommend this book to everyone who is greiving a loss in their lives. I can't wait to get my book back so I can read it again, it is truly an amazing book. Take care. F.R.
696. Hi Chris , I just wanted to comment to the mother of question 692. My son took his own life too , 6 years ago today[Jan.23] and it is certainly a long tough road to healing. Please do not put blame on yourself if you loved your son and wished him every happiness in life. I too blamed myself for a long time but have come to believe like Chris said ...No one could have changed anything that day , you are not to blame. After 6 years I still cry for my son daily , sometimes more sometimes less . It does get different with time but I wouldn't say better at least not for me. It gets more bearable I would say . Keep your son's memory alive by talking about him , writing to him ,talking to him and thinking of all the wonderful times you spent together.My comfort is knowing I will one day see my Michael again. God Bless, Evelyn
697. Hi Chris My name is Denene and I live in Orillia,ont I would love to know if I have my family member around me.They seem to be with my sisters but not really sure about myself.I have a real hard time with losing people in my family and I have lost alot of them.Would love to hear from you my friends Liz and Ray just seen you and I can;t belive how much happier she is we work together and what a different girl,you helped her so much.thanks for making her feel better.Thanks for taking the time to read this. Would love to hear from you .Denene
698. Hi Chris, my dad was taken from us suddenly and I was wondering if you could tell me if he's alright. I was also wondering if you could tell me if he approves of the way things are right now... thanks KP
699. Hi Chris I have been to see you for 2 separate readings and I must tell you how at ease you have put me in accepting my husband's death. My question is this: On several occasions, photographs have been taken in our home (specifically my husband's favourite room) and around his bike. When printed, we see several orbs especially around us. Is this my husband's energy and is he trying to tell us something? In one particular photo a friend of ours was sitting in the exact spot where he passed away, and there were about 15 of these orbs in various sizes.
700. Hi Chris, I would just like to say thanks to Evelyn(#697) for her kind words.
701. Hi Chris - it seems that the numbers 111 play a big part in my life - alot of times I look at the clock and it is 1:11 or 11:11 - I say a prayer each time; I also work with two other women who have these numbers popping up all the time - what is the significance of these numbers - thank you
702. Thank you for all that you do, and the lives that you have touched and given peace and hope. Hope all is well. Recently a picture of my son surfaced on facebook that we think was taken of him the week he passed. There is large orb in the picuture - do you know who it might have been? Thanks again for everything Chris, you really are a gift - Roberta
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