55. hi chris i am the lady that wrote about missing her husband . my name is cathy l live near chatham ontario . and i did promiss my husband i would not harm myself in any way to be with him .but my will to go on is just not there .i look at his picture and just need for him to hold me, and smile at me . we where always together day and night and i am just scared to be alone or even leave the house .my world is at a stand still for the past three months. i just need to be able to feel him around me or hear his voice tears flow as i am typing and they never
56. Hi Chris, I saw you ad in our local newspaper and checked into your very impressive site. I am adopted and have (finally) found my biological mother in a cemetary. She passed at the very young age of 51. In her obituary I noticed that she also had 2 other children whom I am seeking. I am very interested in having some sort of contact with her and/or knowing more about her, how she felt about me and the whereabouts of my bio. father (does he even know about me?) and my siblings and other living/dead bio. family members. If this is an area in which this also would require a booking for further clarification, I would also be very interested. Thanking you in advance Chris and awaiting your reply. Sue
57. According to Sylvia Browne, a person who takes their life is reincarnated right away. If this is the case....how can that person contact us during a reading?
58. Someone told me that people don't normally have readings at their homes. The reason I am told is that peaple fear their deceased loved one's spirits...good or bad...will remain in their home. Is this silly or not?
59. Hello Chris first let me say you are truly gifted and a caring man.My question is. If someone who has passed over but you know is still with you,are their thoughts and feelings limited only to the time you shared with them on earth/Hope to meet you soon.Brad
60. Hi Chris, I met with you this past weekend, and felt that I had a very successful visit re: my son Aaron and my Dad. I do have some questions though, but I will start with just one for today. How does your reading end? Do the spirits just taper off, wander away, or is it your descision as to when a reading comes to an end? Just curious.
61. Hi Chris, my question is: with all your experience in doing readings, etc., in your opinion, describe for me what it's like on the other side and what are spirits doing when not with loved ones. Thanks, Diane
62. Hi Chris Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your website from the first time that you set it up. I had a reading with you almost a year ago. I wanted to thank you for restoring my faith to me. I was the one who's Father stated from the other side about the monkey's in the zoo flinging the "shit" around and for me to stay behind the glass....Well I did poke my head out from behind the glass a few times....AND did I ever get splattered! lol. Just wanted to let you know that My Dad was "is" still right. Thanks again. Kim
63. When you do readings for people, do you see the people who have past come into the room? Great Website!
64. My question is this, After I cross over and my husband crosses over will we see each other find each other, and will other family members be there? Thanks Chris
65. My father passed away not too long ago. My daughter is 7yrs old and is not dealing with the loss of her Grampa very well. Is there a book that you could recommend for her age group. I have tried to explain the passing to the other side to her and that her Grandpa is still around us.
66. Hello Chris:Vicki,from the MADD National Office, phoned me yesterday to ask if she could quote me in a report they send out to their sponsors.After reading your web site, I am really sorry I had to cancel my attendance at last year's Vigil!My daughter was killed by a drunk driver 2 years ago, December 23, 2001. She was 5 months pregnant with a beautiful, perfect baby girl. A sister for her 18 month old daughter.Debbie and her husband were absolute soul mates. The talked about everything. One of their key interests and topics was
67. Hi Chris...I am asking this question on behalf of Lyn Noble. She continues to find dimes everywhere and is wondering what the significance may be. Could you let meknow and I will pass the information on to her. Thanks Chris.
68. When Father Mike found out that I want to come and see you, he was here at christmas eve to convince me that I should not because I should have faith in God and I should not be looking for answers through fortune tellers or mediums. H claims that this is against God's will?
69. My cousin came to see you about her own daughter and her father. But in the session, my own daughter tried to communicate and unfortunately my cousin did not recognize her. Is this a way that my daughter is giving me a message to come and see you? This is what happened; My cousin lost her 8 year old child in a car accident 4 years ago. A drunk driver went through a stop sign into her car. She has suffered tremendously with the guilt. She went to see you to try and communicate with her daughter. But prior to her daughters communication, my daughter attempted 3 times to communicate with her. Unfortunately, my cousin did not know who she was until Friday night when she re-listened to the tape with her sister. Then my cousin knew she had to communicate with me, but being a bit embarrassed did not know how. Saturday morning, I was driving close to my aunt’s house and I felt the need to stop. Note this is the 3rd time I stopped by her house during the past 5 years. My cousin called her Mom to pass over and help her with the housework. Her hair behind her neck rose when she found out that I was there. She came over Sunday for me to hear the tape. My daughter 1st attempt was identifying herself as one level down to my cousin, a girl who had headaches. You picked on, that she passed away either due to a blood clot, aneurism or a tumor. Later on, her second attempt in the conversation she said she was a teenager who had difficult in breathing and had many clear tubes hooked up to her. Than later on in the tape she made her last attempt describing that she had a very long last name starting with a D and D YAN… Again my cousin did not clue in and went on with her daughter and father. Is this a message for me to go see you?
70. Dear Chris, I was wondering if when a soul reincarnates does it take any of the physical or emotional characteristics from one incarnation to another . In other words would there be any similarities in physical or mental character traits from one lifetime to another ?
71. HI Chris. I am interested in coming to your seminar next month.My Mother passed away last April and mygrandmother (this Jan) and I feel I must go to see you.. Is it too soon after their passing to go to a seminar?
72. Hi Chris After my Mom died this year, my children were very much affected by her long illness and passing.They now 'Swear on their Nannie's life' if trying to convince me/others of something they honestly did not do/say -if accused etc...I am having mixed feelings about this really..in a way it is a kind of a respectful thing..(being children)yet disrespectful to my Mom ?Would Moms spirit mind this?? Thanks
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