703. In response to #701... You are most welcome and if you would like to communicate further with me this is my e-mail address: fevy8@hotmail.com Evelyn
704. Hi Chris, I came to you last summer with Tracy. My very dear friend with the brain tumors. Lately, I see my sister, I think more than eve before. Also, my dog that died just after my sister. Is there something to this? I feel I am more tired lately, and wonder if my health is down again. I want to do more for Tracy. What do you suggest. I give her as much love as I can. But I would like to do more. Hope you and your family are all well. Happy new Year! Donna
705. Chris, this might sound like an odd question to ask but im curious in knowing if our loved ones on the other side do things the same way as we do here on earth? For example; do they sleep, eat and drink, have social events, etc..? I hope you understand my question, thank you.
706. is my daughter going to be ok
707. chris do you remeber your past clients when they return. do the spirits remind you of your last meeting with us. lynne. ps I loved my reading, its been a few yrs now but there are still things on the tape coming true...see you soon
708. Hi Chris, I took a picture 2 years ago with my family. In the background there is a white orb with a smily face on it. I can see the face quite clear. Have you heard of such a thing. I have had a few pictures of orbs with the same smily face on it.
709. Hi Chris,people say the eyes are windows to the soul, and I have very strange coloured eyes,does that mean there is something strange about me that other people see?Thank you for your time answering this wierd question.
710. Is Donald Roy Elliott okay where he is? He usually goes by Don. He passed away on July 11, 2007 from bowel cancer.
711. I was just wondering what exactly you do? What are you capable of? What kind of questions can you answer? What does a medium do. What is the difference between medium and physic do.I am so sorry that I asked wrong questions. You could be more polite.Darlene
712. For Darlene question 712. Chris I hope you don't mind. Darlene, I have also lost a great loss in my life, it was my father, it will be one year next month that dad passed away and each and everyday I miss him. After Dad passed away I was a terrible mess I read everything I could get my hands on, searched the net etc. than one day I came across a beautiful and amazing book "In To The Light" by Dr. John Lerma, please Darlene I urge you to please go out and buy this book, I know it will bring peace to your heart, it has for me. I wish you all the best.F.R.
713. Chirs I have been lucky enough to enjoy your readings twice now but it has been a few years. I have a friend that would like a reading and so would I. Can we have our reading together and if so what would be the cost for us to share a reading. Debbie
714. Dear Chris, This is also for #712--Darlene,I have been there in the last 1.5 year. It is a terrible lost. Please put away the anger it is too distructive. Very slowly I have come to terms with what is going to be the rest of my life. You what I did,...I made a list of all the joyess things my love and I shared. The funny , the teasing, the loving. I talked to people he made contact with and got such love in their feedback that I found out he was even more marvelous then I had imagined. They told me how he touched them and the encouragment he gave them. I am assembling all of this so our children ( many ) have a real close up of their father. Life sucks alone, there are many things that cannot be replaced so remember and cherish them. EVERYTIME you feel you are sliding down in sorrow go read your list of love. Put on joyess music and talk to him. He hears you and you will make him proud.I had a reading with Chris and it was the best thing I have done. Chris is not rude or insenative. He just says things as they are. That is what we need. We wallow enough in our own sadness.I am just telling you as it is from one who has been there and still healing. If you want to contact me I will send Chris the email address. Just start your new life and do not feel guilty if you laugh, sing or enjoy something. You will make your husband proud. J
715. Well, here I go... My mother has been having dreams, almost nightly, about my verbally and emotionally abusive father, whom she was married to for 51, mostly bitter, years. In these [naturally upsetting] dreams, he invades her sleep (there's no better word to describe it) and repeats his former behavior, which is, as he was in life, very abusive, aggressive, and totally unrelenting in his spite and caustic anger. The thing is, he's been dead (suicide) for over 8 years! And he in fact died the way he'd lived his life - with a (not punny) "parting shot". At first, I thought (and tried to convince her as well) that she was simply experiencing a subconscious 'outlet' for the years of hell and repeated emotional trauma she'd endured with that man, some kind of necessary mental catharsis/release. It was also rather a 'black' kind of relief when he died actually, and she did indeed make a lot of positive strides in moving on in her life. Furthermore, none of us felt any 'guilt' over not having been able to change his disposition, and his subsequent death - consciously or otherwise.... After quite a while, with these dreadful and still frequently recurring dreams, I even went so far as to suggest the potential power of "lucid dreaming" (where you try to change the outcome/turn of events or circumstances while you're dreaming - creating alternatives). And she said to me (it was and still is, just between us) she did in fact try to do so - being far more outspoken than she ever had been while he was alive (and rarely talked back to) - not only out of frustration, which she had never been 'allowed' to express, but her own outrage and anger at this invasion of her nightly rest. Still they kept happening, no matter what she did or did not do (it's like, well, he just "didn't get it"! That he wasn't the only one allowed to be P.O.d!). Still they kept on, and keep on happening. She recently told me that she'd even (in her dreams) gone so far as to hit him repeatedly with her cane (which she keeps at her bedside - is that VIVID or what!) as he tried to get into his [former] side of the bed (if you knew my mother's disposition and gentleness - you'd absolutely marvel in disbelief!). The dreams did indeed stop for a little while, but have returned yet again... She is not a 'superstitious' woman, not by any stretch, but she is however devout in her faith (never met anyone quite like her actually - even though I don't subscribe to her beliefs). She even still prays for him regularly, despite what he was (and still 'seemingly' is), for the repose of his soul - that's her style... Now, after all this, neither one of us can see it as anything else but a 'haunting' for lack of a better concept/word. Or...perhaps more 'plausible', an ongoing manifestation of the terrible lingering 'energy' he foisted in this life. No matter what - it's distressing to her, night after night...though she is also not by any means 'obsessed' by this during the day (even going so far as to tell him the equivalent of 'go to hell!' when she wakes up, in her own inimitable "Christian" way) Perhaps, though it sounds far-fetched (and I've suggested this to her too, for lack of any other 'theory'), he doesn't "know" he's dead - and keeps coming back to the only place that's familiar to him. And to speak with her parish priest would be out of the question, inspite of her reverence and devoutness to her faith (...he's a young arrogant fop, who presumes to teach the quite elderly congregation how to be "Good Christians", according to his 'laws'). Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions - other than what I've already tried to 'explore'...? (I'm terribly sorry this is quite long - thanks for reading anyway...) G.P.
716. Chris, I've had countless "readings" and they've all had the same outcome. Nothing informative, nor even validating. A few days before including the day of the reading, I try to prepare myself by asking all my deceased loved ones to "please come through, as I truely need to hear from you". I go in with a positive attitude but usually leave disappointed. I was told years ago, that I won't let myself be read. How could this be? I did visit one woman,when I was 20 years old and she absolutely "blew me away" with what she said. Is it possible that I'm subconsciously putting up a mental wall, thus making it impossible for anyone to come through? Thank you, Maureen
717. Is it true that loved ones do come back to visit after they have passed? and can you speak to them during a meeting?
718. Chris, I heard you are going to be on the discovery channel. Could you tell me more. thanks Kathy
719. I recently had a reading done by Rosemary Altea. It was incredible but I forgot to ask her why some people have so many struggles in life. I have 2 children with special needs and two children with diabetes. I went through a divorce and my present husband had lost 4 jobs due to downsizing and his company closing their doors. I try to stay strong and see the positive side of each stressful situationbut that is difficult. What do spirits from the afterlife say about some people being given so many challenges and others not. Did I choose this stressful path? Thank you
720. chris. i want to believe. i am lost and afraid of all these theories of cold readings and hot readings and tricks and being taken advantage of. in my state i want to come yo you open. and not afraid you are a scam. i have heard you are very wonderful. but i am conflicted as to this idea that a medium can research you with your name before you come and know everything about you already. how do i know that is not happening to me. is there a way fro me to come to you without thes fears. do you have suggestions for people like me. fearful believers. please my intention in asking these questions are from a very good place. i hope dearly they have not offended you. i am just asking questions about loss and life and the people i miss dearly. i am raw with emotion and would very much like to book with you but ,,,,,,,,,,well if i speak more i may sound like i am doubting you, which i am, but i am not. my questions come in peace.....
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