721. If everything is predetermined, what is the point of praying?
722. Hi Chris, I am exploring mediumship (if it's a word), I am a little afraid, but I feel safe since suffering my Dad's loss. I always feel safe because he has spoken to me, and I relayed the messages to my family. He said he's fine and he loves me. We are getting on okay in our own ways, except my mum, she's working on it...but anyways...I find it interesting, that I was born in the same place as you, Scarborough, but in 1976...November 5th to be exact. I feel different and unsettled...I've always felt this way. I know I may have a gift, but what do I do, what is the best way to accept it, how do I say "Hi" to wanting spirits without exposing my fear. I have fear. I know it's there though, I feel the energy. Any suggestions? If you're too big for this little enquiry, make it clear. I just thought that there might be a connection. Thank you Jenny O.
723. hey chris do you think you can tell me if my health is going to be ok, im babysitting my grandkids alot. Although im in pretty good health I am middle aged and there is heart trouble on my mothers side of the family. Members of the family died young and without warning so Im kinda nervous. I have always seen me passing at 83 am I right...? Thanks Lynne
724. Hi Chris,may be this is a silly question, but does the name of Margaret mean anything to you? My daughter's future grandfather- in -law, lost his wife two years age on March 4th, also her birthday is coming up. He is still morning her of course, and is having a rough time. He is considering speaking to someone like you to see if she would be there and find out if she's ok. I've mention your name to him, and he sounds interested but scared.I know there's no guarentee about who shows up to communicate, but I know she was a strong believer in mediums that , well, one never knows. Any words of wisdom to give him? Thanks Believing in you, Marie
725. Chris thanks for taking the time to answer questions or concerns for people we apprieciate it!
726. Hi Chris, I've been noticing alot of orbs in my pictures since Christmas. I looked back in my photos and noticed some in my last year Christmas photos. The photos were taken with 2 different cameras. Some of the photos have amazing orbs in them especially the ones my son has taken of his car. In one it looks like someone is sitting in the drivers seat. I have seen photos by other people with the same looking orbs. Have these orbs always been around? am I seeing them now because I beleive in them? I would like you to see the one my son took. Thankyou God Bless
727. Dear Chris: Can you tell me who is nudging me when I'm sleeping or when I am on the computer? Ayear and ahalf ago I was in the hospital for kidney cancer. That was the first time someone visited me. By touching my shoulder or rubbing my hand. Sometime like sitting on the bed. Then last March I had a hip replacement, again the same thing happened. Then in January this year I had a visiter again. It feels like they jumped on the bed. It scared my cat and I. We were both asleep. Cutie my cat stared at the computer, just for alittle while. Then last week while I was at the computer someone touched my shoulder and the chair I was sitting on. I thought it was my cat. I turned to pet her, but she was at the head of the bed on a pillow sound asleep in aball. Every once in awhile someone rubs my arm, hand or shoulder. AS well as sitting on the bed. I hope you can tell me who this is. My cat seems to see who it is, she will stare at a spot. Thank you very much.
728. Dear Chris, I wholeheartly agree with #726 . On our rough days alone you are the light at the end of the tunnel. You help us reafirm our beliefs and validations when we hit those very lonely low spots. The reminders of what is. Then the sun shines again. This new life alone has a lot of BUMPS but keep us all in the light of truth and we will make when we are meant too. A.
729. chris sir. me and my wife lost our dog on sunday march 2nd, 2008. we need your help & telling us if he is safe & if he will be found & returned to us. please can you help us ? we are very heart broken due to our lost dog..his name is rue. can you tell me where he is so i may go and look for him please help us chris ?
730. What do you do with constructive criticism from someone who gives you feedback after a reading with you?
731. HiChris. I spoke with your wife who directed me to your website. I am trying to figure out some things that I am experiencing. I had the privelage of being able to convey to one of my customers that her husband that had passed over 4 months ago was there with us still watching over her. I have had other intuitions I guess you could call them for other people and have had an aquaintance who seems to have some pychic abilities tell me that I was going to have these abilities. But then there have been some experiences with this person that make me wonder about her agenda. Yet I know that this customers husband used me that day to tell his wife. I think most of the time I am losing my mind. I have started to read alot but in talking with another aquaintance Diane Wilson, that I have been reading the wrong materials. Life is so confusing right now, so I really would like your recommendations on some reading materials that won't lead me in a wrong direction. I felt so desperate last week I went to see a psychic and walked away even more confused. I would also be interested in any workshops you might be having. I am having trouble with figuring out what is messages and what is just my own thought process. I am now having trouble trusting my own gut. Any books you could recommend would be greatly appreciated. diannejohnston@distributel.net thank-you for your time in reading this.
732. Several months ago, I had my first reading ever - with you. There were things you said that were your own personal thoughts - not what was being communicated from the other side - that upset me. I felt distracted by them, and they got in the way of my experience. I spent the next month thinking about the reading, and then emailed you with feedback about what did and did not work about my reading with you. I took pains not come across as being critical, but wanting you to know how you affected me with some of your comments. I never heard back from you and always wondered why. I suggested ways I thought your readings could be more powerful and less distracting. So you tell me? How come you never responded to that?
733. Chris, I had a reading with you last year in July and since then a whole new world has opened up for me. I cant even begin to tell you how much you've helped me in my grieving for my daughter. I really do think if it wasn't for you I would be in a very dark place right now. You've given me healing, clarity, truth, comfort and piece of mind. Thank you so much for helping me open up my mind to the other side like you have and for reassuring me that my daughter is still and always with me, this has helped enormously. You do fine work Chris and I hope to see you again someday for another reading. --Christine, Alexis' mother
734. regards your response to question 731, you sound very defensive. You automatically focus on the word "criticism" rather than "Constructive"... and then you challenge the writer to give you criticism when that is not what this was about.
735. Dear Chris, My mother passed on in December of 2006. I had a wonderful reading with you less than a month after she died. My husband has booked another reading with you for me in April. Is it too soon?
736. hello my father passed away over a year ago ..my twin and i were 22 at the time .. i keep praying that he will send me a sign that he is ok ...i have had a couple of dreams about him , some good and some bad,. before his death he talked about seeing his brothers and sister and parents that passed on and that they were calling him ... do they see past on loved ones telling them its time to go? ... he said he saw his sister come to his bed at night and tell him it would be time soon ... is there any truth to that? also how can i ask my father to send me a signal that he is safe,pain free and happy? is there a technique? ive asked but still no response. thank you Melissa
737. can you tell us specific things that know one else would know about our deceased loved one except us when we book an appointment with you... or are they vague and general things that we would get informed of?
738. #738...If the spirit wants to come through with very personal or specific things by golly they will. My husband did. There was no way any possible soul could have that information.You just have to go with the flow on who comes through. I still play my tape and get much encouragement from it. Thank you for the joy of rememberance Chris, J
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