739. HI Chris, My sister passed on 1/18/08 at the age of 48 - we fought her battle hard through our prayers and believed for a miracle. We even had an angel visit us which we thought was a confirmation for healing. I know the visit was real but I don't understand it's purpose now that she has passed. And on the day she died - a ring hers that I wore (praying for her)turned from a ruby red stone to an amethyst stone. A miracle indeed but not the one I had hoped for. What is the significance of the ring and the visit we had?
740. Dear Chris, I went to see a psychic a few years back, as I was in really, really rough shape (suicidal) and wanted to know if I would survive. He told me that I would only have to "come back" (reincarnated) one more time. But I've had such an utterly terrible time in THIS life, I've no wish whatsoever to return! Supposedly, we attain different levels of "enlightenment" through our souls' journeys. But "exhausted" doesn't begin to describe my state (though I'm presently not suicidal). I'd truly appreciate any thoughts you might have... Thanks very much for reading.
741. This is more of a statement than a question. I am presently reading "Conversations with God" Thank you for suggesting it. It is very thought provoking, although I may have to read it several times to truly grasp it. But may I suggest another amazing book, one that I will read again. It is "Walking in the Garden of Souls" by George Anderson. It had a profound effect on me and he too is an amazing Medium. Thank you for doing what you do Chris.
742. Chris, what happens to our pets once they pass away? Are they around us? Are they able to give us signs? My dog had to be put down recently because she was very ill and im having a very hard time dealing with this. She was my best friend. Im finding it very hard having to live without her. I also feel very guilty for making the choice to euthenize her, I really tried to avoid it but there were no other options and it broke my heart having to see her in pain and suffering. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
743. Hi Chris, I have been told that there is a possibility that you may come to Soul Reflections in Acton.I would love to attend this if true,could you please let me know when that may take place. Thanking you, Stella.*
744. Hi Chris, I am point in my life where I don't know what to do. I went to a psychic and she told me that I would be leaving my husband with my kids. I really wish he would change and I wouldn't have to leave. Can you offer any suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help.
745. I recently saw you in Port Loring and I thought you were amazing. I truly believe that our loved ones stay with us throughout our lives, both here on earth and then when we pass. My grandfather died a few years ago and I was there at the time of his death. This may sound weird but it was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever experiened. His skin colour was grey and he hadn't opened his eyes for 2 days but just before he died he opened his eyes and his cheeks were a rosy red colour. He was looking up towards the ceiling and it seemed as though he saw someone or something. Do our deceased relatives come and "take us home' when we pass and is that who my grandfather saw at the time of his death. Thanks for your time and keep up the great inspirational work - Cindy
746. Chris, if those that have crossed over know that you are angry with them will they be less likely to communicate?
747. Hi Chris, Question 746, how beautiful, I have always believed that when our time comes our loved ones who have passed come to meet us, my question is, and I have always believed that we are given some kind of sign or message that our time here on earth will end soon. Before dad passed 2/3 months prior he would always say, my day is near...and I would brush it off and tell him, stop talking like that dad...but in my heart it would hurt me so. What do you think? are we given some kind of message that we will leave this earth? Thanks F.R.
748. Hi Chris, How can a person connect/speak/meet their spirit guide or guardian angle ?? Is there a difference between the two, i am not sure ?? Thank you Mila
749. is my nan happy with everything me and my mum did for her while she was dying? is there anything she wishes me had or hadn't done??
750. Are our pets still with us after they have passed on? It may sound terribly silly but my dog passed nearly two years ago and I am still grieving and would like to know if she is with me.
751. do you ever talk to people who are in "hell" murderers etc? do those kinds of people ever come through? are the people you talk to in "heaven" do they ever describe it to you. what they are doing there? what they do? do you actually every have conversations with people you know who have passed? or do you just receive information? and how can you turn it off then? it must be on all the time?
752. My mother passed away when I was 10 months old, due to a blood-cloth in her neck which caused a coma. She was declared brain dead. I have been diagnosed with BPD traits and they think I've got ADD/ADHD. Along with this there's depression. Is it her dead wich caused all of this? And what should I do to make her proud of me? I feel like I let her down and I don't know what to do to make her proud of me..?
753. what should I learn or do after having a death experienced 3 times? And why am I not allow to pass to the next level? I'm always returning to my life desoriented and uncertain on how to complete the change to a new direction.
754. Dear chris, I have two mediuns in my family, is it possible that i can "do it" as well? How can i know? Thank you in advance.
755. Thank you so much for being there to answer our questions. I would like to know when we wish to speak with our family members who have passed over, is it necessary to speak out loud or can they hear our thoughts just as clearly? (I'd like to believe they know what is in our hearts and our thoughts).
756. Hi Chris I am so excited about coming to see you, I have had readings before but don't believe they were from a reputable source, I am booking an appointment soon, but I have a couple of questions if you don't mind?...When we have our visit, are we allowed to ask questions to our loved one's? also if our loved one's are always around us and know what is going on in our lives, are they with us when we are intimate in our lives, this is an embarrassing question but somehome that would be really uncomfortable knowing that they are with us at these times. Also if I may, do you get an energy or anything coming through with my email to you? Very anxious to hear from you
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