757. Hi Chris, first may I say what a wonderful thing you are doing for people! and what a great gift to have. This gift was given to you for a very good reason, sombody knew you were special and would use it for the good of helping others. I have been reading all the questions that people have been asking and I noticed a reply you gave to someone on Kevin Trudeau's book called "Natural Cures they don't want you to know about". This is the second time in about a month I have heard of this book, I have his weight loss one which I haven't finished reading, but you mentioned that it will "change your life"? Is it really that good? I think I'm going out to buy this book ASAP. My Father inlaw died suddenly about 8 months ago, his wife has been through a lengthy illness and has recovered very miraculously especially for her age and health issues, we care for her now that he is gone, do you think he is mad at me? I mean he did everything for her so much so that she has also become very lazy and relies on us sooo much it has been exhausting trying to work and take care of my own family as well, I feel guilty for not continuing to do all the things I did in the begining when he first past, he also has to see what she is like and what she is trying to do, she has no idea what "most people's" day to day life is like, she never worked and had one child, and had no real hobbies. Anyways I would not want to disappoint him as he was wonderful and did a lot for us.
758. Bonjour Christopher, thanks for your answers and maybes :) Like you said you travel like an astronaute. Just before my car accident, I saw a man wearing a hat all dressed in black, he appeared to be a Spaniard from Spain (with traditional clothing from 1800th but driving a SUV!!!)I was ridiculous when I told to the policeman who I saw especially when it was a woman that hit me not a man!?!That man was not real but I saw him so clearly that I started to deviate him with my car before that the real SUV hit me after I lost consciousness...but I felt lots of things exemple; that I was everywhere and no where at the same time. All the sounds was amplified like a resonnance inside my vibration. No limit because of my body, just feeling a sensation of a remarquable freedom and then quickly returned inside a suffering body. That man I saw before the collison, can he be my guide or my guardian, if it is what a strange situation to meet to each other! I will prefer simple appearing instead.
759. This past weekend I was at a Physchic party with a lady by the name of Janet. I told her that I have experienced spirits and would like to know how I could do more of this. She then gave me your name to link through her website. Tonight while at Centre 2000 in Erin I saw a flyer about you doing a spiritual event in May. I thought it is ironic that I would here of you on Sat. and then see info on you two days later. Anyway, about my spirit thing - could you give me any advise to become more aware of what is going on. thank you.
760. chris is it possible that the messages provided in a reading were intended for another person , by the spirit.
761. Hi Chris how does a person change their perspective to love, when they feel a person is using and abusing your generosity and they are and always have been just lazy? I'm not allowing it to continue, but finding it hard to feel the love but more resentment, I try to see things through their eyes, but mostly I know its just what they are used to and are being selfish. Resentment is not healthy! and is drawing me further away instead of wanting to help.
762. I just send a question but forgot to ask one more. How do we trust our first instincts and gut feeling on thinking a love one was giving you a sign only to find out after it was something else, the same goes for trusting our instinct on anything and it turns out not to be right? Thanks Chris :-)
763. How long does a spirit stay in the afterlife before reincarnation?
764. April 3 2008, Hello Chris, I just want to say thank you again for all the information you provided me with my reading today, It was such a wait lifted off my shoulders. Just knowing I wasnt the blame for my father passing and that he is with me. And for everything else that was said. You truly are amazing. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Sincerly Emily
765. Hello Christopher,thanks for your answers. Could you precise what are the talents of a medium? Also, since my childwood I see lights very colourfull, I can see them with my eyes close or open, the light has a variety of colour and size, usually as a full circle. I reconize some of them are related to my sibling that are alive. Often I seen those because they are thinking of me or it is charged of emotional energy, I'm not shure but, sometimes a light comes lighter or darker. How we call that; the aura, the soul or just the energy of their thinking?
766. 766. hello Chris I had a reading with you on March 29th, , as I listen to the tape , more and more of the information is clear to me as ifits coming in layers of understanding, some question that could not answer are obvious now. the H name is my brother in law , very pertinent information about teh cause of death. also the D or dog name 9 the pain in , is is a former colleg of John that had passed in 2005 . the rocker has become clear , but not the rock . The tree or plant in question appears to be the foresentia close to the house.On and all and all, the reading was profound and accurate , many many layers of understanding . I continue to pray and recommend prayer as a away to deal with grief. there are no immediate answers , but one can find confort in prayer.life has not been the same since the reading, I feel a sense of confort , light and hope in my life and a tremendours gratitude to having had john in my life and for the opportunity provide by you to experience and and clarify some of the doubts/questions /I had . I think that john just loved all flowers despite their colour. gratitude is the word.
767. Is it okay for the person who is getting the reading not to talk until the end of a reading? I saw a psychic once and she told me she did not want my interference during her reading, I was to say nothing the whole time so as not to bias her. I felt it to be extremely helpful and everything she predicted came true, (even though I thought she was a load of rubbish when I left!) I suppose that is how I started to believe. So would it be okay to be silent during your reading as well? or do you need to talk to the person? Thanks.
768. Hi Chris, I have a question regarding my friend who suicide herself many years ago. Could you make contact with a person who comitted suicide or is it not permetted to do so for any specific reason?
769. Thanks Chris for answering so many of my questions...last one being 768.... I find this all so very fascinating. I hope you don't mind one more question.... what do you think of all the studies at the university of Virginia and of Arizona? Have you taken part in any of them? And how do I find out more about the studies? I have only just begun my spiritual questions about life and beyond and am like a sponge for all information on any topic right now. It's all so fascinating.....thanks....
770. Hi Chirs I have a question, are you able to undersdand the spirt if it's mother toung is not English?
771. Chris why doesn't my mother give me any signs that she is around me? I know you will say the signs are there, just believe. It's not working. I continue to wait, believe and watch for signs but they just aren't coming.
772. when a loved one passes ie a sudden death do they ie motor bike accident, does the tramur stay with them.pat
773. Dear Chris, Hi! Hope you are well! This isn’t necessarily a “spiritual” question or phenomenon, or maybe it is? I just can’t think of anyone else to share this with that wouldn’t think it ridiculous or delusional. For the last several months since I’ve been healing emotionally, psychologically, and physically, I feel like “The Universe” is giving me these funny clues to let me know that I really AM doing alright! Very (very!) often, as I’m writing or reading on the computer, while listening to the radio or TV in the background, the very word I’ve just written will be heard at the exact moment in the background. I mean, it’s really uncanny – it happens SO often, each day, that I’ve started to say jokingly “Stop it!” and smiling each time. It’s not like I’m focused on it, or expecting it, or waiting for it. I know it seems weird – such random, odd, and “trivial” things – nothing earth-shaking – but that The Universe has a sense of humour and is playing games with me, teasing me, to see if I’m paying attention. I guess I am! And I’m loving it, especially since it seems “meant for me”. Thanks for reading, and for letting me share! :-)
774. Hi Chris: I had a reading with you on April 16th, 2008, it was myself, my son Anthony and cousin Maria. There was a message to be given to my brother and believe I tried, I received a phone call from my brother chewing me out because I went to see you, it really upset me at first. But I don't care what he thinks, that's his opionion and his loss because the message for him would really make him feel alot better. I have listened to the tape and made notes of what came through, and I understand of lot of things now. My cousin Maria is still blown away "you still ring my bell" we laugh everytime...and for my son Anthony, its just like if dad/granpa was here always up his back making sure he doesn't get into trouble and looking out for his safety. I will never forget the reading for as long as I live. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you once again, it truly was an amazing day. All the best to you and your family. Sincerely, Filomena, Anthony and Maria.
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