775. Hi Chris, just resently my daught passed away. While I was sitting looking at her picture, I was looking at what I thought looked like a white mist almost cloudy like vapour around her picture. I do beleive that she is with me. What could this be representing?
776. I have had two members of my family pass where I had mirroring experiences. In both cases, I was removing something from the body (it had no monetary value-only personal) and I know in life they wouldn't have hesitated to give it to me. While removing the items, I heard a panicky voice shouting "don't take it, don't take it". I don't understand. At the time, I thought it was my own overwhelmed "crazy" emotions, and I removed the items as I didn't think they would have minded me taking it. Was it them who recently passed, or someone else? I'm so confused.
777. What if the person spoke a language other than English and/or a language you don't speak? How would you interpret the reading?
778. Dear Chris,It is coming up two years for me. I can't seem to get the what if's out of my mind. This is only once in awhile but right now so very strong. Empty and lonely. Nothing seems right. Amma
779. Hi Chris, I haven't seen you advertise for a seminar or workshop in the Alliston area for a long time...do you have any plans in the near future? Thanks
780. Chris would it be alright to prepare many questions for a reading ie as oposed to being spirit question driven messages , the person in attendance would ask questions about the process from the time of passing to the entrance to heaven or destination . Also would it be appropriate to ask for other family members of the deceased that have previously passed, such as their mom and dad and uncles. Would the spirit also have gained some knowldge about past events , for which we had no answers . I have had a great reading with you and am wanting to establish what are the boundaries if any . I undestand that for you all readings may be different. For example in John (Yellou roses) case , did he meet his mom and dad and uncle Bill that he so much loved , how about Barry and Bob .By the way flowers by the house are great. I am not trying to have a reading, right here , but would do another one in a heart beat . blessings
781. hi chris! i apologize if this question has been asked before. do you recommend other mediums or go to see a medium yourself? i found the reading i had with you wonderful and a little addictive! i am eager to get another reading with someone and try it again! thank you for the peace you gave me.
782. Hi Chris, My grandmother passed away October 2005. I came and saw you in January of 2006 and felt great peace with all that you had told me. I still wish I could have had my grandmother mentioned in the reading. Do you know if she has adjusted to her passing? If she is ok with it? If she still worries about us all like she use to do? Thank you very much for your time.
783. Dear Chris, Thank you for all your wise words, My laughing gentle giant and I are making regular connections, understanding what in this life we were to learn. He has already learnt his and as you know he has gone on. I am learning fast and much is now clear. He is constantly by my side until I join him and take the next step. Namaste....Amma
784. I keep seeing the numbers 11, or combinations like 11:11, 11:01, 1:11. Someone told me that it was a spiritual connection of some sort. Do you have any info on this?
785. Hi Chris at night when I am going to bed and the lights are off, above my head and my husbands head I see things moving, swirls of white and sometimes glints of light. Do you think I am seeing the energy of my husband and myself, or is it other energy around us. Just curious, I quite enjoy watching it. Puts me to sleep. Thank you
786. Hi Chris, Is it possible to be awake, and within seconds see a loved one feel their embraced hug? It seemed so quick that I feel that maybe I imagined it? Is this possible or would it be a glimps of what once was? And wishfull thinking?
787. Dear Chris, Maybe this is outside your scope so you can ignore it if you want. I understand. I don’t know who else to ask. Many (!) years ago, my husband had told me that he was gay and the marriage ended. I have to insist that I held no grudges toward him and truly & most sincerely wished him well, as I do to this day (I understand what a difficult choice it was for him to be honest, not only with me, himself, but also the rest of the world). I have no regrets whatsoever. Not one (subconscious or otherwise). I am not ‘obsessed’, and when I do think of him from time to time, again, I don’t think ill of him. But a few times a year (even after this long time), I have dreams about him where he wishes to come back into my life. And I let him in. But in each dream, which is always different, over & again he hurts me by eventually ignoring me. And when it happened years ago, though I did of course grieve, again I say, I held no ill-will towards him – nor am I a “sucker for punishment”, or dwell on “What if things had been different” scenarios. Short of this being something that is still part of me – that I ‘harbour’ (which I really, honestly can’t/don’t consider – so I’m truly baffled), do you think it could be a manifestation of his *own* remorse at having hurt me, and that he’s trying to reach me? (Both of us knowing then as now that it’s pretty impossible to change ones true nature) I’m a bit if a *sensitive* myself, and sometimes feel “connections” with others, far or near. Anyway, thanks muchly for reading (you’re very patient!)…Hope you’re well! :-)
788. Dear Chris this Friday 13 in June would have been my wifes 61st birthday. All the numbers that I have seen or recently been involved in add up to 13. Is there any spiritual significants to the number 13 that you know of. Do you think that she is giving me some kind of a sign. Thanks
789. Dear Chris, My son has always had the worst bad luck from accidents to negative outcomes. He was wondering if you have an opinion about whether he maybe experiencing past karma or if there even is such a thing? Thank you so much.
790. Hi Chris, I attended your seminar in Belmore this past week. And wow the meditation we did was unbeleiveable . I found it so emotional. I could actually see my father on the other side of that bridge and when I took his hand I felt warm and so much love. You had mentioned about a phone number of 000-0000. I get that so often its crazy. I checked the phone and I received one on that day I was coming to see you. I was hoping my Father would come through, and he did. I am just curious if it could be him. I had a telephone reading done with you about a month ago and you said he was trying to show me signs he was with me and that I just wasnt picking up on them. Just curious. Thank you.. Emily
791. Hi Chris thanks for answering my question #786. Do you have any favourite books for exploring the spirt world, I have read alot of syvia browne, and other mediums, can you suggest any others that might enhance my own energy. I have always been drawn to spiritual reading. Thanks again/God Bless
792. Hi Chris... Just wanted to *thank you* for answering/exploring my question (#788). I wasn't quite expecting a reply - but I REALLY appreciate that you took the time to do so! (and I *AM* thinking...) :-)
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