793. Hi Chris, I will be going to see you this week-end, but I am wondering if there is any way I can get my Mom to come to me in my dreams and let me know she is ok?
794. Hi Chris: I was just wondering if you have given anymore thought about the "chat" on your website. I am still trying to heal with dad's passing and keep looking for others who are also trying to heal,and how they are dealing with their loss, this would be a great add on to the site. I listen to the tape of my session with you, listening for things i might have missed, it gives me great comfort to listen to it...it would be great to converse with others who are going thru this difficult time of greiving. Thanks, Filomena
795. Hi Chris, i was at a seminar last week with you you came to me with my father ,you gave me a lot of comfort thank you. My granddaughter who is 12 yrs old is experiencing children comming to her, through her i-pod she hears them talking and has seen them in mirrors ,they turn lights on and off , and also the tv on and off, she is scared of it , is there something she can do. Thank You.
796. Hi Chris, I just want to thank you for bringing me some comfort from my Mother when you were at the Goderich Legion On May 3 in the afternoon session. When you had us do the meditation, I did not see the different colors that you mentioned. Is there a reason why I wouldn't see them? Thanks Gwen
797. Hi Chris, I am amazed by your ability and had a really unique experience during my reading. My question is this, when it first began, how were you able to know that it was spirit that was talking to you and not telepathic communication? Our brains are so complex and I am wondering how one would differentiate between the two? Are they different? Just curious...........Thanks Chris.
798. Can you interpret other languages i.e. if the spirit speaks another language, will you understand the message?
799. Hi Chris,I would like to ask during a reading does language matter ?What I am trying to say is all my relatives that have passed do not speak English at all. Their background is European. Sorry if that's sounds like a silly question
800. Chris: I'm booking an appt with you hopefully for sometime in July 08. I just wanted to know why when I ask my sister to come to me in my dream it doesn't happen. I've been praying every night begging her just to visit and let me know she's ok. I want to ask her what really happened to her the night she died. We still have no answers.
801. Dear Chris, I keep smelling cigarette smoke when there isn't any around. Can you explain please. Can you also explaine the overwhelming warm feeling that I just had.(no it was not a hot flash)
802. Hi Chris, question 791 mentions the phone number 000 0000. Could you please tell me what this means? I have had that number come up on my phone before and was baffled by it.
803. Do you believe that you can communicate with one particular dead person too much? Do I keep my love one from advancing by getting readings and connecting with him.
804. Hi Chris, I was just wondering do you ever want to leave your office or stop useing your gift in alliston for any future job offerings farther away? thank you i hope to see your awnser.
805. Is it possible for you to communicate with a baby who passed when she was only 5 days old?
806. Dear Chris: I had a reading with you on April 29 and after reviewing tape you sent, I was overwhelmed at how persistent and patient both you and "they" were trying to get their message correctly to me. You have probably heard this story many times, but listening to tape filled in blank spots. You truly have a gift and I am thankful you shared it with me. I have always believed energy never dies and have been fortunate to receive many signs, however, communicating through you, I noticed how their personalities were very much the same... just a better them. How much they still cared for me, wanted me to know they were fine, thankful and apologetic, however, their greatest message was they weren't worried about us here. It was like they had fulfilled their contract and could see ours and knew everything was unfolding as it should.....my mother laughing....my mother-in-law thankful and my son-in-laws first words.."It's O.K., life's............." In other words, we are fine, move your life along, don't live in the past.....(my mother paraphrased) Thank you so much......
807. Hi Chris, Could you tell me why I so often look at the clock and it is exactly 11:11. What does this mean? Thanks
808. Hi Chris. My mother died 2 years ago of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). There is much suffering and heartache associated with ALS for the victim and for the family, who watch helplessly as their loved one slowly loses the ability to walk, talk, swallow food, and eventually breathe. My mother died on my sister's birthday, and my sister is so troubled by this. She keeps asking why. Do you believe my mother could have chosen to die on that day for a reason? I have other relatives and friends who had a loved one die on their family member's birthday. Do you have any explanation or wisdom you can share about this? thank you
809. Hi Chris, Not sure if you've answered this question before, but have you ever communicated with pets that have passed on ? If not are you able to ? Thanks Mila
810. hi chris..do you remember twins sister liette et lucette at toronto we take picture toronto francesca daugther(17) dies we talk french,thank you because my sister fill beter me i wait sign from francesca thank you .i beleive lucette
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