811. Dear Chris I am going to take my kids and leave my husband, I have tried to work it out but nothing seems to work, it is going to be hard but, and I know i have to do it for my sake and the kids. I know change is hard but sometimes it can be good in the end. I know this is alot to ask but do you see me making ok. I am so nervous and depressed about the whole thing.
812. Hope it’s ok that I reply, whether it’s posted or not…To #809 – you might all benefit, not only your sister, by watching the movie and/or reading the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom – it’s a ‘revelation’ for both sides of those who suffer through a horribly debilitating disease (and yes, this one is about ALS). And to #812 – don’t “limit” yourself by putting your eggs in one basket. Seek as many resources within your community (or online) as possible. For you to have made such a decision takes great fortitude and courage. And courage never means “in the absence of fear”, but acting inspite of it. It’s very difficult (I *know*) – but honestly, more worthy that you may see right now. It *will* get better. {{hugs}}
813. Thank you #813, we are very familiar with Tuesdays With Morrie, it is a book that is very near and dear to all our hearts. :-)
814. Hello Chris. I'm hoping you will be able to shed some light on my situation. My husband and I had lost our only child last year and have recently been trying for another and have had no luck. I'm told all is good to go by my OB/GYN and that there isn't a reason why we should be having trouble. I don't know if its something we are doing wrong, or if there is something my doctor hasn't uncovered yet healthwise with me. I'm still grieving the loss of my child and still suffer from the gut-wrenching pain on a daily basis, its been a very hard road and I'm starting to lose hope/faith. Conceiving another child is far from my mind at times cause it feels like I'm replacing my daughter and other times its all I want. I'm at battle with myself here and have started to think that maybe we haven't been successful in conceiving cause I might be blocking it from happening. I hope you can help me here, any feedback from you would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
815. Is there a difference between a personal reading in your office and a personal reading over the phone? Will it not work as well over the phone?
816. Hello Chris We were in today both my daughter and I, June 4th 2008. Thank you so much, for connecting us with Mom. I think I wanted your validation for what I already knew, that Mom had sent a specific message to me on the anniversary of Aunt Dorothy death. There was no mistaking that it was meant for my daughter and I and it all related to the bunny significance I also thank you for being the messenger to telling her that she needed to resolve some past issue, I know that she will do it. I do ponder over the woman whom came thru first that was so attached to her home and feel that, that must have been my SO’s mother, you mentioned the name…starting with Mar….I had always referred to her as Ellie but her real name was Maria Stella. Maria committed suicide. From what you told us, she wants to hang on to that house, but she tells me to stand my ground, however what I wanted her son to do is move from that house...his reluctance to move has driven us apart. I ‘m confused is she telling me to stand my ground so that he will move, but isn’t that in conflict with her wanting to remain there? You were adamant about getting this message to me… but I didn’t connect at the time as to exactly who was coming thru. You mentioned conflict over the house and there were at times conflict between the son’s till one eventually moved out, and sold his share…. But also conflict between Mark and I, because he refuses to move. Can you please clarify what Maria would like me to do….I lover her son dearly, but need to move forward in my life with or without her son. He seems stuck there in the past, since her death and just can’t seem to let go. Is there a message I am to give him? Thanks Chris you have been an awesome help, in validating what I already knew, there is an after life! Sincerely Dorothy Ps you mentioned Harry… an older gentleman and I didn’t connect with that at first either but that was my mother’s father, but we barely knew him…. He went by the name Harry but his birth name Henry Charles.
817. Dear Chris,I lost my sister two weeks ago to cancer (which had spread and she didn't tell anyone). I am trying to forgive her for that. Does she now see that maybe she should have at least told her husband? Any feelings while reading this?Thank You
818. Hi Chris, Its Filomena, I came to see you back in April of this year with my son Anthony and cousin Maria. I am still listening to the session often, and i have been able to confirm things that we did not understand at the time. I am still grieving for my dad and often ask him why he had to go, and ask him to give me a sign who he is with. Chris I haven't dreamt with dad for over a year and this was upsetting me...the other night I dreamt that dad was lying on the couch with his hand behind his head like he always did and beside him was my godmother who also passed away before him, i remember i was crying and i told him how i missed him and asked why he had to leave, his reply was " I was very tired" i also remember in my dream that I was looking for a cd of memories that i had made and i couldn't find it, i was very upset..than all of a sudden i woke up, but I woke up happy, happy that I had dreamt with dad and that my dear beloved godmother was with him, I had been asking him for a long time to please let me know who he was with on the other side, I truly believe this was his way of showing me that he was not alone. It felt so good to see him even if it was only in my dream. When I awoke I thanked him for coming. I still read your questions and answers every single day. Filomena
819. Hi Chris........about June 7 and the horse!!....just wanted to valid most of what you said....I believe that my family kinda ganged up on you and I felt so bad interfering with what appeared to be other's reading's because so much of what you said I could totally relate to....and then even more so after I left......I know that the horse was meant for me and I think when it went to somebody else at first I think that's when my family kinda took over....so just wanted you to know that you weren't wrong and I am sorry about the confusion that my family caused you, I felt so bad for you and the other people.....so don't beat yourself up!!
820. Chris, when you say the person you are reaching should be a family member...Can you also reach loved ones like a boyfriend who died suddenly?
821. Chris, If someone dies suddenly (like 3 days ago) is it to soon to reach him?
822. Hi Chris, My Mom passed away June 3, 2008. I want to come in for a reading, but wanted to make sure she she's crossed over already.
823. Hi Chris, A friend of mine went to a show you did last October in Brampton, and you taught them how to see who is waiting for them on the other side. You were reading something to them and they were picturing it in their mind. And it worked. Could you please help me or tell me how I can do that? Much Appreciated!
824. During my reading with you on March 29th, John said that he was whole and complete. I am not certain of the meaning, could you elaborate.
825. Hi chris could you tell me who is around me, I have very negative energy around me all the time. tried to get rid of it, but it wont go. I see spirits and hear them but cant completely bring them thru.
826. hi chris! I just want to know if my mom and brother are fine. I know they are trying to tell me something and I don't know. Thank
827. I recently lost a loved one, and there are times where I miss them so much, that I find it hard to go on with my life. I just want to know if there is anything that you could tell me that could help me fell secure and to know that they are watching and safe?
828. Hi chris, My mom passed away in March 2008 and I have been dreaming about her every night. sometimes they are nightmares where i start to scream or walk to reach her. Is this normal?
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