829. If a person is adopted, has minimal knowledge of their birth parents, are you able to make a connection with them. I searched for my birth mother, only to learn that she has now passed away, 2 years after my seach began. I seek information on my biological father. I seek this as I feel it is a big piece of my puzzle, who am I, what am I. I am contemplating a appointment with you. I just need to know if its possible. SP
830. This morning, I just need to say, thank you so much for helping me on this journey called life. As time goes on and things unfold, I have gone back to tape and had many "aha" moments. If we are willing to ask the questions, we will always get our answers through the most unexpected sources. For all you do, for all your frustrated moments relaying information, know in your soul, you have been divinely touched......as we all have in different ways. Thanks for putting yourself out there and reminding us.
831. Hi Chris, on June 11, 2008 I was on my way back from visiting dad (cemetary) there was a big sign that read "God Loves You" than this song starts to play on the radio. And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson Heaven holds a place for those who pray (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) I couldn't believe it, I live on Robinson ave, and this just blew me away..like you always say, there are signs. I felt so so happy and I thanked God for sending me this beautiful message. Filomena
832. I was informed some time ago, that I had one foot in the universe and one here. What exactly does that mean? I have at times had very strong feelings of things, like something being off or omnious and somethimes good. I was at your seminar on June 20th but did not speak with you. On another level can you help a person to develop an ability, if they have one.
833. Hi Chris. First off I wanted to say that I attended one of your seminars last summer in Brampton and you were fabulous! Friends of mine have met with you and think you are wonderful. Last summer, my boyfriend and I of almost 4 years became pregnant and I lost the pregnancy due to a miscarriage. It took a huge toll on our relationship and we can't seem to get back to where we used to be. I'm trying everything in my power to keep it together, but he can't seem to handle the stress anymore and he recently told me that he's tired of trying. He thinks we have failed. I am absolutely devistated and I don't know what to do with myself without him in my life. I've strongly felt since the beginning that we are soulmates and are meant for one and other. Why is this all happening? Do you see hope for us and any chance that we will succeed in a future together? Thank you! -Kristin
834. Hi Chris: How would you explain "orbs"? (ie. ball like shadows showing up in pictures) My sister recently passed and I've noticed them in a few pictures especially around her daughter. Am I going crazy? I also saw one in my sister's picture a couple of months before she passed? Is this a sign that she will soon die?
835. Dear Chris, THis may sound like a really cheezie question, but im just wondering if 'those who are around us' know when to...not be. I have had a few conversations with my mom about spirits, and she went to see you at the beginning of the month, so it has become a regular topic in our lives, and since then i can not help but wonder if the two whom i have been told are with me or the one who is around my hubby, hang around when are "together". My hope is they are hanging out with the children or off doing what ever else spirits do, rather then witnessing "that"!!! Kindest regards; M
836. Hi Chris my daughter suffers from severe migran headaches. I have taken her to the doctor and had a cat scan everything is good. I have read that they can be caused because she is psycic. She can sometims predict events before they happen and has been accurate to what people are thinking, and feeling. Have you heard of such a thing. Thanks
837. Hi Chris, My girlfriend and I came to see you yesterday Friday June 27, we had back to back appointments. I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful reading, I know we hit a bit of a wall but everything you said as we started were things nobody would be able to do unless they are a good medium. It just confirmed what I already know and that is life lives on even after our bodies fail us, kinda makes things a little less scary ;-). Anyways I had a truly great day having lunch with an old friend and having the pleasure of meeting you! Thanks again for a truly wonderful experience Take care Michelle
838. Hi Chris do you believe in UFO's? I think that with all the sightings around the world there has to be some truth to it. Thanks
839. Chris are you comming to Barrie or Innisfil in the near future? If so when.
840. Hi Chris do you belive that our life is charted out for us before we are born, and we follow that path? It makes sense to me because otherwise how could physics tell clients what is going to happen in the future
841. Hi Chris, my life has taken a really abrupt turn lately and I feel like it's spiraling out of my control, can you tell me if this is the path I'm supposed to be on and if I am doing the right thing?Thanx!
842. Hi Chris, my foster daughter's mom is in the hospital and has been for quite some time, no one will really tell me exactly how sick she is and I don't know if I should be preparing her daughter for the worst or if I'm just overreacting but I have a really bad feeling about the whole situation and I can't shake it, can you help me?Thanx!
843. Hi Chris: I have been for two readings and they helped enormously, but there are always questions and the quest for peace. In this weekends Toronto Star there is an article on Lilydale, a retreat south of Buffalo. I was thinking of going, but when I read that they were associated with the Churh of the Living Spirit and Lily Dale Spiritual Church, I back off. I was raised Roman Catholic, no longer practice and have huge problems with organized religions. I just wanted to know if you have heard of LilyDale or if there is a similar Canadian place that I could go. Thanks so much for all the peace that you give, Joanne Hawman
844. Hi Chris I am having such problems with my teenage daughter, at my wits end, no respect, swearing at me, very mean sometimes. I know teenagers have mood swings I was once one, but this is getting out of hand. I have told her she has to move out until she learns to have some respect and treat her family members better. I love my daughter with all my heart, and she is breaking it in half with her mean spirt. I know it is alot to ask but do you see us getting through this hard time soon.
845. Dear Chris, I was vey close to my mom who died of cancer 2 years ago...it still feels like yesterday, I don't feel like the same person that I used to be she was my best friend. I plan on saving some money and comming to see you soon, but for now does my mom have any messages for me at all, I do dream about her but can never remember what she is saying. Thank you for all your help!
846. Hi Chris I haven't written to you for awhile. At the breakthrough I usually have my new jewlery cleansed. How do I do that from home if I need to? What are your views on fairies.
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