847. Hi Chris. I have another question. What you feel about Pendulums. I have been using them successfully however I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
848. Hello Chris, You did a reading for me a year ago and in it my husband acknowleged 3 children. Two the same and one different. ( we have five ) In communicating with him the different one was a girl misscarried at 2 months gestation and the other were 2 boys which could not be born because I had a hysterectomy. My world is really changed since we spoke ( phone ) and I have the keys to the tractor which I will learn to drive soon. Thank you J
849. Why do most noises occur at midnight and 3am? Are they demon spirits or from my son or family member? Thank you! Tracy
850. I know this sounds silly but my cat disappeared two days ago. She was 17 years old and never strays too far from the house. I hate to think that her long life ends horribly. Do you get a feel from what I am saying about her. I ran into you today on Paris. I didn't want to ask you if you picked up anything like that around me. But I went into the website and had to ask. Clareece cpotts@trebnet.com
851. CHRIS : What is the sacred or spiritual meaning of a plow . also what is the significance/message of a spirit if it arrives singing and leaves singing - this person was not a singer during his time here on earth. thanks
852. Hi Chris I am seeing butterflies all over since the passing of my best friend. They even come and sit on my knee. Is this her? I am also finding quarters. Thank you Tammy
853. Hi Chris in my dreams I am flying around different areas for example my old child hood home, I can see everything even the grass in the backyard. I think I am having a out of body experience and visiting old places. What do you think of this? do you believe in it. Peace
854. Hi Chris, Thankyou for your reading on Tuesday. I would very much like to arrange a second reading, is there a time period in which I should wait? Thanks again Cindy
855. Chris, could you explain to us how our loved ones manage to use objects to represent themselves, such as the butterfly in an earlier question or pennies or nickels. How is it possible for a spirit to make concrete objects appear at will?
856. Hi Chris, I was reading your comments to the previous questions about Butterflies and had to share as well. My dad passed away 2 years ago in April. My mom was watching a TV show a few weeks after his passing, not sure which show, and it mentioned that white butterflies signify that the spirit is still around. I guess mom needed to hear that and share it with us, cause since hearing that we've had very special expriences with white butterflies. My dad and my little girl were very close, so one day when entering the car a white butterfly was flying around her car seat inside the car. Also walking to the park we often were followed by a single while butterfly. My mom was sitting at an Indigo store reading a book and a white butterfly was flying around her inside the store. How often does that happen. A few weeks ago, I was having a really bad week and asked out loud, dad if you are around me i really need to see a white butterfly for confirmation. I asked for it in the car while picking up a lunch. I sat down outside to eat my lunch and one little white butterfly was flying a few minutes later. No other butterflies were to be seen anywhere else around. So to our family white butterflies have become a special message that dad is around. Have a super August!
857. If you have read someone before would the next reading give you an even better contact since you already have some of the info?
858. Hi Chris. My brother went missing about 30 years ago, he was on a ship in Italy, and to this day still don`t know what happened to him ,his name is Roger, we all think he must have passed. Thank you.
859. Hi I am wondering if it is possible for a spirit to follow a family? My father in law was killed 3 years ago and myself and my daughter have now seen him in our house, we have had soo many weird things happen that used to scare me and now I am used to it. the day that he died..at the time of his death myhusband and I were cleaning the basement, he had the stereo upstairs really loud for us. The stereo went on then off, he went up to check..it was nobody. Then 2 mins later, we heard footsteps figuring its a friend as a few had our key. Again he went up and the door was locked. Third time we attempted to clean the stereo went right off and there was a bang which got my husband upstairs near a phone which we never would have heard being in the basement and with the music on. He answered the phone and that was the awful news that his dad was killed within the hour. Is that a coincidence to you? I had seen my father in law in our old house and then we moved after all kinds of freaky things were happening, now my 8 year old has seen him and had a conversation with him about things that she would have never known. I thought she was being smart until she started telling me what Grampa said to her. It scared me!!! Can he have followed us from house to house and why me and my daughter?? Why not my husband?? He would love to see his father one last time. thanks so much!! S.L
860. Chris, im hoping that you can help me out in my current situation. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just recently I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Its a hormonal disorder and causes infertility or reduced fertility in women. When my doctor informed me of my condition I was devastated and shocked, cause I do have a daughter and didn't seem to have any issues conceiving her. My husband and I have recently been talking about having more children but after hearing this news from my doctor and knowing that I could now possibly be infertile has really scared me into thinking I wont be able to have anymore. It's affected me quite a bit. By any chance do you see this condition causing me any issues with having more children? Any light you can possibly shed on my situation would be of much help. Thank you so much.
861. Dear Chris, My sister passed away about 10 weeks ago. There was a lot of anger and judgment toward her. I, for one was guilty of that but have since accepted her choices as they were hers to make not ours. The cancer had spread and she did not tell anyone. Can she find spiritual and emotional peace with all these negative feelings? Thank You.
862. Hi Chris I am wondering how my mother is doing it has been over 25 years since her passing i know she is happy but i need to know if she is with me. I m still hurting.
863. Hello Chris! Hope you’re well! I was just wondering if you have any thoughts on this. In the last couple of months, I’ve noticed these seemingly “playful” occurrences of things in my home being misplaced, moved just slightly somewhere else, but enough for me to notice. Since I live alone, and I *darned well* know where I put things last, or how I have them “just so”, it always makes me smile when I notice these odd things. The thing is, there’s no one around me at all who has died for quite a number of years – nor were they in the least what one might call “playful” or mischievous. Whoever it is though, I usually ask them aloud, “So, are you having fun?”. And then I laugh! Any comments? Thanks! :D
864. Chris, I had a reading done with you a while ago and you had mentioned there being a little boy around me. I just wanted to know what the relationship is between me and this little boy. I never thought to ask this before but its been on my mind lately since my husband and I are trying to conceive. Could this boy by any chance be a future son just waiting to come down to me? Any possible insight? Thank you.
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