865. Hi Chris I applied to rent an apt....desperatly want it. Do you think that I will get it. I appreciate your thoughts on this.
866. hi chris : my husband and i were at the madd conferance this spring 2008 our daughter amy came through .i always knew she was with us i could feel her around me all the time but my husband couldn't...i just wanted to thank you for verifying it for me and making my husband a beliver thank you so much again from the bottom of our hearts love Debbie & Joey Gallant from PEI..Canada
867. Chris, I just wanted to know if Heaven was really up in the sky like most people seem to think or is it all around us, like 2 worlds overlapping? I always felt that Earth and Heaven overlapped, we just can't see it. What's your take on this. Thanks.
868. Hi Chris, I have an opportunity to meet with a psychic just for fun. I hesitate though because growing up a Catholic one is taught that it is wrong. In your opinion, does it really do any spiritual harm? Thanks!
869. Hi Chris, I have written to you before...and I have enjoyed checking up on your website. However, I now have a question yet again. About 2 months ago I was home alone with my puppy and he was looking rather cute so I started taking pictures of him with my digital camera. One of the pictures I took had 3 orbs along with several small orbs. So I zoomed in on the largest orb...and I was absolutly stunned it was my Nono's (grandfather's) face smiling. My Nono passed away when I was 7 yrs old, I am now 28 and he came to me through a picture. I showed my dad (Nono is his dad) and I didn't tell what I saw and he said Holy S*!t it's my dad! I'm just curious why he came to me. He came to me in person once in 2002 3 days before my dog died. Now in 2008 he shows up in a picture smiling away. I've always felt a strong connection to him my entire life and LOVE the fact that he came to me, I'm just curious if there was a reason, or if he just wanted to say hi. Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for all teh information. Nicole
870. Hi Chris, My son passed on July 4, 2006. My husband and I went to see Sandra Wiltshire for a reading and we were impressed with the reading. It's been a year since we saw Sandra and I'm just wondering if you can give me some information as to how my son is doing and if he's been with us in the last 5 funtions that we held this year so far. Also, some medium (claiming to be) said that my son has been lingering too long here and she's afraid that he'll miss his chances of going into heaven that he might become one of a bad spirit and that we need to see a good medium to help us help my son go to heaven. What do you think of this? Thank you in advance.
871. Hi Chris, I heard somewhere that it is dangerous to play with a ouija board because you can attract undesirable energies into your life. I believe my son spent time with a ouija board when he was younger. He is spiritually very sensitive. He is still very much alive, living in another country, but is spiritually having a real rough time. He seems to attract all kinds of negative energy: negative people; he is having bad job experience etc. Can you, as a medium give an opinion on this matter. I would appreciate it so much. Brian. Email. hgbrian@hotmail.com
872. Hi Chris, I didn't realize I'll hear from you right away knowing that you're very busy with clients and everything. I would like to have a reading with you one of these days cause I miss my only child badly and would like to have communication with him. Again, thank you and I wish you all the best in what you do. I'm #871
873. Hi Chris.At my first reading with you, you said my mother was behind my right shoulder, but I never turned to see if I could see her. At my second reading you told me and my sister that our mother was behind us, ..again I didn't look and neither did my sister. I don't know why we didn't look, maybe we were afraid to. My question is, had we turned around would we have seen anything?
874. Hi Chris, i was at a seminar with you in Goderich last year ,and you had my dad come through, if you remember about the sucking of toes, it was my dog ,well you told me about a John did`nt know any John that had passed well did some searching , it turned out to be my grandfather which i never knew, he passed before i was born, thank you very much. My brother went missing over 30 years ago, no trace since he went missing in Italy, could you tell me if he has passed. thanks Sue.
875. Hi Chris, It's Filomena, I don't know if you still remember me, I came with my son Anthony and my cousin Maria (you still ring my bell) anyway in our session you mentioned that there was going to be a move for my mom, she would not like it but the decision would be made for her, well guess what the big move is from Toronto to Brantford, mom is not very happy with this move...see crys that she will not be able to visit dad at the cementery, and I tell her, that he is with her always, but still its not the same she says. Chris we went to see you in May 2008, how soon do you recommend a second reading, i would like to bring my sister along with me this time. sincerely, filomena
876. Hi Chris: One question will you ever be doing workshops in the Toronto/Scarborough area?
877. Hi Chris my son is 12 years old all through his life he has had really bad night terrors. He still gets them, but now he says he can feel them comming on even if he is awake, reading or playing quietly in his room. He says when they happen he feels like he can't hear himself play anymore everything goes really quiet something trys to take him over, and he trys to shake them off so it goes away. He has heard something calling his name in his room many times but trys not to get upset with it anymore. Last night he was crying because he doesn't want it to happen anymore (the night terrors )we prayed and asked god to take the night terrors away. I don't know what to do, I want to help him. Thanks for your help in advance
878. Hi Chris: Just following up to question 801. Your response somewhat confused me...you mentioned that "for some reason, now is not the right time for me to know how my sister died". Can you elaborate on that please. We still don't have answers, so please if you have any indication of what happened I would truly be grateful for anything you have to offer. She died in January 08. Thank you
879. Hello Chris, I have become very interested in your work after I lost my brother. I had a reading about a year ago and intend on booking another. My mother also had a reading with you that went very well. I did want to ask a question and hope it is not a repeat. Do people who die have a hard time with their passing, do certain individuals have the capacity to be more upset with the fact they have died more than others. If so who supports them through this transition and do you know how long it lasts? Is it possible for one to be in shock in the moment they realize they are dead? Are people there right away to help or guide?
880. Hi Chris. This is more a testimonial than a question. I have had more than one reading with you over the past five years. I started out quite skeptical but was forced to believe by your accuracy in delivering messages to me from my family. Because of you, I was able to survive my Mother's passing - something I had no idea how I was going to accomplish. You have restored my faith that there is indeed an afterlife and that I will see my family again. I readily share my experiences from my readings with anyone who expresses an interest - in hope that it will help them to believe and find peace of mind. Thank you ever so much. Pat
881. Hi Chris, With regards to the boy with night terrors: definatly I would check out the A&E web site. they have it listed and contact information. Senitive children need to meet others like them and learn what is happening. The people that are doing this are A-1. These kids do not need drugs or medications They need to be in touch with like minds. We all do . It is a wonderous journey. J
882. Hi Chris. Lately I have been noticing crows around me, numerous times in the last week. One flew right by me and landed on a lamp post downtown (an unusual spot for a crow -- downtown). The next was perched on top of a church steeple, also on a very busy road, not a spot you'd normally find a crow. A few days later, I was coming up to that same church and thought about that crow and how "I'd never see that again..." This time there was not one, but five crows perched on the very same steeple (also very unusual as crows are mostly 'loner' type birds, don't usually find them in flocks or in town) In my mind I thanked them for their appearance, it made me chuckle at how wrong I could be thinking it could never happen again! When I looked to the other side of this busy road on a small grassy spot there were two more crows walking around. Do you know what the message is that I am suppose to gather from all this? I feel there's a meaning for me to grasp with these seperate events all within a matter of days. I would appreciate your input, thanks.
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