73. Can someone who has crossed over before the right time for them clear negative karma once they are on the other side?
74. Where do I look for an answer to my question?
75. Do you talk to your spirit guide? What kind of questions do you ask?
76. Dear Chris,My twin brother past away on November 30th, 2003. We still do not know exactly how he died. Is there any way of trying to contact him to let us know exactly how he died. Does he have the capability of telling us something so tragic? I have felt him around me and had a very real dream about him, but my questions about his death still remain a mystery. thanks, Ruth
77. I have struggled with this for too many years and can't find a definitive answer.If
78. Hi Chris, i have recently had 2 major losses in my life.And i an left with so many unanswered question of why? It was a shock . I guess i just really need to know , does spirit know that they are going to cross over to the other side.Looking back i can see diffrent signs that told me they seemed to know. They where both way to young. Thanks
79. Hi Chris: Do you believe that people know they are going to pass in advance , their subconsious mind or their soul , as in sudden death , or any death that is unpredicted ? Thanks
80. Hi Chris:I am 45 and my 27 year old son passed on Dec 29 2003 , he went to sleep and never again woke up . He had called me 3x the day before , but I did not return his call , he was going through a series of tests for a short illness in the upcoming weeks before he passed , but the tests were not related to what he passed from , my question is , did he know he was going to pass , without saying anything , the guilt that I feel for not calling him is killing me , he had a wife and 3 year old son , but for some reason I feel like he was calling me for help and I didnt answer .... did he know ? Your answer would be so much appriciated , thanks Chris .
81. Why can I not recall my dreams. I've tried so many dream recall methods & none work. Diane
82. Dear Chris,I wrote to you a few days about my twin brother who had past away tragically on November 30th, 2003. I wanted to let you know that I found a spiritual medium here in Quebec and will be going to see her on February 8th, 2004. Someone told me that calling someone from the spiritual life is a sin and makes them suffer. Could this be true? I am really hoping my twin brother comes through, but I don't want him to suffer in any way. thanks, Ruth
83. Hi Chris: Hats off to the question you answered for Ruth , the woman who lost her twin . I too would like to hear how her reading goes . What a lovely answer you gave to her , love brings love ...... Thanks
84. Hi:I hear you talk to others about those who have passed , showing themselves in our dreams . The other night I was awaken at 2 am , to see my son standing beside my bed , I sat up and reached for him and called his name , for a moment I thought everything was ok and what I have been through since losing him had only been a dream , what a feeling of uforia I felt for that mere second , but when I reached for him he faded away .It was very obvious that my son was not smiling as he usually did , was this a dream ? If so it is one of the most vivid Ive ever had in my entire life ! Or could it be that he was really here ? He was too young to go , and I miss him so so much , each breath is a struggle ..... Thanx so much in advance for your response
85. My Father passed away almost 2 years ago. I did have a reading with you about 1 yr. ago by myself. The problem is My 7 yr daughter is still finding it hard to except the passing of her Ampa as she called him. I have tried to talk to her about his spirit still being with us. But I don’t know if my words are getting through to her. So what I want to know, is it ok if I make an appointment with you and bring her in with me? Or is she too young for a reading of her Ampa. Kim
86. Dear Chris , I just read the question about the woman who said she saw her son standing by her bed. I would give anything to see my beloved son who died two years ago . I have read about such visions and I wonder what I would have to do or think about to have this happen to me. If they appear because we need them to then I should have seen him by now because I miss him so terribly and want only to see him again . Can you answer this for me ?
87. Dear Chris, You asked that I let you know how my session went with the spiritual medium I met with here in Quebec, and here it is. My twin brother did come through and many things were said that only he would know, which brought out a lot of tears and emotion. He did say that there was a fall and something to the left side of the head, which is what you had sensed from the e-mail I sent you. He did also say that his death was not an accident and that he was murdered. He mentioned that he couldn't breath and the medium kept telling me that his hands were on his throat. He also said that I know one of the people that were present on the day he died and that we will be getting more answers from the second Autopsy report, which we still have not received the results of. He spoke of my grandmother, who helped him cross over and a few other personal things that only I would know. He gave me a hug and told me that he's o.k and that I should eventually come to terms with the fact that he won't be around physically, but always with me spiritually. He told me to take care of my Mom, Dad, sister & brother, because they are also in so much pain. Although, I am very grateful that I received so much more information than I thought I would, the reality that he'll never be here physically hit me like a ton of bricks. I think that in my head I know he's gone, but my heart just hasn't taken it all in yet. I always suspected that his death was not an accident, we all did. I just hope that justice will be served and the person who did this to him gets caught. I would like to thank you again for all your advise and help. God Bless you, Ruth
88. I lost my grandmother last October very suddenly and I was not able to say goodbye. I just cannot get over losing her. If you were able to contact her and see that she was okay, would you need, say her ring to be able to contact her, which I wear, Thanks, Lisa
89. Since yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is just a thought then time really is nothing more then the movement of thought. If that is the case, then why do people and other living things age? I saw my mother in law visit my wife the night she died in spirit form. It was a fascinating thing to see. My question though is why was she 40 years younger when she appeared? One night I was saying to myself over and over that “ I am one with God”. I had read somewhere and it made so much sense. So I went to sleep thinking it. I was woke up by a voice that was so clear, so attractive, so memorable and all it said was, “yes you are”. Who could that have been? That voice will stay with me forever, it was such a beautiful thing to hear.
90. You are truly a gift. I have written twice now and your answers to me and others are always filled with joy, acceptance, love and support. Well done.I have been practising with auto writing for a while now. I hope I'm speaking with my spirit guides when I do so. I ask them a question and then write down the first things that comes to me. I can even ask a question now and the pen starts to move all on its own. Its rather entertaining.The answers are always supportive & straight forward but not always accurate. In fact sometimes they are quite misleading. What is happening when I do this? Am I communicating with me on another level? Is it my wishes and intent that are coming through? The writing was a progression from using the pendulum which had similar results. I will be seeing you at your next seminar and am looking forward to seeing you do your thing.
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