883. May I say a little on the crow issue. About two years ago, after a life changing incident, I too seemed to be viewing crows everywhere. I read that crows remind us that we create our reality every day and if they are appearing in our life they are reminding us not to play the victim....that we all chose to be here at this particular time and there is no value in playing "the poor me game"... take control. Just a few days ago I was in a frustrating situation that was of someone's elses doing (in my mind) and when I looked out the window and saw a group of crows..it made me smile and take control of the situation. So when you see a crow or crows ask yourself if you are giving your power to someone else and playing the victim. It works for me and reminds me to change my mind set and actions.
884. Hi Chris, I have gone to the same church since i was 3 years old and have taught SS and sang in the choir. I have always felt a deep connection there, until recently. My mother who is superintendant of the SS for 42 yrs was recently told by the minister to resign because she is too old (66) the SS is her life and she is also clerk of session and the first woman elder in the history of this church. Why would the minister out of the blue take that away from her, i can't believe that is what Jesus would want and if that is the way it is to be i can't see myself going back. can you help me put this in perspective? Thanx
885. Hello Chris, my daughter is having terrible pains in her legs and no one seems to know what it is, she has been to a lot of specialitsts and nothing has shown up on xrays, do you have any thoughts on what it might be, I relize you are not a doctor but I really don't know where else to turn. Thank you for whatever advise you can give me.
886. Hi Chris, I often have dreams about a bad spirit or spirits that are in my house. They have been happening non stop for the past few months. In my dream it takes place in my house but it does not look like my home. I am in another home. The spirits are evil and in my dream I always attempt to move to another house to get away from these evil spirits. Sometimes they try to hurt me. Does this mean I have a spirit in my house or is it just simply a dream?
887. Good Evening Chris I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with you twice and I now have a question. I have an overwhelming feeling of being lost, unsure and afaid of what my furture will be. Can you help me with this or do I need to seek the advise from someone else? If your answer answer is someone else can you direct me? I am more that willing to come in and see you again. Thanks Debbie Virgoe
888. Hi Chris, you have been so helpful in the past' I hope you can help again. My father is an alchoholic & is in hospital for the 2nd time as he doesn't eat properly & the alchohol is causing heart failure(again) he fills up with fluid & the last time they were able to drain it, however he is not recovering as well this time, I think part of him is letting go & then when it gets close he pulls back, he is so depressed, he has had other health issues in the lst 8 yrs & has had to give up so many of the things he's loved. He was a long haul trucker all his life & the day he sold the truck was the beginning of the end(I believe). Do you sense anything, is it his time, I wish I knew how to help him, but basically I'm just sad to see him this way. Thanks, Tracy
889. Hi Chris, I listen to you on the radio and love you, I am going though a lot of tough stuff right now and I was wondering if things will get better and my kids be ok after its all over.
890. Hi Chris, I have been trying to make some big changes in my life for 6 months or more now. I know that things happen when they are meant to and will come at the right time, but I am getting so discouraged that is it never going to happen. I know it is hard for you to get any answers unless the person in is front of you...but do you see any changes for me at all comming soon? Best wishes Thanks
891. Hi Chris: I live in North Bay and since you hail from the surrounding area you know all about the shad flies we get here in the summer. However, I have never seen any at this time of the year. Yesterday morning, September 25th, there was one lone shad fly on my kitchen window screen. It stayed there all day. About 5:30 p.m. I looked and it was gone. Ann's explanation was that a bird ate it. This morning, the 26th, I went downstairs and opened up all the blinds and there was nothing there. Just as I was going back through the kitchen there it was on the patio creen door. I've called several people and nobody else has seen one. Is there a meaning to this? Its been too cold for us to have shad flies! Jeannine @ Jocko Point.
892. Hi Chris I didn't know you were on the radio, are you a guest on a regular program? I would also love to listen!
893. Chris, yesterdays workshop was very interesting. We were all glad that we had done that particular one away from Port Loring. If you were passing pictures around a room of people you knew would it be possible that too many assumptions would be made on the pictures beacuse we know each other. Therefore guessing? Just out take and am curious what you think. bender.l@sympatico.ca (Brenda)
894. Hi Chris, I don't know if you can answer my question unless a member of my family is close by when you read this. But will my baby make it? I've been diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma which will give my baby a 50% chance. I'm trying to think very positive. In this life my grandmother loved speaking with mediums, I'm hoping she'll come through to you.
895. Hi Chris.. I have mixed feelings about an upcoming phone reading with yourself.I am really nervous and a little scared but have decided to go ahead with it. I was adopted and if someone from my biological background came through, I would not be a very happy camper ..I have met those still living and all I can say is Thank God I was adopted.. Talk to you soon..
896. Hi chris, I wanted to say Thanks (question 889) I have been with my Dad as much as I can be, he is doing better at the moment, however they have noted some internal bleeding & are still investigating. After I read your answer I talked to my nephew who is also close to my Dad. I asked him to let his Mom & my other sister know about the bleeding, so they could decide if they wanted to see him. My whole family is pretty much estranged from my parents with the exception of me & my family as well as my Neice & nephew. So far 1 sister has gone for a visit & the other is planning to go, I truly hope this helps my father when his time comes, I want him to find peace as you said, Thank you again, you are a wonderful bridge to the otherside of life. Tracy
897. Hi Chris I am a very spirtual person who belives in god and prays, but I was not baptized as a child. Does this have any affect on me in gods eyes. Thanks
898. Hi again Chris, Thanks for your reply #896.. I didn't mean to sound so selfish. Sorry. I have already thanked my biological Mother and first and foremost God for giving me a better life and of course my Parents. It's tough to swallow though when after 35 plus years you make contact with the family or should I say one contacted me and the biological Mother's response is "What does she want and when my plate is not so full I will be in touch".. OUCH !!WOW!! I have a hard time still in swallowing it. Not 5 mins of her time?? I have 2 beautiful children that I felt for medical reasons deserved to know their biological background.. Needless to say because I am such a loving and caring person when my birth Mother many months later called I didn't give her the same response she gave me.. I know they have told me many lies ..I dont look down on them or condemn them, Just dont quite understand them..We are all Gods children and he loves us all..and forgives us.. I pray for both sides of my family.. Biological and adopted..If there is truth to us picking our own lives ,mine is a doosy!!Lots of twists.. I feel like I dont belong anywhere..Here's one twist in my life that maybe you can help me with .. My Adopted Mom lost her daughter shortly after her birth with complications.. She was devastated and my Dad needed to find her a another baby girl..Along came me..My biological Mother lost her daughter not that long ago and low and below who should call me up.. Kinda weird the timing of it all..What do you think? I will keep my mind open and take what ever comes.. Thanks.. Talk soon.
899. Hi Chris, I read for phone readings that you send out a cassette, Is it possible to have a CD copy instead? Also I have been reading just about all questions asked of you and so freaky that I should read on 000-000-0000 showing up on ones phone.. That just started happening to me in the last couple weeks.. Twice in fact and no one is there?? What's up with that? Also I am lately finding nickels and pennies in unusual places?? I think I am reading to much into things.. What do you think? Seems strange!!!Thank-You..
900. Dear Chris, My daughter's father Johnny passed away two years ago Sept 23 in an automobile accident. We had a close relationship although we did not remain a couple. Just two months before he died I was visiting in NS and we talked and joked about how someday we'd go into the same aged home together. Being from the East coast, where I think more people believe in paranormal experiences, both of our families have had experiences. It was a known event that his sister regularly talked to their deceased grandmother and when in their former home after their death told me of seeing my grandparents and described them to me though they'd never met. He knew how much it would mean to me to be contacted by him - I know he would. I organized a really cool send off for him implementing his own band's music and his favourite music at the wake and funeral. Everything I did was in mind of what he would have wanted. So I'm really getting kind of ticked that he's never contacted me. I'm constantly observing my dog Snuggles - who he taught to give hugs - when she seems to be aware of something or someone I'm not in the house. What signs are common forms of contact that I should watch for or be more aware of? Is it selfish of me to expect him to try and contact me if he's move on and at peace? I'd really like to leave it alone and move on and accept he's at peace but I just can't seem to let him go. Please advise, aj.chapman@sympatico.ca
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