901. Hello Chris, I was given your link by a friend.This question maybe a little selfish but I am hoping you can help. I will be having back surgery next month after 11 years of chronic pain, is there anyway you could waylay my fears. Thank you for your time. Ernie
902. Hi Chris - I am coming to see you at Dalton Community Centre on October 18/08 and really looking forward to the experience. I have had a few spiritual experiences over the years and hope to develop it. Do you believe in past lives??? I have read Edgar Cayce's bio and a book, "the life of Bridey Murphy". What's your opinion of this? Sorry for more than one question...........Mary
903. Chris can you give me the name of the lady medium who can tell you the future. You mentioned her at one of your gatherings. I feel I am at the end of my rope. I have nothing left no money no nothing. I have a part time job and not alot of hours. I have been struggling for the last 8 years and I am tired of all this. I am hoping the other medium can help me pull myself out of this struggle I have endured for the last 8 years. I have no home I live with my ex's family and I need my own space and soon. I hope you can help me. My email addy is cindycarey_30@sympatico.ca I await your friends name and phone number so I can call and book a reading. Thanks Chris for your time. I enjoyed your reading I had with you in Feb/08
904. I had a reading with you on March 29th, 2008. Since than, I visit your web site often. I have read the book into the light by John Lerma M. D... Dr lerma writes of pre-death experiences( i think this was your recommendation ). My mother become ill in August and died September 29th. At the time of her passing I was in the room holding her hand, in prayer passing . It maybe my perception only , but I believe (Iam certain )that there was a scent of white roses in the air during her last hours.Any comments . I was truly uplifted by the experience. I attribute the deeper understanding of the after live to you and to those that contribute to the web site. thank you a million times
905. Hi again Chris, I think you figured you would be hearing from me soon after our telephone reading. I thank you kindly for your time, very interesting.. I just need you if you can for me clarify on what this 2-1 meant and if you feel anything more came through on this issue ?? Thanks D
906. Hi Chris, I have been to see you twice and you were fabulous. I had to put my beautiful dog down two days ago and I am grief stricken. I need to know if she is with me and if she is okay? Please help me with my pain
907. Hi Chris, I have read many times on your website about people finding coins, and I do remember your story about the coins in your grandfather's wallet. Never did I think this would happen to me. Well, a couple of weeks ago I looked into a small case that I have which contained 2 gold coins from the Austro-Hungarian empire. One was given to me by my godmother and the other to my mother from my godmother. Both ladies are now deceased and I have both coins. When I recently looked into the case, there were 2 dimes in the case with the gold coins. I was taken aback by this because I honestly don't remember putting them there. How can I know for sure? Is it just wishful thinking or could it be a sign that I have been waiting so long for? THank you in advance.
908. Chris, I'm not sure if you will be able to give me any advice but I thought I would give it a shot anyway. I would just like to know if you see any positive change in the near future for my husband and I? Since June of last year our lives haven't been the same and we both have been in the dumps ever since, with everything else slowing falling apart too, like our finances. Our world fell apart very suddenly and we have been trying to pick ourselves back up but it isn't always easy. Something has to give here, does anything come through for you, anything at all? Thank you.
909. Dear Chris, I am having a hard time with my 17 year old daughter going to school, she is so smart, beautiful, but I can't get her up in the morning, and she skips school when she feels like it. I have a feeling it has alot to do with anxiety but not sure. She likes school when she is there and there is no problems with her teachers or friends.She is really putting me through the ringer. Do you get any feelings on this at all, I want to take her to the doctor but she refuses to go. Thanks alot
910. Hi Chris, My mother passed away Sept 14/1999 & since then I have been trying to contact her through other mediums to no avail. At the time she was in the hospital she had mentioned to me that she was scared of what was going to happen to her, my response to her was it was ok & that I would be with her no matter what. Well the day/night she had passed away was one of the only days I didnt visit her, now I live with the feelings of guilt by not being there...How do I know she has forgiven me? Thanks Michele
911. Chris: In reply to #908, I read your story on the coins shortly after my Dad died and was skeptical, but told my Dad to give me a sign by showing me a coin. Over the next few weeks I found pennies in odd places but still wasn't sure. One night I was getting ready for bed and there was a penny on the floor beside my bed, I said Dad, if this is really you, don't be so cheap!! When I went to get out of bed the next morning, there was a quarter on the floor! I laughed out loud, and I had the warmest feeling because I KNEW it was Dad. Thanks for all you do Chris.
912. Hi Chris..I recently had a visit with you and forgot to ask this question, so I hope you dont mind answering it for me if you can. In the past year I have had two occurances with a thread of light. One the thread was just floating and the other the thread was attached to my finger and went up to the ceiling. I can not find anything on the subject so I hope you can help. Thank you ....Debbie
913. Hi Chris I was wondering if you would be having a workshop/seminar near the Owen Sound area in the near future. Thank you Barb
914. I had a dream that I met up with my father, who died several years ago. He was happy to see me and kissed me. What could this mean?
915. Hi Chris I just wanted to say that I and I am sure alot of other people would be in agreement, thank you for taking the time and answering questions, and giving us some relief when we need it. God Bless you xoxo
916. Chris is anything happening with the program you were going to get on Global TV? I am looking forward to seeing it, and know lots of others who are waiting for it as well.
917. Hi Chris, I was wondering if anyone has approached you to lend a hand in the search for Brandon Crisp? If not, have you ever been involved in a missing persons case before?
918. Hi Chris, I had posted a question a few months back but can't find your response. I was wondering if you could talk to infants? My daughter was 5 days old when she passed.
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