919. Chris I was wondering what kind of relationship you have with your spirit guide. Do you actually see him? What does he look like? (I know Rosemary Altea physically sees hers) and do you have 2-way conversations with him as she does? How often do you communicate with him?
920. Hi Chris I had submitted a question and you helped me out regarding my daughter#910. I am at my wits end again, she wants to move in with her boyfriend next spring. she is not going to be finished her grade 12 by then, and I want her to go to collage. his parents had said it was ok, not checking with me or asking my opinion first, needless to say I am very hurt and mad over this. I am hoping that this doesn't happen I feel like I am losing her, I know she has to leave home sometime but i thought it would be to go to college. I am afraid that if she does this she will work to pay rent and not finish school. Do you get any feeling regarding this matter. thanks again!!!!
921. I was recently at a meditation group in collingwood with medium. I found it very interesting and it was the very first time I was able to go into a meditative state. My problem is that since that evening two weeks I have been suffering with exhaustion and the feeling of being off balance and aggitated. Could that one evening have prompted this in anyway? Thank you Chris....Louise
922. Are you able to also communicate with animals who have crossed over? If so, do they appear to you as animals?
923. Chris, I am #911. I am not sure if you read this on Oct 30 but on this night my mother came to me in a dream & told me everything was fine...so I thank you once again for your insight. God Bless. Michele
924. Hi Chris, My grandfather, Harold Sykes, passed away in 2002. Him and I were very close as I grew up. In 2002 things went downhill in our relationship. I had moved from my mothers house to live with my grandfather, uncle and aunt. I moved for school. My uncle is an alcoholic, and when he drinks he becomes very abusive. My grandfather always stood up for him though, as he had made a promise to my grandmother when she passed away in 1995. While living there my uncle and grandfather had come home one night and my uncle had been drinking, and long story short, he was beating my very sick grandfather so I got in the middle of it, end result my wrist got broken. After this my mother had me move home. My grandfather came by one day shortly after this incident. While speaking with my mother I was sitting upstairs listening. He lied to my mother saying that I was just being a trouble starter and brought it upon myself by spitting in my uncles face. Which never really happened. My grandfather and I didnt speak after this. About a month later his cancer got worse and he passed away. I unfortunately only got to see him for about 5 minutes on the day he passed. I have had a very heavy heart about this ever since. I just feel like we left off on bad terms and the door on it has never been closed. Crystal
925. Hi Chris a cousin of mine wants to find her half sister. If she had a reading with you and showed you a photo, would you be able to help her in her quest. Thanks.
926. i used to experience a lot of paranormal activity growing up. when i moved in with my dad 3 years ago there were weekly/bi-weekly occurances of wierd things happening. in the last year, i have not experienced anything even remotely close to what i was. do you have any thoughts about that? why have they stopped? thanks
927. Hi Chris: My family has recently (earlier this year) suffered the loss of our sister (37yrs old) to a tragic drowning. Alot of strange occurrences have been taking place in amongst our family members at our different homes. Feet scurrying across the upstairs hall (childlike), (this has happened on 2 occassions) and just this weekend, my niece heard banging on her front door more than once, then heard footsteps coming up from her basement, then after that heard a very sad crying sound, coming from a woman. She said this lasted for about 20 mins and was extremely terrified, as she was home alone. I truly believe her, because both my husband and my aunt heard footsteps going across the upper level of both our house and my mom's house. What do you think this means? I know my sister is around, but would she scare my niece that way? and if so why? Is she trying to tell us that something is wrong or give us some kind of warning? Do you cry on the other side? I've read that you don't cry there is no bad emotions there.....I hope you can clarify this for me. You may remember meeting my sister and I when we attended a reading in the summer...we were late due to a speeding ticket! Thank you Chris.
928. Hi Chris, Chris my sister inlaw is going thru a very hard time with her 15 year old son ,he is smoking pot and drinking, doing what ever he wants, won't listen to his parents, its just awful, I was wondering if you feel anything...you have helped so much in the past I thought i would give it a shot, i was even thinking of bringing him to see you, i even went as far as telling him that his grandpa is upset i am sure, because he sees what he is doing, he took a fit and starting screaming STOP SAYING THOSES THINGS, we don't know what else to do with this child. signed, HELP
929. Hi Chris I recently had a dream of my in-laws who both passed away several years ago. They appeared as they last did when they were both well but older. They had an infant with them which they both cared for and protected. I was there but they didn't appear to see or hear me. I was speaking to them but they didn't answer. Their one daughter was also there watching but she is still alive. The baby was beautiful and I made a comment that he was the best looking one in the family. I talked to the baby and he answered me and told me not to worry. I couldn't understand how my in-laws would look after this child because of their age and assured them that we would if they couldn't. His name was Kearn (first name) MacLaughlin(middle name). When I woke up I recalled the dream to my husband and I asked him if his parents had lost a child through miscarriage or anything else. He is the oldest and apparently his mother had a miscarriage before him. Could it be this child or could this child be coming to us as a grandchild in the future? I am trying to interpret the meaning as sometimes I have received messages in my dreams. Thanks for your help.
930. Chris - Do your children believe you can communicate with those who have passed? If so are they forced to defend you to their peers or do people in your community accept you for what you are?
931. Hello Chris, I've heard wonderful comments about your work. You have helped many people get past their sorrow and begin to heal. Do you also provide readings to explore a client's future? I will look forward to your response. Many thanks, Wanda
932. Hi Chris When a person dies and has issues with loved ones that are unresolved does this prevent him from crossing over. And when he does cross over, can he come back anytime?
933. Hi Chris I just want to convey a message to the people who sent in question #921 and you. My daughter was sixteen and was very headstrong and as we were very busy and building a house at the time among other things, she got a little out of control. Same attitude - we are stupid and she knows everything. She moved into her boyfriend's parents home (without our permission and his parents never even spoke to us either) I was sick about it for a while. I had a conversation with the boy's mother and concluded that they weren't bad people but a little too indulgent of their children's wishes. Anyway, the end of the story is that we accepted her choice and kept her and him as close to us as possible and helped where we could. She eventually decided, after graduating from high school and working for a couple years, that this was not the life she wanted. She returned home and enrolled in university. She graduated with honours, received scholarships and is now in Teacher's College. Believe me it was a long hard road for us all. But we loved her and tried our best to support her decisions. She will be fine and so will your children if you just be there to love them in the way they need. We weren't pushovers because they need guidance and a friendly reminder of right and wrong. Have faith in them because they will find their way with your help.
934. One more comment on teenage issues. My children are raised now, however, when I was at my wits end, a poem and a saying from an elderly uncle helped me through. They are as follows: The Poem: Your children are not your children, They are the sons and daughters of life longing for itself. They are God's creations; they are expressions of their maker. They come through you but not from you and though they are with you, they do not belong to you. You may give them love, but not your thoughts, You may house their bodies but not their souls. For their souls are the image of God and their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow which you cannot visit even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them but don't try to make them like you. For life goes forwards not backwards, It does not tarry with yesterday, You are the bows from which your children, as living arrows are sent. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite and He the maker bends you with his might, that his arrows might go swift and far. Let your bending in the Archer's hand be for gladness. Rejoice in your part of life, prolonging itself and going on. Life goes forward not backwards. Learn from your children. They can teach you more about honest emotion than anyone.............and the the saying from the elderly uncle; The harder the colt to break, the better the horse.
935. Hi Chris, thank you for the wonderful reading, i have reviewed the cd and realized i missed my opportunity to ask him questions, i understand you said a year however i am in need of answers, answeres to my purpose without him, our connection was beyond this world, spanned 22 years of being in each others faces and the love never dwindling, overcoming so many obstacles and to be faced with this now, i dont understand , there is a reason i just need some tidbit or validation as to why i was left behind and what it was all for, maybe thats cheating, maybe im not suppose to know however this goes beyond grief, could we perhaps meet sooner then a year, 6months perhaps ? please let me know, sorry for being a pain a the butt...oh i figured out what ssshasa or ssshhhasha meant..haha it was ssshhhaga, that means pain the butt in portuguese....that was his nickname for me :) thank you again for everything
936. Hi Chris, I truly enjoyed watching you utilize your gift from God to benefit others who are trying their best to get a sense of peace within themselves. Situations wheras I would like to hear your opinion on if you have one; (I acknowledge the fact that we chose our path before we came here).......There are people in current situations that due to circumstances imposed on their life unknowingly by others.... (something like many negative surprises over a brief period of time).... which will create a state of mental,emotional and spiritual confusion/trauma and unhappiness. When a person is in that state, making decisions for the betterment of "onesself" is as possible as turning time back....(are you with me so far?).... Here, you could say; professional, spiritual and medical help will "assist" in recovery and it does for many people. Being "able-minded", one can look inside themselves for answers. Working towards being "able-minded" is a different story. I don't think a person who is not "able-minded" can choose which path (or decisions)to take for the betterment of his/her well being. What advice (if you have any) would you give a person in this state of confusion/trauma and unhappiness?
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