937. Hi Chris, I have been to see you before and was told that I had a miscarriage with baby boy. I have reacurring dreams of two different little boys that I have never met before but seem very familiar. Could this be him coming to me? Sorry if this is kind of an odd question. Thank you Michelle
938. Hi Chris, have you heard anything about a medium in Barrie called Vera Molinaro...I am going to see her. Thanks
939. Hi Chris,thank you , just one more question, i understand you can (i) can connect with my loved one, and i am pretty sure i do on a daily basis,whether i am talking to him, silently in my mind, or aloud, my spiritual connection is strong and i swear he answers back,the problem..is the physical part of myself that feels all of this anguish that seems to doubt my conversations, and the odd time i think i surely must be going crazy, i have always been intuative to my inner self and we have always acknowledged our strong connection, i always would open the door as he would be walking halfway up the hallway as i just felt him that he was near,(again i know strange)so my question is...i understand this is our fork in the road to be apart until we can be together again and i feel him around me, and i talk to him,but how do i deal with the odd doubt that i must be going coo coo? is that where i am to look deep down inside and feel my belief when i do that i get the answers.am i going nuts ? ps i know i am not...at least i think so.....
940. hi chris it's debbie & joey from pei...we were wondering if you would know of any medium we could go see in pei ...we would love to go see you we will in the future ...right know we can't afford to fly out there so we were just wondering if you might know anyone close thanks hope to hear from you soon
941. Hi Chris, I have finally found a place to move into great little place for my kids and I. Do you see things being more peacefull in my life? Thankyou
942. Chris, would you by any chance know how many realms there are? I only hear of the physical realm (earth) and the nonphysical realm (the other side). Do all the realms exist in the same space? Like overlapping worlds? And why can we not see into these realms? Do they see into ours? I find this stuff very interesting and was hoping you could give me some insight. Thank you.
943. Hi Chris I am the girl who has just found a great place to move into #942. I know it is the right thing to do but it is still very hard to do. I guess I need some reasurance that this is what has to be done.
944. chris, thanks for the great reading on November, 20th,. after listening to the tape I can validate many of the comments. In particular the issue of 3 items in my purse associated with john ......the one that I could not remember was a cheque.....he certainly has good knowledge of what I had in my purse. the advise re herbs for cold was late, as I developed a cold during my holidays. happy holidays.
945. Hi Chris, i truly believe our loved ones are around us , and i communicate with mine on a daily basis, sometimes i am overcome with grief especially when the hustle and bustle of the work day is done, or when i visit at the mausolium, he hated to see me hurting or crying and always protected me in life, (not that i needed it if course however you know, it made him happy) my question is does my constant crying aggravate him or is it a block of some sort, i havent dreamt of him in over a month however some mornings i wake up as though i have spent the entire night with him ...what is that..a dream i dont remember or a type of astral travel, does God allow us to board a type of shuttle bus to visit on the condition that we just dont remember when we are dropped back here? my spirit is sometimes that of an innocent child, i believe all things are possible after all you never know, and one more thing, can spirits appear to us if they want to ? and if so why the heck isnt he here yet ?
946. Chris, I'm hoping that you can give me some insight. I have been to see a few psychics in my time and they have all told me that I will be having 3 children in my lifetime. These psychics I mention are apparently pretty popular so I have trusted their guidance and information. Till now. I have gotten pregnant only once in my life and that pregnancy turned for the worse 6 months in and I ended up losing my child due to extreme prematurity. I have since then been TTC and nothing, its been quite some time now and I'm going crazy with constant monthly disappointment. I know that psychics can be wrong but I have gotten so many 2nd options here and all tell me not to worry cause they see more coming. I know your not a psychic and fully understand what it is that you do but I just thought I would try and ask for some feedback from you. Could you possibly sense any "tiny" souls around me? Thank you.
947. Is my dad mad at me?
948. Chris, My son at the age of 3 to about age 4 spoke to a spirit whom he called by name. From what he told me, I know he was talking to someone I had known in life. But, this all stopped around the age of 4 (about 6 months ago). Has he lost the gift of communicating with spirits?
949. I am struggling with my 13 year old defiant son.When I come and see you will my spirit guides send me some advice on how to deal with this situation.
950. Thank you for your advice on my 13 year old son,and no that is not the only reason I am coming to see you,I was just curious about that.I would never be disapointed with any reading. I think whatever I get will be truely amazing.
951. Hi chris, do you believe if a person keeps getting pushed away from a friendship over & over for various reasons, that they should get a clue & move on? The last few years have been tough as far as trying to maintain friendships including with Family & there always seems to be issues that come up & people get mad at me or quit talking to me. I'm getting tired of fighting for friendships that I feel I am the only one who actually values them. Just wondered what your thoughts are, Thanks Tracy
952. Hi Chris, first i would like to you wish you and your family a wonderous joy filled christmas, i have spoken of my beautiful reading and connection with my love one through you with many of my friends, they would like to book a reading with you however want me to come, i quite pointedly said yes however i will wait across the street haha, carlos was very dominating during my reading, would he dominate their readings should i come for the ride ? or haha best towait across the street, although keep in mind he might ask that you walk to coffee shop to get me :) you asked i wait a year and i am.but sheesh if your name doeant enter my mind every day :) i patiently wait and cannot wait to book another date night with my sweetheart , happy new year also Chris. i am sending you and your family a big hug, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and sharing !
953. My son passed away at the age of 15 almost 2months ago...I havent drempt of him yet and Im wondering why?...Im reading all the books I can on how to contact loved ones...I am grieving hard and I need to hear from him...
954. Hi Chirs, can you tell me if the child I miscarried was a boy or girl and do you see / feel that I will have any other children in the near future? Thanks for your time.
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