955. Chris, my father died unexpectedly and he was the type of person to "hide" personal belongings from strangers...my mom feels as though, she cannot sell her home unless she finds these things. Can you confirm whether or not there is something to be found in her home and where? Thanks a lot.
956. Hi Chris I have just recently lost my father. Since I am the only child still living, I was the only one who looked after Mom (who has dementia) cleared their home and moved Mom in with me and my family. However, I am having a very difficult time accepting this new role. I feel like I am livig in another world. My life as well as my family's life has changed a great deal, I just would like to know if Dad approves of me, and I would certainly like some kind of sign to show me that I will eventually feel better. Thank you
957. Hi Chris: I want to let you know that I believe and trust that our life here is just a spirit having a human experience. Over the past few years (after relocating due to my husbands job) I have found a hugh desire, longing, what ever you may call it to tune into my psyhic abilities (which I know we all have). However, to this date I feel I have not found what I have been searching for, (but I feel that a major change is to come into my life) Many circumstances of my life has changed over the past few years,some causing my great joy, and others causing me great frustration. Am I near finding what I need to feel peace. Hoping you can help me. Barb
958. Hi Chris, I noticed you posted a response to a woman that is having marriage difficulties. My husband, who ironically has had a reading from you a few years ago and I are also having difficulties. I feel that I haven't created the situation and that the issues are his. (depression & anxiety combo maybe - not sure). I have been really hurt by him but still love him. (We’ve been together for 13 years). Do you think visualizing reconciliation could mess me up right now with some of the decisions I may be faced with? My spouse has pretty much disconnected himself from me. Of course I would want it to work because of the love, but I need to know if visualizing him coming back at 100% would be beneficial to me because currently he’s at 5%? Thanks Chris.
959. Hi Chris, just wondering if you have read "The Shack", and if so, what did you think of it?
960. Hello Chris I am the girl who sent you a note regarding moving out. #944 I appreiate your response, and yes I did move out I followed my feelings and plan on doing that from now on. But I feel depressed right now I know that change is hard but do you see me getting out of this depression soon, I am ususally a up beat person. Thanks again
961. Hi Chris, Im not sure if you know anything about dreams. I had a dream and I was at a shower and my deceased aunt walked in which is my mothers sister. I knew she was dead in my dream....I had asked why she was there. I thought my mother would have been happy seeing that they were close in this life.But, instaed my mother had asked her not to kiss her and asked her to leave and not come back. What does that mean?
962. Dear Chris! I have had problems with my husband. I have sponsored my husband from Pakistan. I was wondering do you think that he will be deport from Canada? I hope you will answer my question. Thank you very much.
963. Chris, im interested in developing and exploring my own psychic abilities and was wondering if you know of a place around the GTA that provide's classes for this type of thing. Thank you.
964. Chris, what are your thoughts about the 2012 end of days prediction? There are many prophecies and predictions on what might bring an end to the world in 2012, do you see any truth behind this? Thanks.
965. Hi Chris. Just wondering if you could explain to me about children speaking with little friends not seen in the physical world. I have a little grandson, who often speaks about his little friend Georgie, and Clairabell. Since these are very old names I was wondering if he is feeling the presence of old souls or just pretending. He always speaks as if they are in the room with him, ei. playing, sleeping eating etc. I believe in the after life, however, I am not so sure his parents believe as much. Can you give me some insight into this matter. Thanks.
966. Hi Chris, my dad passed away 3 years ago and at first my mom and I could feel him around the house, smell a candle that had just been burnt out when there was no candle lit, stuff like that. In the last year i havent had a sence that hes around. I do still talk out loud to him and in my head was woundering if he hears me, and what he thinks about what ive done with my life since his passing. I wish everyday that i could hear him say that he loves me and call me the nickname that hes called me for 25 years. Is he adjusted to being in the after life with other family members. Im also expecting my first child in july and was wondering if you could tell me his thoughts and will he be around?
967. I have so much to offer and wnat to do my spiritual work and bookwriting for others. my job is not what i want and i feel being held back. how can i survive as a single mom. i have had offeres for reading but nothing solid. i need to do this work as i am not getting the opportunity to do this. i truly want to do what i do best. help me please. you once told me not to get caught in the corner and to just let others know me but i don't know how. i have seen you twice at the break through and i know your story. i really need your help in getting started. this is my calling not the job i'm doing. my family relies on me too.
968. I just wanted to comment on question 960, I went right out and bought this book "The Shack" took me 2 days to read it, I could not put it down, it truly is an amazing book, i find myself on a daily basis thinking about this book, I would recommend it to everyone.
969. Do you know who Tina Michelle is? She says she is a Medium/Physic. Whereas, you are a medium. Is it possible to be both? If you know her, what are your thoughts? I agree with you that we should live in the present going in to the future, not talk about the past.(I believe she does this) I'm just curious on your thoughts. Also, If I book a phone reading with you. Will it have the same affect as if I were to see you in person? Or is person better? Thank you!
970. HiChris, on 2 occasions i have awoken during the night ( i usually wake a few times so this isnt unusual) however when i went to lay down again and close my eyes, i saw what appeared to be the outline of a male sitting on a chair? ok fine i chalked it up to i was probably dreaming, it happened again last night only this time i saw things, i know a little more description..ok i will try, well faces sort of, then like oh i dont know things wanted to form and i was totally open the experiance and again the faces, a man or men, i dont know they were going fast and i couldnt make out who it was, i opened my eyes this time to ensure i wasnt dreaming, closed them again and the faces stopped but i am sure something was starting to form, sighhhh i assume it is someone sending something ? in any event i will continue to welcome whatever the heck is happening and ask that it be a bit clearer. any thoughts ?
971. Chris, I'm currently seeking out psychic/mediumship development courses so I can learn to use my gift to the fullest and wanted to know if I was on the right path? I've always had psychic abilities, since I was a child, my mother and both my sisters also have this gift, along with a few other family members. For the last few years iv seen myself helping others by using my ability's and I now feel ready to pursue this. It feels right. Do you see a successful outcome here for me when it comes to reading and guiding others? Is this the reason for why I have this gift?
972. Hi Chris I know that positive thinking and writing down your goals, picturing yourself receiveing them is a way to get what you want in life, most of the time. But what if you do all that and your not meant to receive what you want.Is it just choice or does the universe have a say and timing for everything.Thanks alot
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