973. hi chris it's debbie & joey from pei...just wanted to let you know we probably won't be going to the madd conference in toronto this year but we definitally will be going again...we will be contacting you in the near future for a phone reading...i was just wondering if you could answer one question for me did amy meet my little brother rickey when she passed he was 14 when he died he was handicapped and had cp...when amy was alive she was always asking about him and i was just wonering if they met? thanks again and we will be talking to you or by some miricle we will see you soon love Debbie & joey PEI....ps we both have uncles that were named joe
974. Hi Chris: Please help me to try to understand why at this time in my life I am not where I feel I want to be. I know there are many people in the world today struggling, perhaps with some of the same issues I have. I am in my mid 50's, living with my husband, (and I am happily married), but I have a grown child who has returned to my home (who has just recently been layed off from his job), he has a toddler who always comes over (this child is a blessing in my life), and I am caring for my elderly parent. I love all these people, but somehow I feel that I still do not want to be living my life this way. I know that I must be learning some life lessons, which I was meant to experience, however, why do I feel so over burdened and exhausted by my circumstances. I truly desire a very different life. Please help me understand this situation. Thank you. Anne
975. Chris, are the spirits of our loved ones able to tell us about our future?
976. Hello Chris I have a brother who is 12 years older than me and he has been a handfull to say the least given us lots of heartache. He is addicted to drugs and alchol. He lives in Toronto I have not seen or heard from him in almost 1 and half. The other day my moms ring which I wear after her passing a family ring, my brothers stone fell out, I don't know why but it bothers me, like a bad feeling he is in trouble or sick. Do you have any thoughts or feeling on this. Any thing at all might help. Thank you for your help
977. what does it mean to "validate" in reference to a spirit?
978. Hi Chris, one of the most honourable gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of knowing passed away a week ago, can you tell me if he is ok?And if you are talking to him please tell him he is and always will be in our thoughts even though he never wanted a service and was cremated we never got to say goodbye, Thank you.
979. Dear Chris, Thank you for the Christmas reading on December 23 2008. Our family just listened again to the tape for the 3rd time today (Jan 28 2009) and were so pleased once again. We are wondering about coming again i spring---is this possible to reconnect again with our deceased son Nikolaus. Is this a once in a life time experience? Thanks so much. Gail, Shawn and Gabrielle Shelburne. gailandshawn@yahoo.com
980. Hi Chris, if a spirit has re-incarnated for their next life here on earth, can they still, in spirit form visit loved ones or send messages through a medium like yourself? Thanks Tracy
981. Hi Chris What are your thoughts on Ouija boards ? Are they dangerous ? Can playing with them invite unwanted or negative spirits ? Or is it a good way to communicate with those around us ? Thanks Mila
982. Hi Chris, not sure if you answered these quesitons in your many pages of questions but here they are. Do those people that have passed over longer then those just newly passed over come in stronger at your readings or does it all depend on the personnality of the person who died? And here's another mind boggler, if we are not alone in the universe, do they share the same afterlife? I would only assume so as they to would also have physical bodies that die, but you never know. Thanks, I think you are great and I recommend you to everyone I know.
983. Thanks Chris, for the session yesterday morning. I hope your dad regains his strength soon and the chemo does it's work and gets out of his system. -Tracy
984. Chris. With regard to the news of you father's health in the comment # 984, my positive thougts are with you and all the members of your family. Regards, Jim from Borden.
985. Hi Chris, I am concerning about my current situation. I've been getting some visitors at night while I am sleeping. Well, I should say, I'm half asleep half awake. And this negative energy comes to me, and I can not move, I try and that energy is very strong, when it's gone, and I am completely awake I can feel the tension on my body and it takes me a bit to move. I can not understand why it happens to me or what I can do. Fortunately, I have not any close family passed away. They are spirits that I do not know. I do not know what to do.. Thanks, Noemi
986. Chris i saw your note that talked about ouija boards, is it the same for pendullams you can asked questions with that too. Should you stay away from those aswell. Thank you
987. Do you have any upcoming seminars? Heather
988. Hi Chris, I was just wondering if you ever do any seminars in the Ottawa area?
989. Hi Chris, thank you in advance. I have a question. Individuals before they pass on..do they know that they will die? For instance my best friend died in a car accident, and after she passed away I found out that she had visited many people a few days before, friends and family that she hadn't seen in a long while. Is this a coincidence? or did she know she would pass away? Thank you and God Bless. Lella
990. Have you always been religious, or did your mediumship bring you closer to GOD?
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