991. Hi Chris, My grandfather has recently passed, and the other night I had a strange dream that he came back for 1/2 hour just so family memebers could speak with him. I was very close with him and I was just wondering if he is trying to tell me something or am I looking to far into things? Thank you:)
992. Hi Chris, I have had experinces where my body is floating above me in bed and I am looking down at everything going on, my mother said that it has happen to her before too, could you tell me what this possibly means I'm not scared to see this I just float and watch and then I guess I fall back to sleep. Thanks I think you are great. Cheryl
993. Hello Chris, Do you beleive that persons who have passed over have the ability to see whats in the future for people still here on earth? Do you believe if we ask for guidance we will some how be answered? I know many face uncertain times, and we all fear the unknown, however, perhaps some may have the peace knowing that some other source of enery can guide us if we only ask. Hope you understand my questions. Thanks.
994. Hi Chris: I recently had a private reading with you and was delighted. At the begining of my reading you received messages from the other side which I could not connect with, you spoke of persons whom I did not know or events that have not happened. The later part of my reading you were right on with your messages. But, I do want to ask you if the initial connection with events and persons that I was unware of is a sign of something to come, or if perhaps it was energy trying to cross over to someone else. Once again, thanks for your reading, I was very impressed. Barb
995. hi chris, can you recommend and development classes here in toronto, or any books to enhance ones abilities ?
996. Hi Chris. Two young men named Max and Ryan went over a cliff on an ATV near Upper Island Cove in NL. If these boys wanted their parents to know the location of their bodies would they be able to talk to you clearly enough to have you pass a message on or does this kind of communication have to be initiated by the parents? I guess I'm asking - if I were to tell them about you would you be able to give them the closure they need?
997. Chris: I was wondering why only some spirits revisit humans here on this side. Is only because the persons whom they are visiting are true believers in the life here after? Some would question, if there truly is life on the other side, then why do spirits only visit a few selected persons, (even when some people would truly love the experience of having a loved one communicate with them), and why do only certain spirits revisit, (do you believe it is there choice to do so). Hope this does not sound too complicated.
998. Dear Chris...From what I have read, your gift is amazing. I will soon call you for a reading as soon as funds become available. I lost my mom..my soulmate and best friend a bit over a year ago. Each day is more difficult than the last. Our closeness is unbelievable. We literally were together for 50 years, even through my marriage and my daughters. I cannot bear being without her. I beg for signs, and have a a few small ones. Chris, how do I contact her, how do I know she is okay and will be there when I leave this earth. If you could only give me some facts that you contacted her would give me the will to live again. Just knowing I will be with her again would give me strength. I am withdrawing from life. I cannot bear being without her. I know she did not want to leave me. I beg for your help.
999. Hi Chris! It's Lyn Noble here. You have been on my mind a lot lately. I don't know why but I thought I'd say hello. Lately I have been doing a few readings myself, (excellent readings). Take care, Lyn.
1000. Hi ChrisIs there any signifigance to seeing 11:11 on the clock, or 11 past the hour (any hour)...all the time? It seems I have been prompted to look at the clock at those times ALL the time. Does that have any spiritual meaning? Great website by the way. Thanks
1001. Hi Chris. I live in Alberta and have relatives in Ontario who have had sessions with you and say you're great. Do you have any connections with Mediums located in Alberta - that are just as good as you !!! I would love to book a session so if you have connections, please pass along their contact information. If not, I'll have to wait until I'm in Ontario and book some time with you. Thank you for taking the time to respond. CJ
1002. Would my Mother and Father who are deceased be able to give me any advice to help me understand my Son's hatred towards me?
1003. Hi Chris, I had a reading with you a month or so ago. About 8 days later my only uncle whom I was close to died. I don't think much came out in the reading about him and am not sure why. I do know you said, you can't always predict what will happen and who comes through. It was just so sudden that he passed and I feel still in shock. The morning after he died, I didn't know he had gone yet and I got in the elevator at work early in the morning and this man got in with me. I was somewhat awestruck because this man looked so much like him. I didn't think too much of it until my mum told me 20 minutes later that he had passed. Do you think this was him letting me know he was okay? Why would he contact me when he was closer to his children and wife. Would it be because I feel more "tapped" in lately because I've been dealing a lot with a failing marriage? Maybe I know the answers already, just wish I could make my aunt feel better that he's in a good place now. Thanks Chris. Your site always gives me comfort. I value your opinion so much. I often find my heading nodding yes when I read your responses to people.
1004. Hello Chris, Elizabeth here, I wanted to say thank you very much for the reading we had on family day. I was wondering what your concept of god was and how you came to that conclusion. Is god a celestial deity that plans our fates, or is it collective life energy, or another word for love? Thanks!
1005. Hi Chris Do you ever get communication from the clients spirit guides? Can you tell the difference from a normal spirit to a spirit guide? If so what are the differences if any?
1006. Hi Chris: How do you feel about Angel Boards? I've been to see you, and I just can't accept my sister's death with no answers. I'm determined to find out. I've read good and bad about these boards...just curious. I've also heard that as long as you pray for protection, they could be quite useful.
1007. Hi Chris. Does Dad know that she stopped us all from gaining access to medical information and she has done everything in her power to stop us from seeing our mother? She cannot take away our memories or love for Dad.. we were not able to spend a lot of time with him before he passed. Does he understand? I remember him (in his hospital bed) asking why? Why? Why? repeatedly, and not understanding ......I could not respond. I was thankful that on my last visit with him he was coherent ..........it was a miracle!! I felt his loving warmth. It was one of the best days of my life. I knew his suffering was soon ending and he wanted to say goodbye. Since his passing, every aspect of daily living has diminished and I often wish I were by his side. I now understand that even though he knew how much I loved him...I probably should have tried harder to express it more openly. For that I will always be sorry. Since Dad's passing, the world seems different. A lot colder and a lot darker. Everything seems twice as hard without him. Because of my illness I was not able to travel and be with Dad daily at the hospital...I was not able to care for him in his final days and I wonder if this is what he was asking "Why" about. I cry thinking that Dad did not die in peace and that I was not there to comfort him when he needed me most.
1008. Hi Chris, This is for #1007. Do not expect to accept your sister's death right away. Greiving takes time and sometimes we are not ready to let go. Communicatio0n becomes clearer and easier once you truly accept the death and start getting on with life. Read Journey of the Souls by Dr. Micheal Newton and his other reseach. Things will be so much clearer on many things for you. I know I have been there. Ommu
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