1009. Hi Chris, For # 986. That most likely is not negative enery or spirit. You might be at the start of "asto-travell" It feels strange and unsettling when you first become aware of it. Study this and get comfortable and you will take the most marvelous trips safely. It is not to be feared once you learn. Ommu
1010. Thank you for being there to help with our questions. I am an artist and I am hoping you may have insight as to what is happening with my artwork...there are a multitude of faces showing up in my paintings. Faces of men, women, children, babies, also dogs (many dog faces), cats, crows and even polar bears. These faces are even more noticable when I take digital photographs of the paintings. I believe it is similar to automatic writing only it comes through when I am painting. My question is, do you think these faces are from past lives? I would appreciate any comments you may have, thanks again.
1011. Hi Chris, do you think that some people who are cold mean and nasty are born that way like a dark soul or are we all born light bright beautiful souls that just get corrupted along the way in life. Thank you
1012. Hi Chris, i saw you in Goderich last spring and had my father come through, and he said he was going to take my mother soon, she had alzheimers, well you were right , she passed away yesterday, now she is in a happy place. Last night my tv kept comming on when i would turn it off, could it be a sign from my mum to tell me she was ok? i trully beleive that when she passed over she would get her mind back.Thank you .Susan.
1013. Hi Chris, don't know if you can help but I figure it's worth a try. My son's dad left for Florida on Thursday, he said he'd call me Friday night to let me know he made it there safely-it's Monday and still no call...I'm really concerned, unfortunately I never wrote down the info of where he was staying so I have no way of making contact, has anyone made contact with you by chance? Thanks either way.
1014. Hi Chris Does your gift give you the lack of privacy in your life? Or have you got a handle on it and can ignore the possiblity that someone is standing there while you get out of the shower? Or a spirit is trying to talk to you while you are trying to fall asleep. Do the spirits respect your privacy as a medium and give you space until you are ready to do a reading?
1015. chris , as my birthday approaches i have asked for a sign from john ( Yellow roses) , well the side lamp in my bedroom is now turning on and off on its own. Could it be from John. I hope it is . Thanks for the help and reassurance.
1016. Hi Chris, reading more about mediums, why is it that a majority have spiritual guides that are Native American?
1017. Hello Chris I have an aunt Janice that has passed over. Some events have occured over the years and I was wondering if she has thoughts on the family cottage. She is very strong minded. Thanks.
1018. Hi Chris just wondered, will you be coming to Ottawa for any reason in the near future ? Kenda.
1019. Hi Chris: Just wondering if my Aunt Ethel has passed over. She was the wife of my mothers brother, who passed away almost thirty years ago. After my Uncle passed my mom and her sisters and one brother did keep in touch with Ethel, however, over the years the family grew apart, and now my Mom and one of her sisters are the only ones living. Mom and her sister both have dementia. I have tried looking for her at her last known address and telephone number but I cannot locate her. I do not know why I have such a strong desire to touch base with her at this time, but I would really like to know if she is still living, or has she passed. Just wondering if you could help me with this matter. Thank you.
1020. Hi Chris, This is a rather 'simple' question compared to many I've read on the site so far. I've just learned about you from some that have had readings with you. The experience sounds amazing. My question is, I don't have that many people in my life that have passed. 6 or so people. Is having a reading 'worthwhile'? I know the spirit lives on, but the validation sounds wonderful. What do you think?
1021. 19 I was at a reading circle last week and was picking up things from another readers aura and not from the sitters I was wondering how one can tell, or is it auras that I am reading not real energies?
1022. Hi Chris, I find comfort in reading your posts daily. I sometimes study them over and over. I'm not nearly done reading everything but thought I'd ask a few questions in the meantime which I would love to have your clarification about. In your early posts, you mention that everyone goes to God, whether they have “sinned” or not, as we all share the same light. You also mentioned that you don’t believe in Hell. Frankly, I’ve never believed in Hell either. My question regarding this is, I once saw a show about a man that almost died in a plane crash, he witnessed several people around him die and he was one of the only survivors. As he saw these people dying, he noticed a light leaving their physical bodies, some lights illuminated more intense than others. He assumed it was their auras leaving. After what he experienced, he realized the lesson he learned from the horrible plane crash and his goal for the rest of his life was to live life to the fullest and be the best person he could be so that when he dies, his aura could be the brightest it could be. I will never forget this story, because I thought it was so powerful and I want to live my life like this. Getting to my point…if Hitler or Bush or People that decide to murder, hurt others etc…still go to heaven..to the light..to god, without any repercussions than to perhaps have to deal with their actions before they go in some way or another. What then is the point to living the best life we can, to be the best human we can be to ourselves and to others, to make sure our auras are the brightest when we are done here, if people like Hitler will ultimately be in the same place? I understand and agree with what you believe, your truth, but am trying to grasp the “why”. Why would we strive to be "good" if we all end up in the same place regardless of our actions here? Also, If you have time to answer another one. And I haven’t gone through all your posts, so not sure if you addressed this already. You say you don’t believe in Hauntings etc… What is the explanation on shows like A Haunting, particularly the episode called “A Haunting in Connecticut.” Where a young boy is possessed and objects in the house are moved, An entity takes over one of the boys and their life is completely turned upside down. Until a Priest blesses the house, the entity becomes violent, attacking family members, tossing objects and causing religious artifacts to melt etc…. What is your take on this? Do you believe Houses can be haunted? Do you believe spirits can be trapped between earth and heaven? Do you believe this type of thing really happens? Too many question!? A Big Thankyou!
1023. All four of my granparents have crossed over. Though I love them all very deeply, I've always had a special place in my heart for my maternal grandad, George. My mother always told me he was proud of my sister and I when he was alive, but I've started to feel lately (perhaps because of parental guilt) that he might not like the life I'm living now. In fact, I wonder how any of my loved ones feel about my life choices. For the most part I'm quite happy about where I am, but I want to know grandad is okay with what I'm doing. Is what I'm doing with my life even something they would care about in their existance now? I was looking through photo albums the other days as I unpacked my home and ever since then have been feeling a longing to see all of my deceased family members. This feeling has led me to thoughts that grandad is unhappy. Anyhow, is there a way that my thinking of him has brought him around me and I'm sensing his thoughts?
1024. my brother passed away in an accident and a big secret came out after he had died, do those that have died carry the weight or guilt of secret with them or is everyone able to find peace?
1025. Hi Chris. I love your website, and the help you give so many people. You are a true gift. I just wanted to know if you could give me the name of my spirit guide. I have talking to him-her quite alot over the last 3 years and I would love to adress him/her properly. My name is Antonija and I am 34 years old. Thanks Chris, keep up the wonderful work. Love and Light xoxo
1026. Hi Chris, i was at a seminar of yours in Goderich last spring, and you said my father would be comming to take my mum, she had alzheimers, well she passed 2 weeks ago, her sister also passed 1 week before her with the same thing, do you think my dad did come or maybe her sister, and when they pas do they get their mind`s back with alzheimers? Thank you, will you be comming back to Goderich or area in the near future? Sue.
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