1027. pleace help me to solve a problem with Jovana's helth
1028. Hello Chris: I have been trying very hard to meditate on a regular basis. It is an experience which is not easy to do, however, I have been able to reach a state of meditation where I can block out outside thoughts, but I continue to see faces speaking out loud when I close my eyes, I am not aware of who these faces belong to, all I know is that that seem to be speaking. What do you believe this means. Thanks for your time, I truly enjoy your web site.
1029. Hi Chris, I feel I have been very intuitive about feeling a connection with my Dad from the "other side". I have learned a lot from reading through your posts, and answers, I have also had a personal reading with you a few years back and was very pleased with the results. I feel as of lately I have have lost the connection that I once felt so strongly with my Dad. Sometimes I try to picture him there, and it seems blurry, when before it was so clear. Is this becasue he wants me to just move forward? I just miss the strong connection I once had with him, my intuition was so strong, and I had so many dreams which I consider "visits" but it's has been almost a year since I have felt he has come to visit me. I know he is still with me, but why is he so quiet? Thank you for your time.
1030. Dear Chris. I have heard of our loved ones being able to touch us. I have asked my daughter to touch me and I dont feel anything. Is there something I am missing or is it something she is unable to do? Do all spirits have the same capacities and skills?
1031. Hi Chris... Can you tell me if my mother aproves of my current relationship?
1032. Hello Chris: I was wondering if you could suggest a good book to read with regard to the teaching of meditation, or do you know of any classes which introduce the same. Thanks.
1033. Hello Chris: My Dad has just passed in the last 6 months, and my brother five years ago. Can you tell me if on the other side they are together as father and son, or do they just relate to each other as seperate souls? Thanks for your wonderful insight, and sharing with so many of us.
1034. hi chris it's debbie and joey from pei...we were wondering if amy plays with our grandson her nephew she was so excited to meet but died before she got to meet him because he is playing and all of a sudden he'll say where did amy go? also our other grandson he keeps staring and smiles and tries to talk to someone is it amy? she would be so pround of both her nephews there adorable
1035. Hi Crhis....was at your place yesterday for a reading.....I'm the one with the "Potent energy" that makes it very hard to get a reading.....was just wondering.....when at one of your seminars a year ago we had much more sucess with people coming through for me in a group setting, actually they took over the whole reading, so how does that differ from a private reading for me with my energy....so I guess my question is why in a group setting was it easier for them to come through than in a private reading....Thanks for yesterday it certainly was an interesting day.....Lynne
1036. Hi Chris. My name is Sue MacMillan, and I was at the seminar Sat. April 8 ,sitting between Liz and Ray the blonde with glasses, and you pointed to me and said Bob with tumor in head. It was my brother inlaw just placed back in hospital with cancer and a plate in his head and my sister is on her way up from London to my house to tell me he is going into reno failure and I hope he is still there when she gets back.Maybe that is his way of saying goodbuy because I have not seen him since July. Thankyou Sue.
1037. Hey Chris. With the belief that everyone has been male/female in past lives do you think that could be a reason for some people with "gender confusion"? Could they somehow be confusing this life with a past life?
1038. Hi Chris just wanted to share...my mom died 3 years ago of cancer, I was very close to her. Well she has been leaving me money, coins for a year now, its funny, when I am stresed or just really missing her. At first I thought it was my just finding money that had fallen out of someones pocket. The other day I was doing dishes turned around for a second to get something and when I looked back at the windowsil there was shiny new dime and it wasn't there before. She does this all the time. It makes me happy to know she is still around and trying to communicate with me. I just say thanks mom I love you too!
1039. Hi Chris, Do you do automatic writing? I am interested in trying it out so that I can reach my guides and ask some questions. Is there a danger in it? I have read some people compare it to a ouija board...and that scares me. Can you maybe shed some light on this for me? Thanks Chris, it's great that you open yourself for questions, it helps so many people. God Bless.
1040. This may sound like a strange question, it's in regards to cloning. Animals have souls, but what about a cloned sheep for example?...if there has been human clones, would they have no soul or God connection?
1041. Hi Chris Isuffer from severe tinnitus that has almost disabilitated me. I have been told that the problem is that I am stubborn and I won,t let spirits in and this is the cause of my tinnitus. Have you ever worked with this? Thanks H
1042. I know the universe gives us what we ask for and I know I've been wishy washy with who I'm asking for...I know I've been doing this my whole life...What questions should I ask myself to overcome this hurdle? Any suggestions? I've asked my dad who passed away about 17 years ago-he just smiles(whats that about) he also said to me when he was alive that "we have to have a talk one day", but we never had that talk. I appreciate all you do.
1043. Hi Chris...I was in Toronto last week for MADD and loved your session that you did ....I have a Quetion for you ...When I had my crash I was walking ,then got hit ,then dragged under the car ,then he ran over my pelvis and shattered my pelvis ,my leg and arm. I was 76 days in the hospital ...while I was in intensive care this guy came to visit me and he was all dressed in white and was cleaning my room but after I woke up from my coma I told my husband and he was really surprised because that guy was death. The last time I saw that guy I was maybe 10 years old ,now I'm 37 ....So just wondering if I really saw him or it was just a dream!!....And I was the one that thought you were talking to when you said something about the train track!!!
1044. Hi Chris Can our spirits give us forsight or guidence to whether we are persuing the right path or making the right choices? Thanks
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