1045. Hi Chris! Sometimes when I think of my Mother,I get like tingling sensation on my arms or neck? Could this be she is around me as Iam thinking of her? Thnaks for peace of mind.........Lisa
1046. Hi Chris I have tried a pendulum...and asking questions to see what happens. But when asking questions, the pendulum told me one thing and it wasn't correct. It was more for fun than anything else, I do not want to trust it totally, until I know more about them. what is your take on this subject?Thanks
1047. I understand that you talk to those who have crossed over - do they ever help your clients to understand what is happening in the here and now?
1048. Dear Chris, My brother-in-law passed away a few weeks ago (on April 28th). He was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disease and passed away just 2 weeks later. My husband and I have had readings with you several times and actually...so has my brother-in-law! I was just wondering when we could have a reading with you? Do we need to wait a certain amount of time? Please let me know your thoughts. THX
1049. Hi Chris Can you please share your thoughts on Numerology and if you feel there is a relationship with the spiritual lives we lead GOD Bless and my best to you and your family Jim
1050. Hello Chris Thank you very much for your thoughts on Numerology,I found them very interesting and look forward to reading the book you recommended.I have had a numerology reading and found it facinating.I know your site is mostly based on connnecting and validating with the other side and enjoyed our reading with you very much Chris.But I feel compelled to ask if the events leading up to Dec.21/2012 have been revealed to you and if so,is there something you can share with us.I have researched the events that are currently happening and numerous
1051. Hi Chris. I believe our minds are extremely powerful, and I believe we have not and will probably never really understand their full potential. But anything is possible. My question is, how do you know the messages you are getting are not mind reading, because there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are getting accurate and true information. But mediums are never given details about what heaven is like, so it leads me to think that perhaps a mediums brain in much more developed than the rest of ours. And I have also heard of a few mediums that have passed on their gift to their children. I`m just trying to work this whole thing out in my head and would love an answer to this question....cheers Chris.........
1052. HI Chris, I spoke to you not too long ago. My question is what if people are from diferrent backgrounds and speak different languages. How do you communicate? Indus valley remains confirm that life exsisted 7000 years ago and the civilization was so advance that man had give his kids toys to play with. Jesus was there only 2000 years ago who was God and his messengers at that time. thanks.....
1053. Dear Chris My son committed suicide 4 days ago. Can you tell me if he has found any peace and is it too soon to try to contact him through you?
1054. Hi Chris my question may seem a bit odd - but here it is, when animals get killed for meat, cows, pigs and so on. when we eat the meat, do we retain any of their cell memories. I was vegetarian for awhile but have been eating meat again. Thanks, love your website!
1055. Hi Chris. Back in 2005 my parents had to take a last minute trip to Greece. My grandmother on my mom's side was ill with cancer and she let my mom know it was ok for her to travel. While in greece my grandmother passed away ( here in canada) while my mom was away. My parents couldn't come back for the funeral due to dealing with some legal matters. My mom still has alot of guilt for travelling while my grandmother was ill. My question is ....do people know when they are about to die and did my grandmother encourage her to leave on purpose so my mom wouldn't have to experience her death??....(she would've had a very hard time seeing her mom in her last few days before her passing.)Thank You??
1056. Hi Chris. A few months ago my dear elderly friend passed away. He had been suffering from dementia. About ten days before he passed my sisters and mom and I went to spend his 83rd birthday with him. At that time he would only respond to certain people with one word answers. A few days before he passed he came to me in a dream, we shared a toast over a couple glasses of wine and the toast was to a long-lasting and wonderful friendship, that was followed by a huge hug that felt so real. Was he saying goodbye?? Did he know he was dying?? Thanks
1057. Chris I was hoping you could tell me if things are going to improve - job, relationship.
1058. I had a reading with you on May 19th, went well, but I referred to bringing my sister a year ago and it ended up being all about her so I came on my own this year. During this reading you referenced that I felt I was not included in clearing out after a death, etc, I stated that had not happened to me, but had just recently happened to my sister and we laughed about even when she didn't come, she was included. One thing you told me was that I couldn't get out of my mind and have been really suspecting my sisters in laws ever since was that one of my sisters in law was a "shit disturber" and it had to do with real estate. I wracked my brain over that, because I love my sisters in law and we don't have any real estate between us. I was talking to my sister tonight(same one who intruded before) and she in passing said, " I know it is so and so (sister in law) who is the shit disturber. I almost fell off my chair, because she said almost the same words as you and used the same tone of voice and I realized that part of the reading was also hers!!! Several times in the reading you mentioned 4 energies, and I could only think of 3, but obviously the fourth was my sisters mother in law, whom I loved dearly, we spent so much time together, I just never expected her to show up in my reading. Bottom line, I am asking my sister for 1/2 of what I paid you!!!!
1059. Hi Chris my brother in law passed 5 months ago and i put a fire on in my woodstove and his face was there.plain as day his eyes were sad looking ,was i just imaging this ??? and what does this mean when u see his face
1060. Hi Chris. I was given your name from my hair dresser.. Patti.. who goes to a shop that Darlene runs in London. I am a medium as well and working on my skills. She thought it would be nice if we talked.. two mediums are better than one sometimes. my site.. is speaktomeagain.com and my email is connected to the site.. Hope to hear from you.
1061. Basing reference on question 1058, I understand it's all about free will. But, what if you don't know what path to follow? Your head and heart are in a constant battle and nothing seems to allow you make the choice of what road to take? Ultimately living in an indeterminate state, decisions wavier daily and at the end of the day no choices were made. What if your gut is having a writer’s block, and it’s not telling you what way to turn? Is there a lesson to be learned to stay in this state until something is forced to make you chose one way or the other? Only we can create our fate, I know...but I don't know what I want to create or if the creation I think I want is attainable.
1062. Hello Chris, I'm in a dilemma about my son, his girlfriend's family do not want her to marry him because of religion differences.. can you see anything getting better? Thank you
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