91. My husband and I came to see you in October 2003...how long do we need to wait to come and see you again? Thanks!
92. Can you tell me who designed your webpage? It is very well done.
93. I would like to know if it is possible for a passed loved one to give you advice or warn you of possible danger.
94. Will my husband come back to me?
95. Dear Chris,I've read a lot of different books on Life after death & spiritual life and they pretty much all indicate that our life's path is destined before we are born. I've never been a big believer in destiny, I've always thought that destiny is in the decisions we make in our everyday lives. I do believe that there is a spiritual life after death, but I'm having a problem understanding destiny. If our life's destiny is planned out before we are born, what happens when someone is murdered? I know God wouldn't plan anyone's destiny to be a murderer or be murdered. I can understand someone destined to have an accident or illness, but being murdered just doesnt't make sense.
96. Hi Chris! I was in for a session with you a few weeks ago. My husband was the dentist...I wanted to let you know that when you mentioned my ring being lost with a red stone in it-it happened...I didn't understand it at the time but I sure do now!...My red stone,one of the stones on my ring, has fallen out of my family ring that Frank bought for me and the red stone is lost... it is on the only ring that I wear now...Now I have to have that stone replaced!!! Wow! Amazing! and Cathy the receptionist is amazed after listening to the tape-she knew exactly what you were talking about-she used to say to Frank,to"bite the lip" all of the time when the owner of the office would tick him off...and she understood everything about the office that was mentioned-we listenend to the tape together-I made her a copy of it and we laughed and cried together because you were right on with so many things some of which I am sure are still meant to happen...and now I have to tell her about the lost red stone in my ring which happened today! Thanks again Chris-you are doing a great job of helping us who have suffered loss communicate with our loved ones on the other side!!! Charlene Parker
97. To continue a previous question and response, if yesterday, today and tomorrow exist all at the same time, called now and since I was there yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow then how many of me are there?Since its quite possible to have a number of me's coexisting at the same time then is each one living a different choice of my life at the same time?Since life and dimension is based on frequency then is it possible to alter ones frequency (without dieing of course) to be able to see, hear other dimensions? AS i write this it sounds a lot like what you're able to do right now. Sorry for the complex questions. Maybe I think about this stuff too much.
98. Hello Chris,keep up your comforting,helpful answers.I would like to know if a soul passes over and perhapes forty years later is reincarnated again,and I went to a Medium,would that soul come thru at the session,or no longer of the Spirit world.Hope I have made myself clear Take care Mandy
99. Hi Chris, I was wondering if you do readings by telephone? If so, how is it done and how did your readings turn out. I've read that John Edward & James Van Praagh have done several successfull readings this way. Thanks for this really informative website.
100. Hi Chris. You get to hear a lot of relatives on the other side expressing opinions on actions taken by loved ones here. Do you find it more difficult to ascertain what is right or wrong in your own mind. Should you be influenced to accept a message from a reading as being the right thing to do when in your heart you can't agree with it? I guess what I'm asking is whether some days you feel like arguing with the other side or at least questioning their message.
101. HI Chris I was wondering about someone who does 'Channeling"?? I believe they talk to your guide and I am curious about this ..Could you possibly shed some light on the difference Thanks m+a
102. Chris, On January 24th of this year,my sister Estelle and I (Nicole) had a session with you at which our mother came through which was very comforting for me. At one point, you said she was standing between us. Did you get a physical image of her? At the time, I didn't even think to ask you what she looked like. Also, I didn't even think of asking her any questions at the time but can this be done or is it just messages from her that come through? Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the session and shared it with other members of our family and it was very comforting to them too.
103. Hello Chris, I've asked you before about my friend Daniel who passed away. He was hit by a drunk driver. It has now been 7 months and I cannot seem to move on. I am wondering if he knows how much he has affected my life. I need to somehow put closure on this, but I just don't quite know how. Do you have any advice and is it possible for Daniel to give me some sort of sign?
104. CHRIS:my name is anne on feb 27,2001 my father in law passed away since then things like flickering lights and goose bumps and the odd hits punchs taps and kicks my husband has recieved frequently for the last 2 yrs now he has left and he says dad does not communicate to him is it because he disapproves of the choices his son made with his life or is it much more wrong that we dont know and his mom got a kiss christmas morning from him the first year he was gone as well he does this on special occasions like when it was close to the time of his passing mom got a tap on the butt and his daughter had fingers cross over her face like her dad did when she was little is this his way of telling her something and i was in my house the other day since my husband left and for no reason the glass cover over the light feel and broke in half is he trying to tell me something and what could it be please help chris so many unanswered questions and need to find if he is trying to tell us things that we need to know you can write me at ontariogirl72@hotmail.comand let me know what you think thanks again anne
105. Hi Chris I was given your name by my sisterinlaw, we both have had experiences of the other world from my father her inlaw. I am very aware of life after death because i had a phone call from my grandmother 12 hours after she died.the phone in my bedroom never rang agian after that.what i want to know is will parents or family menbers come to one who is more sensitive to the relm of afterlife than others and how do we try to interipit what they are trying to say? God bless you and your family and all the people you comfort, I saw your profile and I am sure I have met you some time in my life. thanks for your time and here is my email By the way my name is cathy.I am in thunderbay ont. my email is aylott@tbaytel.net agian God bless you
106. hi my name is faye and my sister in law anne had sent you a message now i have a question for you everyday 3-5 times a day a pitcure is always being turnd and i and the children will go along and straighten it back up and it happens all the time is he trying to tell me something and what could it be you had said to anne that hes ok now that he has crossed over and his passing so what could he be telling me and can you tell me is he ok with thing thanks Faye
107. I have deeply loved my first husband for most of my life, yet I left him because I felt he wasn't faithful, and for what seem like silly reasons now. For many years we had no contact and our children never knew him as a result. He was bitter and dropped out of our lives. He got in touch after many years and we found that we were still very much in love. Then he died suddenly. I have been in a deep depression ever since and cant seem to focus on anything else but what I could have done or should have done years ago. He did many things during our separation that were harmful to himself and he suffered a lot because of them. He said it was to forget his grief of losing his family and when he finally tried to turn his life around he still had no peace for many years. I guess I feel a lot of it was my fault and that I could have prevented a lot of his hardship if I had tried harder when we were young. Is there some way to know if I was right in leaving him years ago and if he would have done the things he did anyway? If a person denined being unfaithful in life, is it likely that his spirit would tell the truth if it was different? I guess I am still searching for the truth for my suspicions back then and hoping that my leaving didn't cause him harm. Someone said to me that we are at the place we are in life right now because it is where we are supposed to be, that it has been decided in advance that we should be where we are. Yet you talk about freedom of choice and I wonder is this something my soul decided I would do before I came here? I also need to know if my husband is waiting for me and will we be together again or will we miss each other while one of us decides to come back for another life? I know that's more than one question but I am having such a hard time getting on with my life. It seems I have no purpose anymore and I am consumed with my need to be with him. While he was alive there was always hope. I was reading a few questions back where someone asked if our souls know when we will die even in sudden death. Well, in this case, my husband died quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Before he did he decided to find me and the children to see how we were and to tell us he cared and that all the blame wasn't mine. We were planning to get back together and had many hopes and dreams for a future together when he passed. I guess his soul must have known. Thank you Chris for your help.
108. Chris, I put my dog down recently. He was older and probably could have lived happily for some more time than I gave him... I felt that I had no choices left due to many circumstances. I want to know if someone he knew who had passed would be there to greet him, and to not let him be alone. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt and sadness, and I wonder if he understood and could forgive me for what I had done. I know to many people it is 'just a dog' but not to me and this hurts me as much as losing a relative would. I stayed with him as it happened but cannot get the image out of my mind, I worry that he suffered and I didn't want to leave his body there alone. I am just looking for some sort of peace and to know that he is alright. Thank You.
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