1063. Hi Chris I don't know if you received my comment or not. My reading was on June 2/09 But I do want to thank you for that great reading you gave me and my sister-in-law. It gave me alot of unanswered questions I needed answered but I forgot to ask you if my husband is mad I haven't buried him yet. Also is he giving me signs he's here and I just don't see them. Thank you again Chris for everything you did for me!
1064. Iam a Reiki Master I have found in the last two years that I have been dealing with the lost of my husband over 28yrs ago. I really want to let him go and move on with my life but something is definately holding me back. do you have any advise..Thank you Catherine..irisheyes104@hotmail.com
1065. my father passed away 8 years ago at the young age of 56 and my grandmother passed very suddenly 11 months after him. my world came crashing down after that and i am still trying to pick up the pieces. can they see or sense my grief and sadness on the other side and are they living in grief because of mine? if so, is this holding them back from progressing to the next level? thank you for your time. M
1066. Hi Chris: i am planning in 2010 to leave canada permanently and move back to eurpoe. i am thinking of settling in either spain or greece. do you see that this is a good move or i should wait? if it is a good move, then which country do you see will be better for me in the future: Spain or Greece? chris, thank you in advance for your help and i hope you will be able to help me. who knows, i might call for a reading!
1067. Hi Chris, has anybody asked you to help find little Victoria Staffords body? I don't understand why they can't get info out of the people that did this terrible thing to the poor little soul. Thanks
1068. Hi Chris, I have a blunt question. If our loved ones who have crossed over are so "ever present" in our lives, why do they mess with our minds and act like they aren't there? Why are they so damned elusive? Why does their presence have to be so subtle that we can so easily "miss the signs"? Why is it that if people don't know of wonderful mediums like yourself, they can go their whole life asking for signs and never see them? It just doesn't seem fair.
1069. Hi Chris: My sister and I had a reading with you last July. We lost our sister to a drowning and we hoped that we would get some answers as to who or why. This is or was being treated as suspicious. You mentioned that her autopsy may show a foreign substance (other than alcohol) and to have faith in the police. We were notified a few weeks ago that they are closing the case due to insufficient evidence. Basically they have nothing to indicate that this was nothing but an accident, but everything else points to foul play. I'm so confused and now depressed because the police have closed the case. Is there anything more you can share with me..I'm desperate. I want Justice for my sister. Thank you
1070. Hi Chris. I have just came upon your site and I am truly impressed and comforted by your words and beliefs. I am looking forward to the day when I can come and see you as I have many questions. Through my life I have lost through death, my father when I was 19, then my mother when I was 34, then my sister in 2001 and my brother in 2006 then my husband 2 yrs ago( we where married for 18 yrs, separated for 9 , then divorced but remained close ) When my husband (he was my ex at the time)...I know , hard to follow... was diganosed with cancer they gave him 2 months to live at 55 yrs old. I immediately took care of him and helped him with getting his affairs in order and with my childrens help and his we planned the funeral. He also asked me to remarry him so it would all be easier when he passed...and I know he wanted that as his last wish. Sooooo we got remarried in the hospital...with my children and close family beside us. He also asked if I could be buried beside him....I shed tears as I type this. I have lots more to the story but I have a very hard time to let go of all of them passing before me. I beleive in God and the spirits , that they are around me and try to feel their presence and ask Him for help. I miss each and every one of them...and have my days where I feel I didnt say or do enough in my husbands last days. I was with my sister and my husband when they took their last breath and I have to mention that during their transitions I felt the most peaceful and calm feeling just before they died as if the soul was leaving. As you can see I have lots of questions and hope to visit you soon. Just wondering if you have an enlightning words or feelings for me as I continue my journey. Thanks so much for listening.Debbie
1071. Hi Chris, My Dad passed Apr 27/09, 4 days earlier his best friend also passed, they were both longhaul truckers that had to give it up due to health issues, from what I understand, they both had similar final health conditions contributing to Georges coma & Dads massive heart attack, I have always believed that everything happens as it should & I am wondering if Dad was able to let go, knowing George would be there. He always seemed to be hanging on just a little longer whenever it seemed he was ready to give it all up. I know he made it, he sends me hummingbirds, they come so close I can almost touch them, thanks Chris, I appreciate your help. Tracy
1072. I know in one of your answers you said that you are never alone once you die, and that helped me a little because I have really always been very scared to die... I would love to talk to you to find out more about all of the people that have gone now and mostly my dad. I hope one day I get the chance!! Thanks for all of your great answers!! I could read for hours!
1073. Will my 8yr old grandson find healing and understand his daddy's suidcide? He was the first to find him.
1074. Hi Chris just a little something to share. I moved out of my house with my kids for the better of eveyone away from my husband, we went to counselling for 3 months, i thought things were going to be better, everyone warned me not to go back, the week I was planning to move back, I had a dream that told me not to, he hasn't changed. Boy do I regret not listening to it. From now on I will - everyone should take serious consideration to there dreams especially when the message is loud and clear!! Now I am in the same spot before I left and feeling very foolish! Thanks for your website Chris
1075. I am once again at the cusp of another reading with you . I often wonder if you pick and choose as to who will give a voice at the reading --for those from the spirit world that appear- and also - are there instances where there are souls that just attend to celebrate/be present/and enjoy/support those communicating. Is it a special occasion for our friends and family ?that are now in the spirit world. ( yellow roses ) I just wonder .... John I will always always love you -
1076. Dear Chris: i know you are a genuine and decent human being. i know that you do what you do is to hlep people. i was wondering if you know and if you could recommend any "genuine", honest and truthful psychic? i really need a reading. Lately, i went to a couple of so called "psychic" and found out that they were liars. who do you recommed for a truthful and honest reading?
1077. Hello Chris, Have you ever written a book about your experiences with the other side? DO you plan to write any?
1078. chrsi this follows my reading of the 25th- I have been able to validate two of the people that came through on the reading -- their identity came to me while I was listenign to the tape - good work - and thanks for acknow their presenceand for a great reading. yellow roses
1079. Hey Chris. I have been very clouded by so many thoughts in the past 2 years. My ex-lover Tom Bondyra committed suicide almost 2 years ago now.. I was with him for a year, and have been trying to deal with this for a while now. I don't want to know why he did it or anything.. I just want to know if he's alright.. if he has said anything.. if he is really at peace? Thank you so much.
1080. Chris, I'm hoping that you can help shed some light on my situation. Basically, I have only ever been pregnant twice and both times the pregnancy had ended early due to pre-term labour complications and the outcomes both times were not good. I do not have any living children due to these outcomes and would like to know if you possibly see/sense me ever having a child that will outlive me for a change? I'm desperate for any insight I can get because I'm scared to death of the same outcome happening for a third time. I'm at the end of my rope due to all this and so any feedback you can give me would be very helpful.
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