1099. chris I bought a vehicle of the same made and colour as the one that John used to drive. When in the car i feel as if he is driving, this gives me a lot of comfort. Is John happy with my purchase ( yellow roses)
1100. Hi Chris. During a reading, what happens if several people who have passed want to communicate with us? Are you able to ackowledge all of them or just those that we are really there to get in touch with?
1101. Hi Chris, It's Paula (1096) and I'm sorry to bother you again. I love your website, I go to it often and read other people's emails to you. You are so kind and helpful. Thank you for answering my questions. I just want to ask you, I have had a rough 4 yrs since my son quit speaking to me. You did tell me it would be alright, that I can believe that and I do because you tell me it's true and I also feel my husband and mom around me. I see the number 444 and 1111 often. What I want to know is "am I emotionally ruined or can I turn my life around?" I sit all day and think about my past and my son whom I miss dearly. I am alone a lot. I have a chance to take a part time job but don't know if I can handle it. Will I ever feel my "normal" self again or am I being punished for things I did in the past? I am seeing a therapist and also reading a lot of self help books. I am very lonely and somehow have gotten myself into a rut of staying home and hiding from people. I desperately want to get better. Do you see me getting better, should I take the job and am I being punished? I really, really appreciate your input and help. You are right, I feel very sad and lost. Thank you so much for the good work you do. :0) Paula
1102. Dear Chris: I lost my father a year ago. I promised him that I would take care of my mom, which I have, I have moved her into my home, looked after all her affairs,etc. Her physical health is better now than it was a year ago, but she does have the early stages of dementia. I have her in programs for outside stimulation three days a week, I send her away to week-end retreats for the same. However, I still find it very difficult to have her living with me, my husband finds it very hard as well. I have become very depressed, and I find I am begining to be very short with MOm. I believe this situation is causing stress between my family. I have tried very hard to ask Dad (through prayer,and conversation), what should I do. Mom and Dad were both on a waiting list for long term placement before his death, but I know that when the time comes to place her in a facility, I will have so much guilt. I am the only surving child, and none of my surving in-laws or nephews have even called in the past year to see how my Mom is doing, so you see I am it. If my Dad could somehow respond to me, I would feel much better , but perhaps his lack of communication is telling me to keep trying. Please help me try to understand what I should do. Thanks for your help, I really enjoy.
1103. Hi Chris. #1099 seems to think you are not psychic because you are refered to as a medium. In my book I have found them to be one and the same just that everyone has different degrees of natural abilities. Your site really helped me through profound grief and the reading that you gave me. All is well now and I am making good progress in the psychic field also. Sometimes it takes a real shock to pay attention. Amma
1104. Hi Chris, You've helped me so much to get to a different level so to speak, which I now embrace every day. When something isn't going the way I would like it to, I often think of the bigger picture and instantly feel better thanks to you and your words you’ve written. I’m still trying to figure out what my main spirit guides name is, but I guess when life gets busy, the silence isn’t present to figure that out yet. When I'm trying to get my life to a place that seems more stable, it seems like getting to that place is too slow of a process. I wish I knew if it is fear stopping me from making a move or is it that love is holding me back to make sure I make the right choice. I know you are not a physic so you can’t exactly answer this. I suppose I just don’t want to waste my life waiting for myself to make a decision. Outside influences seem to change my decision daily and I’m angry at myself for flipping around like a fish on the floor and not being able to be decisive enough to know what I want. Only I can know, I realize, but I don’t! Do you think if I focus more on spiritual books and mediation/yoga will help me along with making the choices I know I need to make within the next year or two? As usual a giant Thankyou.
1105. Hi Chris i have had a couple of reading with you. A couple of months ago a very close friend passed anything you can tell me ? It was not expected thx NV
1106. Hello Chris. I have seen small sparks of light (eyes open) in the day -some blue, some purple. Have seen larger white light too. Would you say those are spirits? tks/ Tina
1107. Hello Chris, I have come to see you a few times now and I've always had the people I love come through. My question is... If I were to come with a friend would my loved ones and his loved ones come through?
1108. hi chris, i can't get over the loss of my dad. i feel profoundly sad all the time and miss him terribly. i cry everyday. he had a stomache ache, began to lose weight and died within a few weeks. we found out after his passing that it was pancreatic cancer, but were never given a diagnosis until after he died. he had no idea that he was dieing either. losing him so suddenly and with so many unanswered questions has left me so lost and heartbroken. are they any books or anything you can recommend to help me deal with this? i miss him so much and need to know if he's okay. thanks xo
1109. Hi Chris my sister has for many years seen peaple unknown to her at night after she has sleeped part of the night she feels she is very much awake sometimes she sees three peaple standing next to her bed can you help her understand who and why they have been with her all these years thankyou
1110. Do you ever come to Ottawa, Ontario? Or to any city in this area? Just asking & if not, perhaps I will consider the telephone reading. I have heard good things about you Chris.
1111. chris. i was wondering if you know someone elses spirit guides or angels, by name, or who is with them to guide? do you know mine? my name is nita islander1962@shaw.ca, didn't you live in everett ontario? looking foreward to hearing from you! God bless!!!
1112. hello chris! i was a tarot reader @ 'far from normal' & met you & wife there through deb,noting you knew my family the 'morris' as well, i am juanita! having said that, hello again! i do have a question,i still read, but i just know things b4 they happen, who is guiding me, an angel? my great granny? we come from a 'very sensitive ancestory' thanks chris, all the best.. juanitamorris62@gmail.com
1113. Dear Chris after 2 readings I am a firm believer in your gift and have received much comfort from has been addressed. How is it possible to have 2 reading and the same 3 names come up that you cannot associate with, does it sometimes never make sense?? and if a impact/suicide comes up twice also, how does that ever reconcile when you cannot think of one person who had does this to themself. Again thank you for you readings and messages from my loved ones. Shirley
1114. Hi Chris, my kitchen lights have began flickering, i know its him :) i really wish he would appear ...any chance he will ? :) andis there a certain time of day when he is around me the most , can you tell ?
1115. Good evening Chris my husband past away 8 months ago and I miss him terribly. I would like to know if he is with me because everyone else is dreaming about him but me. Does that mean he is not around me or am I thinking about him to much? I cry every night hoping I dream about him I can't stop thinking about him, Please just tell me he is still around me and my children and always will be? Thank you!
1116. If someone in their physical life was not a believer, would they become a believer on the other side? Is it just the believers that come thru? why do some do and others don't ? Is it possible for a dog to come thru on a reading ?I feel a very strong sense to come visit you for a personal reading, is this a sign from the other side ? Is it possible for me to get a message from someone I have never met to pass on to a friend ?Thank you and I enjoyed reading every last one of your answers to all the questions.
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