1117. Hi chris, For the past few years I alwasy see 4:20 on the clock, almost everyday. If I don't see it on a clock, I'll see it some other way like pausing a video(the time i stopped it at) or just watching TV and it pops up. I don't think it's cooincidence because sometimes i'll see it every single day on the clock for a few weks straight. I just wanted to know if you know what this could mean? i see this time the most, 11:11 comes up alot, but i understand that one.
1118. Hi Chris! I was wondering if you could refer me to a good psychic...I'm really needing some direction in my life and need some guidance. My aunt told me about a Mrs. Lunn who lives in Barrie, but the number I tried has been disconnected. Any advice or referral you could send my way will be greatly appreciated. Thank you sincerely, Heather
1119. Hi Chris I saw your note regarding Mrs. Lunn do you recommend her for a psychic - I would like to make an appointment. Thanks
1120. Hi Chris, I love your site. I have been to see you once and you were dead on. My question is: my father is 86 now and in poor health. He abused me terribly when I was a child and left permanent emotional scars on me for life. He has never apologized but we have gotten along okay since I moved out at 18. Now I am 53 and I want to know: should I confront him and ask him why he abused me and ask for an apology before he goes or should I let it go. He does not ever want to talk about when I was a child. He covers his ears if I bring it up. My time is limited before he goes. This has haunted me all my life. Do I ask him why or how he could have done those things? He was also abused as a child. Thank you so much Chris.
1121. Where do I go to ask you something about myself
1122. What is your view on Orbs?
1123. Hi Chris, I recently went to a reading and was told there is a negative energy attached to me and my property. I tried to do a clearing and it didn't work. I sense this spirits presence now more than ever and feel it is negative and is really scaring me. I try not to think about it as I am told it can hear my thougts. I am terrified. Do you have any information or advice for me? How can I keep this spirit happy?
1124. I was raised a christian spiritualist and believe in spirit communication and work at developing my intuition but have never seen a spirit.My husband of 13 years wasn t raised a believer but is now.Just this morning he woke up to a man standing beside our bed,he looked at my husband then up at the ceiling fan,he didn t say anything but my husband felt 1941 and E or Edward.He was dressed in a uniform that I have pictures of my grandfather in wwII that he was wearing.My grandmother is still alive and her name is Elsie.My husband didn t think it looked like him though.Could this be his spirit guide or my grandfather?oh and my dad was born in 1941.there was no message,why looking at the ceiling fan...what does this mean?
1125. Hi Chris, I am question 1124. This reading I went to which I referred to above was on Saturday September 26. Since that day my life has seriously been in termoil. I have been feeling so scared as now I am relating everything in my life to this spirit the lady told me about (our microwave- 6 months old- broke, our lights have burned out/ became brighter in a once dull spot and my son had something odd happen to him. This all happened in 2 days). I am trying so hard to believe its in my head and just coincidence. I called this psychic back and told her my fears,and she said she would travel to my house which is 1 hour away for her, for free to do a clearing. I wonder why she would do this if she didn't believe it, especially for free. And, I had kinda felt there might be something around me before going to her so said outloud 'tell me what you want when we get to this reading' and the spirit was the first thing she mentioned. I believed her also because she didn't talk spirits with the others that went, just me, and she brought it up not me. I hope not to bother you, but I can't seem to settle. I am questioning my faith as a result and seriously am going crazy!!!!! When you answer me, do you answer out of your beliefs or do you feel something for me? I am sorry again, but am really lost and scared with all of this. Thanks so much!
1126. Dear Chris do u always have someone come through when you do a reading for a client over the phone or in person. Oh and saw u in person in my town and my grandfather came through to my cousin and that was truly comforting for me just hope that I can have some of my loved ones come through. I am really worried it won't happen Thanks Kerry
1127. I would like to respond to question # 1124. The words "negative energy around me and my property, need a house clearing"...these are the exact words (self-proclaimed 'psychic/medium/facilitator' R--- W---s uses!) If it is this person, yes most definately stay well clear and cut all ties. She has caused great upset and trauma to friends and family members of mine. It's unbelievable the amount of damage caused and what good con-artists they are. Spiritual people never inflict fears and doubts.
1128. Chris I heard you for the first time in Blyth yesterday. I was a bit disappointed that the first hour was taken up by information readily available to everyone on you web site. I understand that some people without that connection to the internet would not have that information but I found it repetitive-for me anyway. Also i was surprized that you seemed very concerned that what you say be validated-as in people should not be shy or worry about the small town thing etc. I think if people are going to beleive in what you do they will and if not they won't. I certainly beleive in life after death and talk to my loved ones alot! I think what you are doing is amazing and I am looking forward to a reading with you. I am trying to think of a question that has not already been asked. How much into the furture can our loved ones see and can they share any of that with us. For example if their is conflict in a relationship can they say if it will ever be reconciled? Also I am a fan of Slyvia Browne and have all her books although their is some things I am not sure about that she beleives in. I am interested in why you disagree with her so much?
1129. I just wanted to say that my experience with Mrs. Lunn was not positive. I went to her 4 yrs. ago and she put so much fear in me. She said my son would commit suicide!! He hasn't. She told me all kinds of horrible stuff would happen and she told my daughter she would get married in Japan! She hasn't and is not going to. I think she is a phoney. Just thot I'd add my 2 cents worth.
1130. I just wanted to say thank you again for being at Royces funeral in Cookstown. Diane
1131. Hi Chris, I love your site. I read it daily. My question is this: I have had severe depression on and off throughout my life and also a lot of anxiety. It seems to run in my family. I have never thought of suicide but I get really low sometimes, in a very dark and scary place. It lasts from days to months. My life has been really affected by this and I am wondering, when I die someday will I carry this depression and anxiety with me to the other side or will it be gone when I get there? You have said we will still have our problems with our personalities when we cross over, does this mean I will still suffer from depression? I sure hope not. I am hopeful that I will see the white light and feel peaceful and joyous. However for now I just try and make my life as good as possible when I can. I appreciate your feedback. You are always so right on. Thanks Chris.
1132. Hi Chris, I think you are great, I have seen you twice once in Goderich at the Legion and once in Blyth not long ago.When I seen you in Goderich it was a big eye opener, I was there with a friend, you were saying you had a young man coming through that died of an impact no one could confirm this well I could as my son died not long before that and he had committed suicide he hung himself and I just could not confirm this at that time. I don't know maybe I was afraid of what I might hear, my friend was urging me to confirm it but I just couldn't bring myself to answer.It has bothered me ever since, I really wish I would have confirmed it to you as his death was really hard on myself and my family. I got help for my young daughter as she was very young and didn't understand, she still has a hard time with it. My older son feels quilty to as he wasn't living at home anymore and wasn't there to help him, I have the same quilt that I should of seen something maybe I could of helped him. We all miss him so much and talk about him often.I just wish I could figure out why he did what he did. I fear my chance for answers has past me by cause I didn't confirm anything to you in Goderich. If you every come back to the area again could you let me know I would like to bring my daughter and son to one of your reading to see what may happen.Thanks agian Chris.
1133. I just wanted to say, you amazed me in Goderich in 2008. We were the last of the day - you spoke of an accident decades ago where someone had been decapitated in it. I knew exactly who you were channelling - and the messages were comforting. My son, now age 5, channelled that same person when my son was 3 . He appears to have lost this gift. Is there a way we can encourage him to develope this gift?
1134. Hi Chris ,My sister i came to see you a few years ago and was impressed with our reading .My sister at the time needed comfort and assurance that her son who had passed was ok and with my mom . You gave her that assurance and much comfort . My sister passed away last month suddenly, i think the only thing that helps me is to know she is with her son and my mom . My heart is broken , i dont know how to go on with out her . We always promised each other we would let the other know they are ok , i feel she never wanted to be here since the loss of her son . The pain was to bad for her to bare . Did she want to go ?Did she know ? did she will herself to passing , im so confused and cant settle myself with this .. Thank you for any comfort you can give me .. M
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