1153. Chris I want to say "Thank-you" for the reading I had with you a week ago. Although their was some people I still cannot place that came through, my Dad and brother did come through for me. At the time of the reading when I was trying so hard to connect people and events I did not fully appreciate what was actually happening. On the way home listening to my cd several times the impact was huge realizing I had just had an opportunity not many people get to spend some time again with my Dad and brother. My Dad has been gone since 1988 and my brother just three months ago in July. It meant so very much to me to know that they are both okay especially my brother who has suffered so much this last year both physcially and emotionally. You touched on the fact that you felt I was in the healing profession. I did not elaborate that day but I have been a volunteer crisis responder for Victim Services for five years and help people through emotional crisis including support after losing a loved one and also help the police do death notifications. From my experiences interacting with many people I would just like to say you are certainly a man of integrity in how you do your reading as it was important to you that who I wanted to come through did and that you could validate that for me. Your sincerity and passion for your gift/ability were evident in my reading. I do understand that my brother came through with someone in an impact who I know who that is but the other person PETER has us all stumped. We have no friends or relatives named PETER. Is it possible that this person could be our half-brother that none of my siblings or myself have ever met who was born in 1944 long before my mother met my father? I guess anything is possible right but do you sense anything more with this PETER person? Although I still hurt so very deeply from missing my brother I feel a sense of peace after seeing you and I thank-you for that. Deer in the headlights from accross country with three of my brothers dogs by my side.
1154. Hi Chris, I recently attended one of your seminars in Alliston and I can say that I AM impressed. I work at Total Image (one of the locations that you were selling your tickets) and to be honest was a little leary of going. I have to say, I am very pleased that I did. You were wonderful. I have a question that I would like to ask you. I have been struggling financially for a few years and now I am just getting frustrated. It seems that we just keep digging deeper and deeper into debt. I have been trying to come up with solutions but none of them seem to work. So my question is....are things going to get any better for us in the near future. I really appreciate you taking the time. Also, as soon as I can afford it, I will be booking a private reading from you. Thanks again Chris and look forward to meeting you again.,
1155. Hi ChrisI'm really hoping my dad will come through for a responce to this question. I have a 3 year old son, I want to know if I should give him that H1N1 shot. He did have a fever at the beginning of the week for 2 nights but he is for the most part very healthy. Just so much controversy on the subject I hope my dad can maybe point the way.
1156. Thank you for another reading full of content and substance. I am grateful for the oportunity to heal as evertime I go through a reading I feel more and more healed from the pain of losing John and later my mother.-- my sister was walking in a cloud after the reading it was so uplifting. Thank you for your dedication and for being a voice for the spirit world . (yellow roses ).
1157. Hi Chris. I went for a wonderful reading shortly after I lost a third family member and all three came through, as well as other people I had never thought of. I then called a well-known medium for a phone reading about a week afterwards and very little of the information given was relevant to me. Is there an ideal length of time you should wait between having readings? Do the spirits come through better if you have waited awhile?
1158. Hi Chris, I have been to see you before and you were great. You do so much for people who are hurting. I am hurting and I need someone to talk to. 24 yrs. ago I did a terrible thing to someone. It hurt them at the time and I can only say that I am responsible for this person's hurting. This person does not know I did it, that it was me, and to tell them now would only hurt them way more. I have kept tabs on this person and they have a wonderful life it seems so that makes me feel better. I have punished myself over and over again for this, I have asked God repeatedly to forgive me and I pray for the person I hurt. Trust me, I have paid for this and will pay for it for the rest of my life. I hurt someone and it is not in my nature to do that. I know I did not ruin their life but I sure ruined mine. I feel so guilty and always worry that what I did may come back and hurt this person again but believe me, I am not copping out, I mean it when I say to tell this person now would only make them feel really really bad and cause them a lot of suffering. I have wanted to tell them but I know it would really hurt them way more to know. How can I forgive myself? Does God forgive me? How can I help this person in life in my prayers? I really need to be forgiven so I can move on and stop thinking about it and beating myself up over it. Am I forgiven? Am I a horrible person? What would have made me do such a terrible thing except to say I was under a tremendous amount of stress at the time but that is no excuse. I have never before or since done anything like that. Incidentally, it wasn't anything illegal but that doesn't matter. I could have destroyed this person's life but thank God didn't. O Lord, help me forgive myself. I need to forget about this. Thank you for any help you can give me.
1159. What it mean when ,I was not sleeoing my eye close and someone came to touch me with to hand 3 time on my right leg. I am a reiki master but someone is trying to contact me some how? what do you think it mean.
1160. hi chris, can you provide a mini meditation to assist in hightening ones awareness and opening the chakras ? thank you for all of you help, you truly are blessed, and so are all of us to have you here.
1161. Hi Chris, in my reading with you, my Dad was very specific about most things, we got to the part of my future & that I was on track & then things become a little less clear, more room for interpretation. My question is, if my Dad said I will move on from my marriage would you be that specific? It was like the message was dancing around that specific area. For the record, I am moving on & when I listen to the cd now it falls in place with what was being said, just not those exact words. Do you leave that kind of information vague so there is no undo influence? just curious, thanks, I think you are wonderful!!!
1162. Hi Chris, I have asked for some contact from my sister who passed away, I haven't received even a dream of her also same with my mom, I don't dream of them and I don't feel any contact what so ever. Is there a way that I can reach them or know how to tell if there is a message. Maria
1163. Hi Chris, # 1162 again, since my reading with you, I listened to my cd probably 8 times, my dad kept saying enough of the sh!t, I needed to get more sh!t out of my life, I guess I knew what he was talking about (issues in my marriage) and per my last letter, thats what I have done. My husband & I are best friends, but the marriage just isn't there any more, so we are moving on, now the funny part is since I made that decision, I cannot find my CD, it's gone. I found comfort in listening to it, but I'm getting the message loud & clear, I'm heading in the right direction now...also you/Dad mentioned an issue involving one of my sons, well it happens he has gotten himself into a legal jam & I am so glad to know ¨we will get through it¨ per Dads message. I think your gift is amazing & I so appreciate the messages you are able to bring. what a comfort, thanks again, all the best, Tracy
1164. Hello Chris hope all is well with you.My husband passed away many years ago,our 2 children where ealy teens.,now adults.They have never felt him around them or any contact,it does make my daughter sadand doesnt know why?She does believe in the other side.Any reason he wouldnt.Thanks Madeline
1165. Hello Chris. My brother passed away about 5 years ago, since then many things have happened in our family, my Dad just passed within the last year as well, so now its only my Mom and I. For the first time, I had a dream, where my brother drove up in a car and came in sat down in a circle and just looked at me. Can not understand this, he did not speak, nor did he show any expression, he was dressed very oddly and only sat with both feet planted on the ground and his hands on the arms of the chair. A woman came with him and smiled as she sat beside him, (I do not know who this woman was), I usually do not remember my dreams, however, I recalled this dream, it seems very strange to me that this is the first time I have had a dream about him,can you shed any light on what this may represent. Thanks, enjoy your web site.
1166. are my mom and dad together happy and can they see me
1167. Hi Chris, I love your site and read it often. My husband and I are coming to see you in January. My question is: I am terrified of death! I don't know why. My first husband died 13 yrs ago and I have never had a dream about him altho my children have. I would love to have a dream about him. Sorry, I got away from my question. Should I tell you I am terrified of death when I come in or should I just keep quiet about it? My sister is terrified of death too and the older we get the worse it gets. We are in our 50s now. And if I believe in an afterlife, which I sincerely do, then why am I so afraid of dying?? Any answers you can give would be appreciated and I look forward to our visit in Jan. Thanks Chris.
1168. Hi Chris..My name is Lori, and I came to see you recently with my sister, mom, and another friend..You may remember my grandmothers spirit coming through as a granny clampet type personality.. During our reading, you asked me about a train accident and little boy. The message was that he was ok, and that his soul was taken from the body before the train hit him...( I did relay this message).. You also gave me the name Teddy, which is this boys cousin.. When I returned home from my reading, I listened to the CD.. when you were talking about the train incident, we could hear a childs voice in the background that we did not hear when we were there...I was wondering if you knew what the voice was..(is it an E.V.P.. I would also like to thank you for the reading. I came wanting to speak to my Dad, and that is exactly what happened.. It gives me comfort to know that he is out there, and that we will be together again some day. Thank you .....Lori
1169. Hi Chris...Its Lori again from question 1169..I don't know if you remember the name Robert or an r.o. name with a double B.that you were refering to in my reading. I just wanted to tell you that the boy that was hit by the train name is Robert, but everyone c called him Robbie.. His mother is so excited, and happy with his message... She told me that she has tried to go to mediums in the past, about 4 or 5 times, but Robbie never came through to her.. I gave her your name, and number as she is interested in coming to see you..Also, my mother and her sister are coming to see you in January...I will have her bring you a copy of the e.v.p., so you can hear Robbie's Voice for yourself. I can see why you are so passionate about your work, as it feels great to have helped out a spirit, as well as a family...Take care Lori
1170. Hi Chris, my friend referred me to your website. A part of me wants to write to you and a part of me is afraid. I don't know how to explain this but lately I have been receiving messages from the unknown(I believe its from my higher self, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and as well as deceased loved ones in my sleep and as well as one encounter with a friend who mother got murdered). I am not understanding these things and I very confused, frustrated, scared because many people don't approve of it when I hint it to them or tell them to put it on a certain channel ex: physic kids. I'm not looking for a reading or anything. I am looking for some answers to the unknown and why is this happening. I love to help people and I am a spiritual person and I do believe in this (clarivoyant, clairsentience, clairorganize, reading peoples energy, etc). I don't know who to turn to and I figured that my sprit guides led me to my friend telling me about you. Can you help? Michelle
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