1171. Wow u are a crook, i heard u on am920 and i cant believe u take advantage of the most volnurable people the way u do,u proved on the talk show that u just guess stuff and about 90% of the time u are wrong...u then twist and turn ur questions till u can find anything at all that u can use. Be ashamed and do some real work.
1172. Hi Chris, I hope all is well and you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. I heard that you were going to be on the radio today and instantly was excited to listen. I told one of my friends about it and she tuned in from her work as well. I told her that I wasn't going to call in so that her chances would be better, as she really wanted to hear from her dad that passed a way a couple of years ago. After listening for a few moments, I received an email from another dear friend that I haven't spoken to for a few months, since her daughter's funeral, her daughter had died tragically in a car crash. I thought it was vey bizarre her email came to me out of the blue while listening to you. I thought it was a sign to call you incase her daughter wanted to get through me. Anyway, I called and got through but was on hold for about 30 mins, and then the show ended so I hung up. One thing I would like to know, of the remaining people left of hold, did you do any private readings off air after the show? If so, I regret hanging up! Also, one thing that was mentioned as soon as I got through, but you were giving a reading to someone else, was an older man came through to you that passed of colon cancer. The person you were reading didn't know of this connection, but my friend I told you about that wanted to talk to you, her dad passed of Colon cancer. Do you think its too wide spread to think it was him wanting to get the message across to me and ultimatly to her? I plan to make another booking with you soon as my year is almost up. I look forward to hearing from my uncle that passed away last Feb. Great job on the radio Chris. You are a gift :) As always, thanks so much for your responses to the 1200 questions!
1173. I would like to know if my Mum and Dad are in a good place now..
1174. My step-son was what I would call a sad soul because of things that happened to him as a child. He took his own life a few months ago and we are all struggling to understand first of all why and second of all why he chose such a strange way to end it all. Can you help us understand his choices.
1175. I would like to know more about my Father Alfred Troupe and my brother Donald Troupe.
1176. Hi Chris, its Michelle again. Thank you for your reply. I had tears in my eyes because the things you were saying were vibrating so true to me and I guess I needed that comfort to move on. So thank you for your beautiful loving heart in helping me and others...I have been reading books which I believe now you can say I have my own library but I always keep having questions about those questions and it seems to be unending. I think I am ready for a teacher. Do you know of any high respected physics/mediums/etc that would like to take the time to help me fine tune this gift? Thank you Chris. I really do mean it. Your inspiration to me and an open doors to others in their life. Happy Holidays Michelle
1177. 1172: as i was reading the comment of 1172 and than read your response Chris, it was exactly what i was thinking and the sentence below (part of your response) is just so DEAD ON!! God bless you and your family Chris. I will be back in the New Year to see you again. "My greatest wish for you is that you would never be in the situation where you ever need a legitimate medium, because your pain and turmoil is so great you don’t want to go on. " This is so true for so many of us who have gone and are still going through this pain, and than to be so lucky to find CHRIS IT IS TRULY A BLESSING!! MERRY CHRISTMAS CHRIS, ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Sincerely, Filomena
1178. I would like to know a distinct way to tell when my Dad is around. Could you tell him if there is any way to show himself to me or help me feel his presence I would love this connection.
1179. wishing you and your family a very merry christmas....thanks for everything joey,debbie & jessica gallant... pei
1180. Chris, I always make time to read your website as your words are very comforting. I have learned so much from you. I was however disgusted reading #1172. I can't begin to fathom how someone can say such things about you and what it is that you do. What a shallow human being. I have had two readings with you within the last 3 years and I can honestly say that you have given me the utmost comfort and healing. Both my readings with you have been a great success and if it wasn't for you helping me find my own truth I honestly dont know where I would be today. You have inspired me, educated me and given me so much hope. I am so grateful to have met you. I just had to comment back after reading such disturbing comments from #1172.
1181. Hi Chris, My husband and I had been to see you about three years ago and our visit with you was amazing. Recently, my 3 and 1/2 year old daughter made a comment about my mother whow died about 12 years ago - She committed suicide. My daughter said that on my mothers way to heaven that the door was looked, which was very alarming for me because I always had a feeling that my mother was okay and even in our meeting with you she herself said that she was okay. I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on suicide and where spirits go after doing something like this... do they go to the same place as others? Thank you Michelle
1182. Hi Chris, I was let go from my job about 6 months ago and have not found anything as of yet other then a bit of depression and confusion. Just wondering if anything comes to you while readiing this.Thank you,Kurt
1183. you do great readings and provide a great service and as such it is improper and imoral to have to see comment s such as in 1172. Due to the harshness of the comments , you may wish to take the 1172 an others of same caliber out --as they serve no purpose whatsoever.
1184. Chris I have just recently lost my father and I am suffering terribly, I just want a sign from him so I know he is ok. I miss him so much can you help me?
1185. Hi Chris, i lost my daughter and it is killing me i would like to know why she did what she did, and i don't know where to turn and i wanna know why didn't she talk to anyone for help?and if u could tell me why i'd be very greatful and does she know how heartbroken we are and how much we miss her and how much her son's miss her.
1186. Hi Chris, 1175 here. Thank-you for your response. You picked up on some things that are very telling and your reassurances are very comforting. My Mom passed away a few months ago and I would like to know if she chose the day she left us for a specific reason. Her funeral service was my son's birthday and I had this happy vision of the two of them celebrating his birthday together that day. He left us over eight years ago. I know both of them are around me and I am curious to know if the puppy my son brought home a month before he died was really a gift for me to help me cope. He has been a great comfort. Thanks for your help and when it is spring and predictable weather again, I want to come for a reading. In response to 1172, I too heard Chris on the radio that day & I think if you are going to dis someone like that, you should use a spell check first!
1187. Hi Chris I submitted # 1185 and I am just curious if the J could be a deceased woman and are the heart problems within my family or from a deceased relative. Now I feel scared.
1188. Hi Chris, I hope you had an amazing Christmas & a Happy new year! I live in Alliston & would like to know if you could reccomend a well thought of psychic in the area? not just alliston, but close by? THat would be so great thanks!
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