1207. Hi Chris..Its Jen from ques 1095..I want to thank you for bringing some comfort into my life since my sons passing.I am wondering why you happened to mention the name "mike"..? Is there anyhting my son wants me to know?..Does he send me signs, and if so what are they so i can become look out for them..I need some validation that he is with his brother and I. Is my son still the same?, attitude and all?..Thank you so much for taking the time to read, I appreciate all you have said and you have helped me thru my journey of grief..God Bless Jen
1208. Hi Chris, My mother passed away at the young age of 37. Do you think that she knew she was going to die? I have always wondered that. Also does she think about me as she has never seen my children? I would appreciate anything on this topic it has bothered me for many years and made it hard for me to be a mother being as i had such a small role model
1209. Hi Chris It's been a long time since I talked to you, and alot has happened. Today is the 4th anniversary of my sisters' death and I still miss her terribly. Last Feb. I lost our Mother, whom I also miss terribly. Who met my mom? So much here is in chaos with family. Even tho I know I can't change things, will it ever get better? Is my mom and sister proud of me in what I have chosen to do? Thank-you for your guidence.
1210. Chris can you tell me if my daughter will be able to have any more children? She has been trying for quite ahile now and nothing.
1211. Hi Chris, I have been struggling with back and leg pain for a long time and everytime they do a CT scan it comes back with hardly anything on it. Would you be able to pick up on anything I should get checked. This is really affecting my life and I think I have the docs baffled. Anything you pick up on would be so helpful and maybe I could get the proper help
1212. Hi Chris, Recently I had a dream about my deceased grandma who I've never met before. In the dream I knew exactly what she was wearing, and she just let me know that she watches over me. When she was laid to rest, they had her in a purple dress, and she was wearing a purple dress in my dream. Just wondering if this means anything, or it was just a dream. Also I saw you a couple of years ago for a spiritual meeting about my boyfriend who passed away, and alot has changed in my life, but I was wondering if he's still with me, and if he has anything to say to me. Thank you
1213. Hi Chris, my mother passed last March friday 13th, she had alzheimers, so it really was a blessing. Since her passing things around the house have been happening like the electric kettle just turning on by it self and tv going on and off by itself, do you think it is my mum telling me she is ok, she died overseas and i had`nt seen her in 2 yrs and i felt very guily not seeing her, i went home for her funeral. Also things have been happening in my daughters house to the kids,seeing things and yesterday my grandaughter saw the rocking chair which is a childs chair they also have an adults chair rocking by its self.Thank you. Sue.
1214. Hi Chris, I have been seeing the number 44 and 444 for 3 years now, at least twice a day. Now my 26 yr. old daughter is seeing 44 and 444 all the time now too. Never a day has gone by that I didn't see it at least twice in the past 3 yrs. Do you think it is either my mom or my husband (my daughter's dad) telling us they are with us or is it just numerology and I should check out some numerology websites? I feel someone around me frequently but am not sure who it is. Thanks for any light you can shed on this. You are such a comfort to people who are hurting. Pat
1215. Hi Chris, just wanted to update you, when I had my appt with you, Dad said I would be moving twice in the near future, well my house just sold, I found a short term rental while I'm building my house so you were bang on as usual, thanks so much, Tracy
1216. Hi Chris,I saw you live and at one point you had the audience do a reading on a piece of jewellrey or something from the person sitting behind them. I always thought I was intuitive but the lady sitting behind me was amazed. She gave me a ring and immediately
1217. Ever since I can remember street lights will blow out near me. I find it happens so often it would be too strange a coincidence. It is only when I am walking - not driving by. Do you think it is a coincidence or could it be someone trying to communicate with me?
1218. My fiance was killed when he was struck by a car on the highway. Was he afraid? Did he suffer? Is he with me? Does he know how much I love him? I miss him so much.
1219. Hi Chris I have been to see you a few times over the last few years over losing very close family members .You really brought me comfort on so many levels . Last week i had another loss .Chris i am in a state of constant grief , it seems i cant make my way through all this grief . I am not sure what question i even have , or just a cry for help . Death seems to have taken on a new meaning to me , it almost feels like i am more involved with death then life .Is this normal , or am i losing my mind ? Thanks Chris ..
1220. Hi Chris: I came to see you recently & was awestruck by your ability to communicate to me my father who has passed. I am facing health issues which will lead to my death and the reading was very comforting to confirm my beliefs of lifeafter. My question is: how effective/accurate are telephone readings as I would like to arrange for my mother but she is not able to get to Alliston. Thank you
1221. Do people who commit suicide find peace?
1222. how come sometimes the person that is closest to the departed cannot feel their presense but others not as close can?
1223. Hello Chris I have a bit of an odd question. For a while now I have been hearing a clicking in my left ear, the first thing that comes to mind is someone my be trying to communicate with me, either spirit guide or maybe a relative that has passed, there is nothing wrong with my ear and my health is great. Have you heard of such a thing, I have asked that if someone is trying to communicate with me, please make it more understandable. What are your thougths on this. Thanks alot have a great week !!!
1224. Chris, my obstetrics history has been full of bad outcomes, let's just say I don't have any living children. I believe that if I'm meant to have living children I will and if I'm not I wont but my doctor keeps sending me for more tests (he still has hope) and to be honest I am getting quite sick of the same old run around and outcome. I feel like I am wasting my time and energy doing all this when in a spiritual sense I might not ever get pregnant again (being that I'm not meant to). I feel like I'm just wasting my time in all aspects here. These tests are pretty invasive and surgery could be a possibility, I couldn't bare having to go through surgery for something that might never happen. I don't want to risk everything and put everything on the line for something that could just never work out. This has been a real stressor for my husband and I. I don't know if I should stop trying with my doctor and just give up or keep going with more tests and just keep hoping. I don't want to keep fighting for something that isn't in my chart. I hope you are able to pick up on something as you read this and maybe give me some guidance. Thank you. --C
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