1225. Hey Chris.. would you know of anyone in the Alliston area that can help explain things to a 7 year old little girl about her gifts that she is experiencing
1226. In a dispute over the remains of my loved one, family members are considering splitting up his ashes to accommodate family members who don't speak to each other. I think his wishes should be honoured, and that 'fighting' over him is disrespectful to his life and spirit. Does he have any thoughts on this from the spirit world?
1227. Hi Chris...my husband passed away a couple of months ago and I miss him terribly. He did not believe in an afterlife, but did believe that his energy would remain in one form or another. Would he come through in a reading even though he didn't believe? Thanks
1228. Hi Chris, I was wondering what you think of shows like Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters and Ghostly Encounters. On Ghostly Encounters they seem so genuine but can bad or good spirits haunt people or appear to them? Are there bad spirits lurking around? Why are there so many hauntings if there aren't? Thanks for your answer as I know it will be right. Jen
1229. Hello Chris, When I was about 8 yrs. old there was a dark figure pacing beside my bed every night for about a week. I was so terrified I couldn't scream but I also felt this spirit or whatever it was cared for me and was concerned for me. Then one night I woke up and saw 4 monks (I really don't know if they were monks or not) but they had hooded robes on and were kneeling at the end of my bed and I could hear them praying. I never saw them or the dark figure again after that. Later we found out our home was on Indian burial grounds but these "spirits" did not look Indian. Do you know what they might have been or what they were doing? Why were they there? I have had a lot of loss and tragedy in my life (I am 52 now) and wonder if this had anything to do with it. Thanks for any light you can shed on this as I have always wondered about it. You are a wonderful resource for hurting people and I wish you well. :0) Anna
1230. Hi Chris, I want to know if there is a certain sign I should look for when my Dad is around me. I do believe that spirits watch over you. By the way, thank you for all of your beautiful work you do for everyone.
1231. Hi Chris, i wanted to thank you with all my heart for your reply .You once again helped me in my process of healing . Thank you , you are wonderful .. (Question ..1220)
1232. Hi Chris, do people sometimes have a sense they are about to die, even when not definitively terminally ill? My late fiance Matt died in his sleep last year, at only 46. After 2 yrs. of sobriety, he relapsed 6 wks. before his death, and though he tried to stop, he couldn't. In the last couple wks., he said several times,"I'm dying babe," which I tried to reassure him was his fear, and some withdrawal symptoms when he'd try to detox. He lost his Dad 2yrs. before, and had some issues like we all do, yet he talked very little about him. However, the day before he died, we had the best day in weeks, as he drank minimally and was emotionally present. We looked through loads of family pics (mine), talked about our plans to marry, and he shared his feelings and talked about his Dad in a way he never had before. On the eve he later died, he asked God to "help me," and said "I want to come home." Let me clarify that during his weeks of trying to stop drinking, that was his phrase "I want to come home to babe," which meant get well. HOWEVER, he was a man of strong faith and I believe the Lord knew he was tired of fighting his battle with alcohol, and I believe his father who had passed was with us that night to help him make the transition. I believe that God heard his comment to "come home" to mean make the transition. We said all we needed to say that night (not knowing he was to die)...he apologized for not being able to stop, we told each other how much we loved each other...DO YOU THINK HE SENSED HE WAS DYING, AND THAT without knowing it, the Lord was preparing him, and me, by giving us that "better" day? I realize that because it has meaning to me..that's what matters. Also, in the immediate weeks after he died, I couldn't go up to "our" bed and would fall asleep on the couch (where he died). I would awaken at around the time of his death and the TV would still be on. He was a broadcast sound engineer..brilliant with electrical circuits. On 3 different Fridays (the night he died) when I awakened, as I tried to change the channel, the channel image "froze" for about 20 minutes. I could go up and down to other channels, but that one channel was frozen. Of significance is that our neighbor happens to be the anchor on that channel. To be clear, we have 3 other TVs in the house, and this phenomenon was not happening on them in this time frame...just on the one in the room we spent our evenings and that he died in!!! I found it very comforting and thanked him for letting me know he was with me and at peace.
1233. Hi Chris, it's been awhile since I have written to you, with the passing of my dad, I have become more and more interested in life after death,and can't read enough about it, and I believe with all my heart that oneday we will all be together again,you have helped me so much...your reply regarding the paranormal, ghost hunters shows etc, what do you think about the show Physic kids, I must say that I am hooked on it, these kids seem to be very afraid of what they are seeing, but what gets me is this, everytime a spirit is in the room its always a very cold temperture why is this?Even at home there are times when I feel a very cold draft, but I think its coming from my window/sliding door., oh wait a minute I just remembered my brother was on the telephone with my mom last week and he told her he felt a huge coldness behind him and when he went to check his doors and windows there was no draft coming in, he was pretty spooked I must say. Thanks Chris, God Bless, Filomena
1234. After my boyfriend died I adopted his dog. He was a big animal lover. She is unusually close to me now, more than ever before. She sleeps in his spot on the bed and I am very aware of her physical presence, like it is him beside me and she is always right under my feet wherever I go. Sometimes when I look into her eyes I have a weird feeling that I am communicating somehow with him. She seems very different than she was before, but I'm not sure if I am imagining it. Do spirits ever 'show' themselves in this way - through pets?
1235. Hello, I was wondering if you do house clearings, onsite or remote or if you know of anyone I can contact to have this done.
1236. my son took his own life on feb.18th ,i'm wondering why ,his son was born 2 days after.please help!
1237. Dear Chris, my wife passed away 5 weeks ago due to cancer, we were married for 35 years and grew up together as kids, I miss her terribly, she died too young, I am not one to beleive in christianity but beleive there is something more than just our present life whether it be reincarnation or just an afterlife, I need to know she happy now and will wait for me, my life today is not the life I had, it is not the world I want to be in. Someone has told me you will know in six weeks she has come to be by my side, I weep for her everyday, it hurts so much, she was my heart and soul, I want her to know I miss her and need her, I was thinking on seeing you to help us unite, thank you for hearing me out. Doug
1238. Hi Chris, I was wondering if you get feelings about the living. if you have a client that is not a kind person, or that has that toxic type personality & gets most of their enjoyment from hurting people or watching them be hurt, do you sense that? Just curious, thanks, tracy
1239. Hi Chris, I have had alot of kaos happening in my life lately and I am just wondering when it will end. I am struggling with some grief issues myself and I feel like I am being picked on. I am a strong advocate but I feel I am being wronged alot in the last few months, any goodness in the near future. Someone is trying to destroy my credit rating and I am fighting it to no avail. Do you see anything here or what I should do. Thanks Chris
1240. I am interested in attending your show. A couple of people that attended one said they were disappointed. You spoke to only a few people in the audience and all your time was with them. Rest of the audience had no involvement and the people I talked to found it very boring as there was nothing that was concerning them personally. Can you not devote time to a lot more people in your audience!
1242. Hello chris, my 13 year old son was watching tv on sat and stayed up later than his dad and I. In the morning he told me that he heard what sounded like a few men marching in the kitchen, very loud feet with big boots. I did not hear this nor did his dad, he got very scared and hid under the blanket on the couch, the sound died down then happened again. I have felt things in the kitchen before, a poke on my back when no one was around, a few years back. I do belive in spirits, do you get any ideas about this? Thanks so much
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